7 Signs You Need to Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed (Updated 2023)

Our body requires a good diet and care to remain healthy. Like any other body part, teeth also need attention. If you don’t care for them, they lose their shine. People suffer from several mouth infections because they are ignorant about the needs of their teeth.

Sometimes, your teeth become extremely sensitive, causing pain or discomfort. However, sensitivity isn’t caused by poor teeth hygiene. At times, wisdom teeth can be responsible for the massive amounts of pain you experience.

From the age of 15 to 30, there is a high chance of growing wisdom teeth. These are the last set of molars that will need to be removed once they are fully grown. Wisdom teeth have no function or use. Therefore, most experts recommend people for extraction. Keeping a wisdom tooth might negatively affect your mouth structure.

It is necessary to protect your smile, and for that, you need a good dentist of course. According to Altamonte Dental Care, a group of dentists in Altamonte Springs, “Individuals can have their wisdom teeth removed to enhance their smiles.”

If you want to remove your wisdom teeth or brighten your smile, you need to visit a reliable practitioner. Dentists positively respond to their clients and make sure they feel comfortable. Timely action can save individuals from future problems.

Inflammation in Gums:

The growth of wisdom teeth causes inflammation in the gums. It is an early sign of infection and needs medical care. Your gums might become swollen and tender. If the pain persists and your gums appear red, the issue is serious. Often, redness and swelling are signs of gum disease or gingivitis. In any case, a checkup is a must.

Due to long-term pain and pressure, your face will start to swell as well. It will be problematic if you don’t opt for proper treatment.

Pain in the Mouth:


Experiencing significant amounts of mouth pain is a clear sign your wisdom tooth issue needs attention. Since your wisdom tooth pushes around other teeth, it leads to discomfort.

From the back of your mouth to the front, you will experience sharp pain almost everywhere. Whether you eat, talk or laugh, you will feel constant irritation.

It might feel like a toothache at the start, but with time the pain starts to intensify. Instead of suffering in silence, get the necessary help. Some individuals ignore their pain hence escalating the issue. If you feel unbearable pain, opt for an emergency extraction procedure.

Growth of Cyst

Teeth ignored for a longer duration develop ulcers and cysts. These are clear indications that your wisdom tooth situation is getting out of hand. Cysts are liquid sacs that grow around infected wisdom teeth. If an individual has cysts in his mouth, his teeth and gums are at risk.

Instead of ignoring the pain and discomfort, get professional help. Don’t let these cysts grow out of control. Fluid within these cysts affects your teeth, jaws, and nerves. Try brushing regularly so that bacteria doesn’t build up in your mouth. Excessive bacteria leads to bad breath.

Sinus Problems


The growth of wisdom teeth is a huge issue and aggravates other health problems. For example, several people suffer from sinus issues due to improper growth of wisdom teeth as your sinus is close to your upper wisdom teeth. Thus, when these molars start growing outward, they push against sinuses and put pressure on them.

In some circumstances, you might witness headaches, congestion, and pain throughout your face. Prolonged suffering will affect your overall physical health.

Frequent Tooth Infections


Another common sign to look out for is a frequent tooth infection and cavity. A wisdom tooth doesn’t only destroy the structure of your mouth but also causes infections. These reoccurring infections are the result of improperly growing teeth within your mouth.
There can be several reasons associated with bacterial infections. It is better to have a thorough checkup and get your wisdom tooth removed before a serious problem develops.

Overcrowding or Crooked Teeth


Your mouth might not have space for wisdom teeth, but that doesn’t mean they won’t grow. Every person in the world has to face this issue. Even if your mouth is full, wisdom tooth pushes other teeth to make space for themselves. It results in overcrowding. During this time, you will feel pain in your mouth and head.

Since your regular teeth and wisdom tooth can’t survive in the same space, you need to get your wisdom tooth removed. Moreover, the growth of wisdom teeth promotes the abnormal growth of molars. Leaving wisdom teeth intact will deform the shape of your jaw, which might need braces later on.

Difficulty in Eating, Moving, and Opening Your Mouth


Along with bacterial infections, crooked teeth, and the growth of cysts, the presence of wisdom teeth stiffens your jaw. The stiffness makes it difficult for people to talk or move their jaws. Even a simple movement causes severe pain.

You won’t be able to open your mouth. Individuals needing wisdom tooth extraction will find food particles stuck in their gums and teeth. It is a clear sign that there is a problem within your mouth.

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