4 Regular Jobs That Can Be Transferable to Long-Term Travel 2023

Long-term travel is becoming more popular for adults who are already settled in their careers, and there are some industries that can be particularly favorable to work in, if you wish to spend a few months or years overseas. This means that you can travel to amazing locations without giving up work or running up debts. Here are four jobs that are transferable if you are considering long-term travel.

1- Nursing


For decades, nurses and other medical professionals have been able to globetrot, due to their in-demand skills and knowledge. Being a travel nurse is a profession of its own, and many people can register with an agency to find placements for them in their chosen destination. Alternatively, a lot of people will switch to personal care services and become self-employed, or work with only one client whilst they are away.

2- Real Estate


When you have the knowledge of how to maintain, promote, and sell property, it is easy to do this all over the world. Many people have used this line of work to relocate or travel long term to developing destinations that are booming in construction growth. Dubai is a notable example of a place that is always looking to build and sell real estate.

Being experienced in multifamily housing can also help you to find work in any area of property management and real estate as it is so versatile. What is multifamily management? It is the management of a complex that holds several different family units within it; for example, a large apartment group.

3- Hospitality


If you are experienced in customer services and hospitality, traveling long term is not going to be a problem for you. There is always demand for hotel, restaurant, and attraction workers in every busy tourist destination. Whether you do this as a paid job which you find locally on arrival or through a job website, or you take part in a Workaway project that offers you free food and stay in exchange for work, your skills are going to be useful.

4- Creative work

Creative-work-Travel Jobs

If you work in the creative industry, you are likely to be able to find work depending on your skills. People who can perform will always be welcomed in typical destinations that are focused on entertainment, as well as in industries such as cruising. This sort of route can offer the opportunity of traveling for months at a time, whilst also giving you the chance to perform as a solo artist or in a company group.

If you can write, there are also plenty of opportunities to create content for websites and social media for various agencies, as well as doing your own travel blog. Keep in mind, though, your own blog will take a while to become financially viable!

It is worth seeing if your career choice has the potential for overseas work. In the current climate of remote working, many more jobs are being able to be done from abroad. Think about how you can be flexible to make your job work in your favor so that you can be unrestricted in your movement across the globe.

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