How to Use Waist Beads For Weight Loss? 2023

Accepting, loving, and adoring your body is a primary step towards self-love and waist beads are here to fuel that self-love, for sure!

The most popular use of these historical adornments is weight management which means you can use waist beads for weight loss.

When that goddess moves around with her belly beautified with alluring beads, the whole world stops and stares at her for a good while!

So, that was about how waist beads make a woman feel about her body! You’d be amazed to know that waist beads have much more to them.

In this article, we’ll cover more reasons why waist beads are loved by many women around the globe, how to wear them, how to wear waist beads for weight loss, and more.

Let’s begin, shall we?

What Are Waist Beads?

Waist Beads

A traditional African accessory called waist beads consists of small glass beads worn around the waist or hips on a string or wire.

Besides coming in multiple colors and shapes, they may also contain decorative stones, crystals, or charms.

How Are These Beads Legendary? (Waist Beads History)

The tradition of wearing waist beads by women has existed for centuries in many cultures in West Africa. Western women have been embracing the trend in recent years.

Beaded waist chains are also known as belly beads, waistline beads, or waistline beads.

Women in Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, and other West African countries wear waist beads as a symbol of femininity, fertility, sensuality, and spirituality.

Across both Africa and the United States, waist beads are worn by many women to achieve aesthetic and practical results.

Interestingly enough, ancient Egyptian waist beads were known as “girdles.” This can be viewed as a less intensive form of modern-day waist training that comes with tight corsets and waist trainers.

How to Make Waist Beads?

Do you wish to make yourself waist beads? Don’t worry. The process is pretty simple.

Materials to Use:

Down here is the list of materials you need first:

  • String/Nylon
  • Crimp lock
  • Lobster lock
  • Crimping pliers
  • Jump rings,
  • And finally beads of your choice

Steps To Make Waist Beads:

  • Waist Measurement:

Measure your waist or the area where you want the waist beads to be placed and wrap the string/nylon around it.

  • Cut the Nylon String:

Cut the string/nylon – measure the waist circumference and add 8 inches (20 cm) for a sufficient length of string remaining to lock the waist beads.

  • Now add the Crimp Lock:

Loop your string back under your crimp lock, the jump ring, and then back into your crimp lock. Use your crimping pliers to flatten it. Make sure your beads don’t fall accidentally by doing this first.

  • Start Adding the Beads:

Once you’re satisfied with the pattern, arrange the beads according to your liking and continue until the pattern reaches your waist measurement.

  • Final Locking:

Open your jump ring with the crimping pliers and secure the lobster clasp. Repeat step 3 for the other jump ring.

  • Adorn the Final Product!

Now that the waist bead is finally done to perfection adorn it around your waist and flex!
This process is even suitable for beginners.

If you wish to customize your waist beads according to your choice, it was the easiest way to do it.

How Do Waist Beads Work?

How Do Waist Beads Work-Waist Beads For Weight Loss

Weight changes are commonly assessed using waist beads. By using waist beads, people can stay aware of weight loss or gain in their abdomens without stepping on a scale.

This type of weight monitoring does not stretch. Gaining weight will cause the beads to sit higher on your waist or feel tighter.

What Are Waist Beads Used For?

Here is why women love to use waist beads around their bellies:

To Track Menstruation and Fertility:

A variety of waist beads are primarily used to track menstruation and fertility among young women.

  • Menstruation Cloth Anchor:

Many women use these adornments as an anchor for menstruation cloth.

  • Sign of Sensuality:

Women love to entice their partners with waist beads sexually.

  • Spiritual Use:

These beads are popular among the folks for religious, prayers, and spiritual rituals.

  • As a Sign of Maturation:

Traditionally people still use waist beads to reflect that their young women are entering womanhood and are ready to get married. This use of waist beads speaks highly of its importance!

  • Weight Management and Weight Loss:

Nowadays, more than any usage, women love to use waist beads for weight loss and weight management.

  • Empower Oneself:

Beads on the waist are worn by women to highlight their feminine figure and to feel empowerment!

How to Wear Waist Beads for Weight Loss?

When trying to lose weight, it is recommended you use beads made out of non-stretchable material, as your goal is to have the beads become tight and uncomfortable when you gain weight.

Since you will be wearing the beads continuously 24/7 for the duration of your weight loss, the string shouldn’t pop and should accommodate your movements. Once the waist beads are made or purchased to your taste, you must tie them above the belly button.

You can tell you have lost weight or decreased in size when the waist beads loosen up and slip down your hip bones over time. Simply repeat the process if you’d like to lose weight.

Please take off the beads, then tie them tightly again above your belly button. Instead of slipping down, the beads rise higher on your body, indicating you are gaining weight and getting bigger.

When you track your body composition with waist beads in this manner, you will remain motivated on your wellness journey even if your weight on the scale doesn’t change much.

Despite the weight not dropping on the scale, you are still achieving healthy changes in your body. When you want to lose weight, waist beads are used to track changes in your weight and curb excess eating.

What Are The Spiritual And Material Benefits Of Waist Beads?

Waist Beads For Weight Loss
Waist Beads For Weight Loss

Women of all body types can wear waist beads as a fashion accessory. Wearing this accessory is simply a matter of looking trendy and sexy for some women.

In addition to these benefits, the African waist beads also offer more significance. These benefits include:

  • Beautiful ornaments and adornments:

Among the primary benefits of waist beads is their ability to enhance a woman’s appearance. In a sensual way, waist beads are used to accentuate the body’s shape.

Another benefit of waist beads, besides their adornment use, is to enhance body image. Women who dislike their bodies, particularly the stomach, often wear waist beads.

Due to its shimmering and fascinating colors, it increases a woman’s perception of her body. Beads worn around the waist can boost a woman’s self-confidence and self-esteem.

  • Maturity:

Women wearing waist beads, a cultural tradition in some parts of the world, are often associated with maturity, growth, and femininity.

A traditional element of a naming ceremony in Ghana is wearing waist beads. However, only girls wear them as they grow older.

A pair of waist beads are traditionally tied on daughters’ waists when they first menstruate as a sign of their passage into womanhood.

Growing out of waist beads can also signify moving on to a new stage in life. When a girl is growing up, her beads differ from those she wears after she has a child, for example.

  • Waist beads for weight loss:

It is common to use waist beads to monitor weight changes. The waist beads can be used instead of stepping on a scale to keep track of abdominal weight gain or loss.

There is no stretch in waist beads. Gaining weight would result in the beads sitting higher on your waist or feeling tight. Alternatively, if you lose weight, the beads get loosened up.

Body positivity is more compatible with waist beads than scale numbers. All women can wear waist beads to decorate their bodies.

The waist beads can even be adjusted if you don’t want them to fit differently based on your weight or bloating.

  • Pride and heritage:

Waist beads are a distinctively African accessory worn by women of all races and ethnicities. Among Black women in the diaspora, waist beads are the most popular way to connect with ancestors and share their cultural heritage.

Women of color in the West use waist beads as a cultural tradition that reflects their diasporic heritage.

The transatlantic slave trade has prevented many women from knowing their West African heritage. Adorning waist beads also means that a Black woman can reclaim the opportunity to follow her ancestors’ footsteps.

It serves as a physical reminder of heritage that is never far away. One can interpret it in their own way.

  • Fertility and Intimacy:

Across the globe, women wear waist beads to enhance their sensuality in intimate settings. They may also be linked to fertility. Women who are trying to conceive might wear specific beads during sex.

In Ghana, when a woman reaches puberty, she has her waist beads adorned with larger beads or bells so she can make noise while walking to alert potential suitors nearby.

Amazing history, right?

  • Fixes Posture:

A person who wears waist beads will become more aware of their posture and stomach. Each bead fits differently depending on one’s posture and breathing.

Using these waist beads can help you remember to sit up straight, relax your back, engage your stomach muscles, and breathe properly.

  • Expresses Royalty:

Waist beads serve as a way to distinguish Royalty from other people. The Royal family often wears waist beads. Especially for Queens and Princesses, it is a way of identifying themselves and standing out.

Waist Beads – FAQs:

Readers usually remain concerned about the following questions.

  • How to put on Waist Beads with Perfection?

Use one side of the string first to tie waist beads around your stomach. Now adjust them to the area you want them to settle down. Finish adorning by tying both strings together.

  • Can I Remove my Waist Beads? How to do it?

Yes, you can. But you have to be extra careful as you’re going to do this with a pair of scissors or a sharp knife. If you wish to retie the beads again after taking them off, cut the beads in the same area you tied them. Simple!

  • How many Baist Beads are Enough to Wear?

It’s all up to your preference. If you intend to wear them for weight loss management, keep them in good numbers. Otherwise, you can use as many as you want for adornment.

  • Is it Normal for a Waist Bead to Break off from my Body?

Don’t panic if you ever see those mesmerizing beads breaking off from your body. It happens naturally sometimes or the other times, due to your mismanagement.

Please make sure you put them on with utmost care and carry them well.

If you still have the broken beads with you, retie them onto your belly with strings. Or you can always buy or make new ones!

Wrapping It Up!

Waist beads or belly beads are beautiful adornments used by women to feel empowered by their femininity. These pretty gemstones create a sense of Royalty among women all around the globe.

You get to have an ongoing reminder to love and adore your body while wearing waist beads. These adornments are popular to keep your body weight in check, which means you can use waist beads for weight loss.

Let us know in the comment box how waist beads transformed your body spiritually and materialistically!

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