Venus Williams’ Plastic Surgery: Did She Confirm the Rumors?

Venus Williams’ Plastic Surgery: Did She Confirm the Rumors?

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“Venus Williams has not confirmed any plastic surgery. Her focus is on tennis, skincare, and promoting her lifestyle brand. Her beauty journey focuses on skincare and minimalistic makeup.”

Venus Williams, the renowned tennis superstar, isn’t just dominating the courts with her impressive skills – she’s also conquering the world of beauty treatments. Amidst East Coast weather’s unpredictability and flight cancellations, Venus Williams, the legendary athlete and now a powerhouse in fashion and beauty, stands resplendent.

In an illuminating and candid conversation, Venus discusses her life, skincare, and beauty, offering insights far beyond her tennis triumphs. In this article, we delve into her fascination with innovative skincare regimens, revealing how she maintains her radiant appearance both on and off the court.

Quick Facts

Full Name Venus Ebony Starr Williams
Age (As of 2023) 43 Years
Profession American Professional Tennis Player
Date of Birth June 17, 1980
Place of Birth Lynwood, California, United States
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Nationality American
Mother Oracene Williams
Father Richard Williams
Siblings Yetunde Price, Serena Williams, Richard Williams, Lyndrea Price, Isha Price

Who Is Venus Williams?

Who Is Venus Williams?


As a decorated athlete with a legacy that spans decades, Venus Williams seamlessly transitions from the tennis court to the world of fashion and beauty. The founder of EleVen by Venus Williams, a lifestyle brand, she recently expanded her empire to include skincare in collaboration with clean beauty retailer Credo.

Her distinctive voice reflects familiarity, like sharing stories with a close friend, making her journey all the more relatable and inspiring.

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Plastic Surgery or Other Beauty Musings?

Plastic Surgery or Other Beauty Musings?

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@Venus Williams, the four-time Olympic gold medalist, and seven-time individual Grand Slam winner, resonates as a fierce competitor and self-professed beauty enthusiast. Her excitement ignites as she discusses anti-aging treatments and the practicality of flexible LED masks.

In her conversation, Venus transcends the stature of a tennis superstar, embodying the spirit of camaraderie as she opens up about skincare, beauty, and the everyday joys of life. However, she has never confirmed anything related to plastic surgery.

Her Physical Stats

Height 6 feet, 1 inch
Weight 74 Kg (163 Lbs)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Dress Size 6 (US)

Venus Williams’ Whole Body Peeling Journey

Venus Williams' Whole Body Peeling Journey


Venus Williams, the embodiment of grace and power on the tennis court, also exudes the same confidence in her skincare routine. Known for her willingness to explore the latest beauty trends, Venus recently divulged her newest obsession – a transformative whole-body peel.

“Last year, I experienced an incredible whole-body peel that left my skin looking astonishing. Over the span of three days, the results were simply unreal,” Venus shared enthusiastically.

Her winter 2021 cover story with NewBeauty highlighted her profound appreciation for this skin-rejuvenating treatment. “My dermatologist in New York offers remarkable facial and body peels. Surprisingly, even hands, feet, and, yes, the buttocks experience remarkable peeling. I’m truly obsessed with these treatments.”

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Venus’ Secret: Aging Prevention and Elegance

Venus' Secret: Aging Prevention and Elegance


While Venus Williams indulges in diverse beauty treatments, her primary focus remains on prevention and natural elegance. She advocates for treatments that boost collagen production and enhance skin vitality. One of her favored options is the Laser Genesis treatment, which she believes is instrumental in maintaining youthful-looking skin.

“For me, it’s all about preventing the signs of aging. I genuinely appreciate procedures like Laser Genesis, red light therapy, consistent exfoliation, and chemical peels.

Though not extravagant, these procedures are incredibly effective in revitalizing the skin’s appearance. The key lies in their ability to rejuvenate your skin and complement your at-home skincare regimen,” Venus revealed during her conversation with NewBeauty.

S.No: Cosmetic Procedure Observations
Full Body Chemical Peeling Glowy, fresh, and healthy skin

Venus’ Anti-Aging Exploration At 40?

Venus' Anti-Aging Exploration At 40?


Venus Williams’ journey through the realm of beauty treatments has led her to explore more intensive methods for anti-aging, such as Ultherapy and Thermage. While these treatments are regarded as gold standards in skin tightening and contouring, Venus admits they weren’t her ideal match.

“Ultherapy and Thermage are undoubtedly top contenders for anti-aging solutions. However, I found them a bit too discomforting for my liking. The results they offer are exceptional, but personal comfort is equally crucial,” Venus confessed.

Her approach to beauty lies in harnessing treatments that align with her well-being and comfort. Venus Williams embraced her 40s with grace and a profound sense of self-assurance. She quashed societal norms surrounding age, revealing that her outlook is underpinned by exceptional genetics and diligent self-care.

“Turning 40 was not a momentous event for me. I’m truly content with it. I’ve been fortunate to inherit great genes, which, coupled with my self-care efforts, contribute to my well-being,” Venus shared.

However, she humorously reflected on her previous skincare oversight: “I must confess, I neglected sunscreen for the better part of my first 35 years. I can only hope it won’t catch up with me!”

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Venus’ Self-Care Revelation During Quarantine

Venus Williams, like many, utilized the downtime during quarantine to focus on her personal well-being. She revealed her commitment to prioritizing self-care and attaining a deeper understanding of her body’s needs.

“Throughout the quarantine, I maintained the mindset that tournaments could resume at any time. This motivated me to be in optimal shape and thoroughly prepared,” Venus explained.

Her diligence paid off when she returned to the tennis court, commencing with the Top Seed Open. “I embraced the chance to spend quality time at home during months that are typically jam-packed for me. Nevertheless, I dedicated significant time to my training regimen and maintaining my momentum,” she affirmed.

Beauty Memories And Family’s Beauty Rituals

Beauty Memories And Family's Beauty Rituals


Reflecting on cherished childhood moments, Venus shares her early encounter with beauty – her mother’s lipstick. A memory marked by playfulness and encouragement, it embodies the essence of familial bonds.

From those innocent days of experimentation to her evolution as a beauty aficionado, Venus’ journey unfolds with a touch of nostalgia and warmth.

Venus Williams’ beauty legacy carries whispers from her closest family members. Her mother’s steadfast devotion to moisturizing resonates as a cherished practice that transcends generations.

Venus, now a fervent advocate of exfoliation, shares the wisdom imparted by her family. As she passes on her skincare expertise to her loved ones, her beauty journey becomes a testament to the enduring influence of family bonds.

EleVen by Venus: Her Collaborative Vision

EleVen by Venus Her Collaborative Vision


Venus’ collaboration with Credo for EleVen products reflects a shared commitment to integrity, safety, and sustainability. This partnership seamlessly aligns with her values, ensuring that her products embody top-tier quality while respecting the environment.

Venus’ pursuit of excellence in beauty extends beyond personal care, encapsulating her dedication to creating products that empower and enrich lives.

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Sunscreen And Her Top Makeup Essentials

Venus Williams’ realization of the importance of sunscreen extends beyond the tennis court. Inspired by her sister Serena’s diligence, Venus reevaluates her approach to sun protection.

Her journey from skepticism to embracing sunscreen highlights the significance of safeguarding one’s skin, regardless of background. Venus’ commitment to continuous improvement underscores her dedication to anti-aging practices.

Venus Williams’ treasure trove of makeup essentials embodies her practical approach to enhancing one’s appearance. She places emphasis on the transformative power of well-groomed eyebrows and captivating mascara.

With her personal touch, she reveals that a few strategic choices can redefine one’s entire look, underscoring the importance of confidence and inner radiance.

Beauty Minimalism: The Power of Less

In the makeup world, Venus champions a “less is more” philosophy. She embraces a balanced approach, prioritizing a natural look over heavy makeup. Her insights on light foundation application and minimal eyeliner reflect her penchant for understated elegance.

Venus’ makeup journey is a testament to the idea that beauty emanates from confidence and a well-nurtured foundation.

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