7 Popular Types of Funeral Flowers, Color & Arrangements 2023

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A funeral is a difficult time for all involved. It is all about remembering our loved ones who have passed on, and commemorate them and their lives.

During these tough times, it is a good idea to give some sympathy gifts to comfort loved ones.

One popular choice is to send compassion flowers. These can be flowers sent to the funeral itself, or simply to the homes of the loved ones of the deceased.

However, not all flowers are appropriate to send to a funeral or to those who are mourning a difficult loss.

With that in mind, this article is going to go over some of the most popular funeral flower arrangements, so you can ensure the ones you choose to send are appropriate and will be appreciated.

1. Lilies

If you want to send funeral flowers that exude elegance and bring some grace to the event, lilies are a great choice.

They come in many different colors, but generally the white lily or purple lily are the most common to be given at funerals.

These flowers are very aromatic, and have an open and wide shape that are incredibly noticeable.

They look quite large, and you don’t need many of them in order to make a nice bouquet or fill a vase.

The reason these flowers are so popular at funerals is because they represent things like peace, dignity, and innocence.

In addition to traditional lilies, you can also use peace lilies. These plants also symbolize innocence and rebirth, and are beautiful, without being too cheerful for the occasion.

These plants can also last quite a while, and will look good in a home or office after the funeral has ended.

2. Carnations


Carnations are without a doubt one of the most versatile flowers out there. They can be given for birthdays, Mother’s Day, and of course, funerals.

Not only that, but these flowers are quite affordable and can be easy to find all year long. They look good, and come in a variety of colors that can be used in many different scenarios.

For funerals, it is recommended to use white and/or pink carnations. White carnations symbolize innocence, and the pink carnations have religious meanings for Catholics and other Christian religions.

These flowers can be used in an arrangement on its own, but are also incredible for supporting other flowers in an arrangement, too.

3. Roses


Another versatile flower is the rose. Roses not only smell great, but have a very unique and detailed shape that makes it one of the most popular flowers on the planet.

While most people think of the red roses that are commonly given on Valentine’s Day, there are actually a wide range of different rose colors, and they can be given and used at many different events.

If you are going to use roses as a funeral flower or send them to someone who is grieving, you generally want to give white roses, which represent purity, humility, and innocence. When ordering white roses, make sure you get the best quality roses as these types can easily show if they are fresh or not.

Yellow roses can also be a popular choice to celebrate the life of a friend.

It can be hard to heal yourself after a traumatic event like a death in the family, but giving the gift of a beautiful and thoughtful rose can be incredibly helpful during someone’s time of need.

4. Orchids

Orchids-funeral flower arrangements

Orchids are without a doubt one of the most different of all the flowers included in this list. They are a very delicate flower, and one that you need to get up close to in order to really see and appreciate the details the flower has.

They can be used as cut flowers, or the entire plant can also be used. If you want to use orchids at a funeral, consider the pink and white variety for best results.

These flowers have the universal meaning of “I will always love you”, so are perfect for a funeral.

5. Gladioli

Gladioli-funeral flower arrangements

A flower from the iris family, the gladioli has long been a popular choice of funeral flowers. They are a tall and slender flower, with blooms blossoming vertically up the stem.

This unique shape and how they grow in bunches along a single stem, symbolize things like strength and integrity, qualities that we always want to remember in those that have passed on in our lives.

They also come in many colors, so they can suit any arrangement or bouquet that you put them in.

These flowers can be used on their own, but can also be paired with other blooms to make an incredible arrangement that is sure to look great.

6. Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas-funeral flower arrangements

Hydrangeas feature a very bulky shape made up of several small blossoms, which make them great for bouquets, wreaths, and various other types of arrangements.

Like many of the flowers we have mentioned, they come in many colors, and can be given appropriately for a wide range of events.

The main reason these flowers are so common for funerals is because some of what they symbolize.

While the meaning of this flower isn’t as well-known as some others, they are believed to symbolize things like heartfelt emotion, gratitude, grace, and deep understanding.

If you want something a little more long-lasting, the hydrangea plant will stay alive and thrive longer than the cut arrangement.

7. Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums-funeral flower arrangements

Mums, as they are often called, are among the most unique-looking flowers on the planet. Some grow to look almost like a daisy, while others will look similar to pom-poms.

They come in a range of colors, and make an interesting inclusion in just about any flower arrangement or bouquet.

However, you need to be careful with chrysanthemums, as they have different meanings and symbolism in different parts of the world.

In much of Europe and the USA, they have meanings relating to sympathy and honor. Of course, like other flowers, the color can have an impact on the meaning too.

But in Asian countries, this flower signifies rebirth, and isn’t often given at funerals, but baby showers instead.

In conclusion, these are some of the most popular funeral flowers for families and friends to give and present at funerals.

They do a good job at looking beautiful, while still respecting and remembering those that we have lost.

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