What’s New In the OR in 2022? Biggest Tech Trends 2023

In 2022, a number of surgical developments have been predicted to make their highly anticipated operating room debut. This is largely due to rapidly evolving technological developments within the global healthcare industry. To familiarise yourself with what’s new in the operating room in 2022, continue reading to find out everything you need to know.

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Augmented Reality

This year, augmented reality is poised to finally enter the operating room on a global scale and revolutionise the surgical world as we know it in the process. It will allow surgeons to streamline a number of existing processes and, by doing so, transform the ways in which they experience data and control systems for greater precision and accuracy. This can lead to a greater sense of mental focus with no need for surgeons to take their eyes off the patient at critical moments as the relevant data will be overlaid on a live image overhead.

The gradual infiltration of augmented reality may also remove the need for surgical microscopes down the line.

Unassisted Surgical Retractors

Whilst surgical retractors may not necessarily be a recent invention in the healthcare industry, the introduction of the unassisted surgical retractor remains relatively new. 2022 will, however, be the year that it is likely to become the norm in operating rooms throughout the world with the June Medical retractor paving the way for ongoing change in the OR.

With self-retaining mechanisms that lock the blades in place whilst also holding the tissue in place, surgeons’ hands can be freed up to concentrate on the task at hand.



No longer reserved for science labs and sci-fi blockbusters, robotics will find themselves in the operating room in 2022. They have been designed to work hand-in-hand with surgeons for never-before-seen levels of accuracy and precision as a welcome addition to the operating room as opposed to as a means of replacing key surgical staff.

This is especially momentous considering the track record of robotics within the healthcare industry and their uncanny ability to complete repetitive, monotonous, and time-consuming tasks with ease. Their role as an ideal technology in the operating room may have been realised a number of years ago but with costs finally retreating, this year is likely to see the fast-growing trend adopted on a widespread scale.

Digital Twin Technology

Already present in a wide range of global industries and sectors, digital twin technology is the name given to the process of manufacturing models comprised of real-world data that can be used to simulate any existing system or practice. In 2022, it will make its long-awaited operating room debut to conduct digital simulations of patients that are then used to test unapproved drugs and treatments. This will speed up the length of time it takes for medicines to progress from the initial testing stage to the final approval stage.

In 2022, the operating room will welcome a number of surgical trends and developments including augmented reality, unassisted surgical retractors, robotics, and digital twin technology.

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