Filtered Water vs Bottled Water – Why Filtered Water Is Better Than Bottled 2023

You know that water is good for you. It helps you avoid dehydration and maintains physical and mental health. But, once you start looking into it you’ll realize that there are several different options worth looking at.

The first place to start is water from your faucet. Although the state issues water treatment guidelines and all water supplies are tested regularly, the truth is regular water has chemicals in it. In fact, it can also have pollutants in it that are picked up as it goes from the treatment plant to your home.

That’s why many people look at bottled water and filters.

The Problem With Bottled Water


Bottled water is convenient. You can carry a small bottle with you anywhere or keep larger ones at home. However, not all bottled waters are created equal. The guidelines surrounding bottled water are surprisingly relaxed and it doesn’t need to be tested often.

In fact, bottled water can simply be tap water that’s been put in a bottle!

This is legal and why you need to look at what water you are actually drinking. The purest water is derived from springs, although it should be tested and, if necessary, treated.

Making sure the seal isn’t broken reduces the likelihood of water being tampered with. But, it doesn’t change the fact you need to check where the water has come from.

Alongside this, it’s worth noting that not all water dispensers are created equal. The best ones have filters built into them that will ensure you have clean, high-quality water.

The Advantage Of Filtered Water


Whether you choose a water dispenser with a filter built-in or opt for a filter in your home system, you’ll find the water tastes different. This is because the best filters don’t just remove heavy metals and other contaminants, they also extract the chemicals added by the water treatment plant.

This means the water is safe to drink and tastes great.

Be Wary of The Container

Wary Of The ContainerWhen looking at bottled water you also need to consider what type of plastic has been used. The majority of water is supplied in plastic bottles as this is the cheapest option. But, some plastics have chemicals in them that can leach into the water and cause health issues. That’s why it’s recommended you use water bottles designed to be reused multiple times.

Using the right water bottle with a water dispenser and built-in filter means you have the healthiest water possible.

The Bottom Line

Drinking water is essential to maintaining your health. In that sense any water, bottled or filtered is good. But, to help maintain your health you need to ensure all the water you drink is filtered. You won’t just notice the improvement in taste, your body will thank you for it.

As an added bonus, filtered water is generally the cheaper option. Although there is a cost to purchasing the filter, there are minimal ongoing costs, making it the cheapest option overall, it’s time you changed to filtered water.

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