How Whoopi Goldberg Gain 30 Pound Weight? – Here’s How Twitter & Instagram Took Her Transformation 2023

Whoopi Goldberg weight gain led her into serious controversies as she got 30 lbs during her suspension period from the show. As of now, the lady appears to be both physically and mentally disturbed.

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This talented lady is one of the only 17 entertainers who got the Emmy, Grammy, Academy, and Tony awards. In 2001, she was also awarded the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor for her humorous style.

The actress is also co-hosting the show “The View” since 2007. She has taken the show to another level of viewership, but her controversial comments have sometimes led her into serious controversies. Her new controversial comment about a book temporarily led to her suspension from the show.

During her suspension, she got extra lbs to her weight and thus also got into weight gain controversies. So let’s find out everything about Whoopi Goldberg weight gain.

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What Is Whoopi Goldberg Weight Gain Controversy?

What Is Whoopi Goldberg Weight Gain Controversy

The top awards-winning Whoopi Goldberg has always given her best in her career, whether writing, acting, or hosting. But nowadays she is more in the discussion not because of her work but her weight gain.

Due to her opinion in the eminent show, The View, she became again in the headlines for her comments. The actress and host said some controversial and hurtful things. As a result, the show’s producer had to suspend her for about two weeks.

Suspension for just two weeks is not a big deal, but Whoopi also seems to have put on extra weight during that time. Her weight gain thing sparked controversies and put her into the discussion.

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How Whoopi Goldberg Got So Much Weight?

How Whoopi Goldberg Got So Much Weight

As her weight gain happened after her suspension from abc news, some people claim that she has gained weight due to the tension and pressure the situation caused her. However, some people think her weight gain is due to her unhealthy eating habits.

Note that Whoopi Goldberg’s weight was previously above average weight. She was not a slim, trim woman, so this weight gain cannot be taken as a healthy weight gain.

Above all the claims on her weight gain, this may seem true that she has got extra pounds because of some unhealthy eating habits during the suspension weeks.

It is not easy to ignore food, and in times of tension and extreme pressure, some people use food to divert their minds from the situation. So, Whoopi might have done the same and thus added extra lbs to her body.

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How Much Weight Did Whoopi Goldberg Get?

How Much Weight Did Whoopi Goldberg Get

Looking at her pictures, one can see that she has got around 30 lbs. However, she used to wear baggy clothes and extra loose blouses through which she easily hides her extra curves.

However, during this time, her physical condition was not the only thing that went bad; her emotional condition was too. Her weight gain has caused a big splash for her, and people have taken her to another level of criticism.

Everybody should understand the situation and the emotional trauma they are causing to the lady. Social media trollers should not let their criticism destroy others’ mental health. Moreover, every size is beautiful as far as you are comfortable.

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Reason for Whoopi Goldberg’s Suspension from The View?

Reason for Whoopi Goldberg's Suspension from The View

The View show hosts, including Whoopi Goldberg, discussed certain books getting banned. Their discussion then led toward a specific book on Holocaust, and on this Whoopi Goldberg said that this book is not about race.

Later she realized her mistake and apologized to everyone because of her hurtful comment. But the show’s director still suspended her for two weeks so that she could learn something from her mistake and never repeat it. Her suspension was also a lesson for other hosts to avoid such comments.

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