Wonyong Weight Loss: Her Extreme Weight loss Worries Her Fans

Wonyoung Weight Loss: Her Rapid Weight loss Worries Her Fans

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In the fast-paced world of K-pop, where celebrities are often under intense scrutiny, the topic of idols’ weight is no stranger to controversy.

IVE, a popular K-pop group, boasts an 18-year-old member named Wonyoung, who has been captivating audiences with her talents. However, her recent apparent weight loss has become a cause for concern for fans worldwide.

Let’s take a closer look at this issue and what might be contributing to it.

Wonyoung’s alarming weight loss has been a topic of discussion for some time now. A recent fan cam of her performance highlighted her extreme body mass loss, prompting many fans to voice their concerns.

In the choreography, her spine was protruding, and her legs and arms appeared exceedingly thin. While some have defended her natural body weight, the recent footage has made it difficult for many to ignore the situation.

The constant pressure and stress of Wonyoung’s tight schedule may also be taking a toll on her. The K-pop industry is notorious for its unrealistic beauty standards, especially for female idols.


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Quick Facts

Full Name Jang Won-Young
Age 19 Years
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Profession South Korean Singer
Sexuality Straight
Nationality South Korean
Date of Birth August 31, 2004
Place of Birth Ichon-dong Seoul, South Korea
Relationship Status Unmarried
Height  5 feet, 8 inches
Weight 47 Kg (103 Lbs)
Net Worth $6 Million

The average weight for female K-pop idols typically falls between 34 and 59 kg. Wonyoung’s weight was reported to be around 47 kg, but many now believe that she has lost even more weight, which is particularly concerning given her height of 173 cm (5 feet 8 inches).

@Wonyoung’s recent performance on September 1, 2022, during MCountdown After LIKE showcase, only heightened the worries about her health. Wearing a mini skirt and a sleeveless crop top, she showcased her extremely thin arms and legs.

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Fans are Concerned Over her Being “Dangerously Underweight”

Fans are Concerned Over her Being “Dangerously Underweight”

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Comments under Wonyoung’s performance videos were filled with concerns from fans. Some expressed worry about her being “dangerously underweight,” while others questioned why people would consider this normal. The overall sentiment was one of deep concern for the young idol’s well-being.

Many fans speculate that stress, the pressure to meet ideal body standards, extreme backlash from netizens, and inadequate rest may be some of the reasons behind Wonyoung weight loss.

She’s often praised for her slim beauty, which aligns with South Korea’s beauty standards. As the most popular member of @IVE, her individual and group schedules have been notably tight.

Fans have been urging Starship Entertainment for a change in her schedule for weeks, and the issue gained more attention when an audience member captured Wonyoung almost on the verge of tears on stage. The pressure on her is evident, but she regains her composure in seconds, highlighting the resilience required in the industry.

Although not yet confirmed, some fans believe that Wonyoung might be battling an eating disorder. Her role heightens this concern as a role model for many youngsters, and such issues are considered unhealthy for her and her fans.

On the other side of the coin, IVE’s other members, including Liz, Rei, @Yujin, and Leeseo, faced criticism for their “weight gain” by South Korean netizens. K-pop stans quickly came to their defense, emphasizing that what some might label as “being fat” is, in reality, an average and healthy body.


Wonyoung noticeable weight loss has sparked concern among fans, raising questions about the impact of K-pop industry pressures on idols. While some speculate on the reasons behind her condition, the broader issue of body image standards in the industry is also highlighted.

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