Why are My Thighs So Fat – Answer and Slimming Strategy 2023

Why are my thighs so fat?’ Does this question keep you awake at night? Learn about the reasons and strategies to deal with fat thighs in this post.


You are worried and not for the wrong reasons. After all, it’s your appearance that’s at stake. And we shouldn’t forget about the impact of these fat thighs on your self-confidence and self-care.

This fat needs to go and you will do whatever it takes to bid it goodbye. But before you kick this fat goodbye, you have to get rid of the reasons causing this chubbiness.

Most importantly, you have to understand these causes in detail and your choices that are giving rise to these causes.

So, this need for understanding brings us back to the right question, ‘why are my thighs so fat?

I am glad you asked because this question is the foundation of your freedom from one of those body features that make you self-conscious all the time.

But I wouldn’t conclude this post after listing the reason. Bear with me! I am here to walk you through all the methods and strategies you need to get back on track – or maybe to find the right track if you never found one!

Why Are My Thighs So Fat?

Let’s end the gossip and start learning about what causes inner thigh fat, shall we? Here are all the reasons that add fat to your thighs causing them to look bulky.

Sedentary Lifestyle

Sedentary Lifestyle
Source: economictimes.indiatimes.com

It was a cliché response, wasn’t it? Don’t say it was a surprise for you because you already knew it. Slouching, long hours at work, and binge-watching your favorite TV shows might be the reasons you are getting those fat calves all the time.

Poor Posture

Poor Posture
Source: atlantabrainandspine.com

Does your back hurt often? Do you feel the need to slouch because of this back pain? Slouching is bad for your thighs regardless of the reason causing it.

Large Pelvic

Large Pelvic
Source: geeks-world.imtqy.com

I admit that this reason will make you lose hope of losing that extra fat from your thighs ever. But I digress. If your bone structure has gifted you with a large pelvic, you will also experience fat thighs at some point in life.

Most probably, the fat that you got because of this large pelvic bone structure will not go away even if you try.

If you are feeling betrayed because of your pelvic size and its impact on your thigh, remember how they helped you with fertility.

And you can still keep to an acceptable level with the right exercises and diet. So don’t despair.

Excess Body Fat

Excess Body Fat
Source: runnersblueprint.com

One of the manageable reasons behind excess thigh fats is accumulated fat in your body. Now you must be wondering the reason that this extra fat was only gathered in the thighs instead of the abdomen or butt.

That reason is your genetics. While some women would be genetically programmed to gain weight on their bellies more quickly, you can be one among those women whose weight accumulates on their thighs.


Source: functionwell.com.au

If you have a history of suffering from hormonal imbalances and you have experienced sudden weight gain in stomach and thighs, chalk this problem off to those chaotic chemical reactions within your body.

Just like a larger pelvic, this hormone imbalance was initiated to help you with fertility. Estrogen levels prompt this fat accumulation in the thighs to support the additional weight that gathers because of pregnancy.

Luckily, in most cases, this problem subsides as soon as the reason causing this issue – that is pregnancy – subsides.


Cellulite now
Source: healthline.com

You might not have thought beyond the possibility of excess weight that comes from large calorie intake, your bone structure, or your sedentary lifestyle.

But think about it – why the fat is only accumulating in your thighs and not in other parts of the body?

The reason might be cellulite. This skin condition usually appears among seniors with the depletion of metabolic rate. This condition damages the natural tone of your skin.

So, if your skin was well-toned previously but has only recently started feeling lumpy and chubby, you might be suffering from cellulite.

Can You Get Rid of Fats in Thighs

Can You Get Rid of Fats in Thighs
Source: insider.com

You know that you can do it. But if you are looking for external validation, let’s have it from here. You can definitely get rid of excess fat in your thighs.

This saddlebags fat can go away even if the primary cause of its appearance is genetics and not your harmful lifestyle choices.

Okay, don’t get too excited. There are some limitations. But you can always improve the appearance of your thighs regardless of the reason damaging their beauty.

How to Lose Weight in Your Thighs?

The question you should be asking is not if; it’s how.

You start with the obvious. Work on your diet, move more, and commit to a daily workout routine.

Does it sound simple? Let’s break it down into practical pieces:

Eat Healthily

Eat Healthily
Source: zenfoods.com

You have already heard this advice. Now, it’s time to put it into action. Start with replacing refined carbs with fibers and complex carbs.

Go for whole-grain solutions including bread, pasta, and cereals. Skip adding sugar to your meals and snacks.

And use unsaturated fats instead of saturated ones. Don’t skip fats altogether. They are included in healthy diet charts for a reason.

The next step is to plan your meal carefully. In addition to fiber and complex carbs, you would want to take a diet that is rich in proteins and micronutrients.

Consult recommendations for FDA recommendations to know which nutrient to take and how much you should take it.

Also, start your day with a hearty breakfast. Adding calories, proteins, and fats to your breakfast may seem counterintuitive but it affects the number of calories you take in a day by decreasing hunger pangs till lunch.

Plus, it also increases metabolic rate resulting in increased caloric burn during the day.

Try to eat meals earlier to align your feeding time with your circadian rhythm. By eating food earlier than your standard time, you are allowing it enough time to burn and get used to perform your daily tasks, leaving fewer calories to accumulate into body fat while you are resting.

Exercise the Right Muscles

Exercise the Right Muscles
Source: self.com

When you experience fat accumulation at a certain part of your body, you cannot just do full-body exercises and see it fade away.

Instead, you have to respond to the exercise need of that particular area to get the desired results.

Almost 90% of all answers to the question ‘why are my thighs so fat’ point towards a sedentary lifestyle. Yes, genetics has its say in this matter also; but this impact is manageable to some extent.

So, if you really want to lose those lumpy thighs, you need to get moving – a lot and with the right strategy.

The exercises you do for losing this excess weight should be targeted toward your thigh area. You may have to try to build muscles in your lower body to convert that stubborn fat into muscle. Do it by using thigh training exercises.

Start by simply developing a workout routine. If you are new to bodybuilding, you may find it difficult to initiate the practice.

You should focus on light exercises for the initial period. If you are wary that you wouldn’t commit to this routine for long, get a gym membership.

This extra cost will keep you accountable for some time allowing you to build your habit.

Lunges are a simple exercise that you can do at the start of your bodybuilding journey. This exercise works your thighs, hips, and calves making it a perfect lower body workout choice. Also, try crusty lunges to take thigh toning to the next level.

Now, you maybe wondering how to get rid of inner thigh fat. Luckily, squats is the perfect answer. Squats are another common choice among those people who are looking to get beautiful legs.

Focused on your glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, and calves, this workout allows you to tone your lower body in style. Sumo squat is the most suitable variation of this training for getting thinner thighs.

A supine inner thigh lift may not appear to be the most relevant workout for fat legs but it still helps by strengthening your lower back and knees.

Don’t forget that sometimes fat thighs appear because of poor posture that, in turn, results from lower back pain.

If your thighs are taking the damage because of your lower back, don’t underestimate the power of a supine inner thigh lift.

In addition to these exercises with a special focus on thighs and lower body, you would also want to minimize the fat you carry. To achieve this goal, go for cardio exercises which are great for burning excess fat.

In cardio, you get two different types of exercises to choose from. One type is aerobic where exercises are carried out for a long time with mild to moderate intensity.

These exercises will get your heart rate up and increase your metabolic rate to prompt weight loss.

The other category of cardio exercises is anaerobic exercises. We often term these exercises as high-intensity interval training because of their duration.

These exercises only take a few minutes to complete but you have to input all your effort while carrying out these short exercises.

The latter set of exercises is known for maintaining calorie burn hours after doing the exercise.

But you would want to combine both categories to maximize the result you get. Now you might be thinking on only sticking to muscle training while focusing on your lower body workout should help you slim down your thighs and that you shouldn’t be bothered by cardio exercises.

Unfortunately, our biology is set to ruin the strategy even if you train your lower body with focused exercises only, you may not lose fat preventing you from toning your thighs.

Change Your Lifestyle

Change Your Lifestyle
Source: self.com

If you think that an hour-long exercise session is enough for you to turn around your body mass index prompting you to attain the supermodel beauty that you always craved to become, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Attaining the right weight is a matter of combined efforts on the diet, exercise, and lifestyle fronts. The same is the case with losing weight on a particular body part – such as thighs or butts.

Especially if your fat thighs are resulting from a sedentary lifestyle, you cannot rely on exercise alone to get rid of the excess fat.

Instead, engage in a physically active lifestyle. Choose those hobbies and pastimes that prompt you to be on your feet.

Pay particular attention to hydration level. Remember that when you drink 500 ml of water, you increase your metabolic rate by 30%. Isn’t it cool! And you keep this extra metabolic rate for the next hour.

Another reason to stay hydrated is water intake’s influence on hunger level. A low hydration level makes you feel hungry.

Stress level is another factor that should take your attention if you want to lose body fat. Learn to manage stress and stay happy. Grow your social circle and find time for yourself to recuperate and refresh.

Hack your sleep to stay out of stress. Design your bedroom to enhance comfort and coziness and keep screens out of it.

As you approach bedtime, minimize your exposure to blue light and engage in light physical activities. If reading helps you get better sleep, include it in your bedtime routine.

Get Hormonal Treatment

If your thigh weight is appearing because of hormonal imbalance or because of menopause, you can get better by getting hormonal treatment. Consult your doctor to know available options.

Take Away

fBulging and hanging thighs can be a huge blow to anybody’s self-esteem. Sometimes, its intensity prompts us to question ourselves, ‘why are my thighs so fat?

’ It’s natural to feel frustrated at this apparent lack of beauty. But did you know that in most cases, this problem is curable?

Even if your particular situation doesn’t allow a complete cure, you are still in luck because some of this fat is always ready to go. All you have to do is to prioritize your health and make lifestyle choices accordingly.

This post talks about the reasons that cause fat accumulation in thighs and some of the options you are avail to make this fat go away.

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