How Traci Braxton Lose 100 Pounds? Diet, Before & After 2023

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Traci Braxton weight loss was a result of her struggle against esophageal cancer. This cancer later claimed her life after a year-long struggle.
Traci Braxton weight loss sparked concerns among fans when the late singer shared her photos from her son’s wedding on Instagram.

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She looked thin. You could even see her bones in the pictures.

What happened so quickly? The singer was known for her struggles with weight loss. How did she manage to lose so much weight so fast?

Fans were concerned. Why was she pursuing weight loss so rigorously? Was this weight loss even healthy?

Only a few could point out that this weight loss might show links to underlying health conditions of the radio personality.

And the saddest thing is that they were right!

Within four months after sharing these pictures the singer passed away.

Here is everything you should know about the singer, her weight loss struggles, and the cause of her death.

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Who is Traci Braxton?

Who is Traci Braxton


As the third child of her parents, Traci was born on 2nd April 1971. She grew up among one brother and four sisters.

Her parents kept a strict religious environment at home as her mother was a pastor.

It seems that the girls inherited their mother’s singing talents. Traci’s first performances included singing in the church choir.

The Braxton sisters began their singing career in 1989 when they released their first single, Good Life.

Later, the family started the reality show, Braxton Family Values in 2011. Her solo career took off in 2013 and in 2014, she released her first album Crash & Burn.

She went on to release another album in 2018.

She also started hosting her radio show ‘The Traci Braxton Show’ in 2013.

2018 was the year when the singer ventured into an acting career. At that time, she acted in Sinners Wanted. Before her death, she performed in two more movies.

We can see that the singer-cum-actress had a versatile career. She started performing at an early age and made her talents professionally known at the age of 18 years old.

But she had to take a long break from her media career because of her pregnancy and child-care duties.

Later, she re-experienced the limelight by performing on her family’s reality TV show as her elder sister’s backup singer.

Along with her husband, Kevin Surratt, she played her role in the third season of their family’s reality TV show, Marriage Boot Camp.

From there, her media career took off and she gained recognition for her singing and acting talents.

The life of her stardom was short, however. She started her struggle against esophageal cancer in 2021 and lost her battle in 2022.

She was succeeded by her husband, Kevin Surratt Sr.; her son, Kevin Surratt Jr.; and her grandson Kevin Surratt III.

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Traci Braxton Weight Loss Journey

Traci Braxton Weight Loss Journey


Traci Braxton’s weight loss journey began in the second phase of her career. She was in her best form when she started playing alongside her sisters in 1989. The group’s first single shows the five singers with a healthy physique.

Later, she changed her career because of her parenting and family commitments.

She only rejoined her family in their reality TV show in 2011 and we can see from those appearances, that Traci wasn’t enjoying her best physique.

Although she wasn’t obese or had health issues because of her excess weight, the impact of this extra weight was apparent on her body.

Since then, the singer-cum-actress started paying more attention to getting back in shape. Her weight wasn’t too unhealthy considering her body mass index.

In fact, being a mom in her forties was a real reason that defined and justified her weight and, even, rendered it healthy.

So, the real problem with her physique and marginally excess weight didn’t lie in the health risks that can be associated with fatness.

Instead, her motivation behind maintaining a leaner figure was her career. Film and TV industries rely too heavily on appearance and look.

Obesity and minor weight issues negatively impact the personality of these stars. Oftentimes, a picture-perfect figure is considered a prerequisite of charisma and style.

Although Traci Braxton was more than just her weight and body, she still faced the consequences of deviating from the industry’s beauty standards.

Occasionally, the fans saw her in a new light after her recent success at losing weight.

Then, she would put it back after some time. This pattern continued for most years of her active media career.

In 2020, she was vibrant and hopeful, looking forward to completing her projects that saw a delay because of the pandemic.

We saw her usual self who was as crazy and fun as she was. There were no signs of slowing down now she was nearing her fiftieth birthday. And her preference for her family was still alive.

Then we see her in the later part of 2021 and we can’t recognize her. The Sinners Wanted star looked a shadow of her former self.

She looked thin. We could see her bones in her dress in the few photos she posted for her son’s wedding on Instagram.

It was later revealed the singer had shed almost 29kg weight in months leading up to the July wedding of her son.

This weight loss might not appear significant to most of us. It’s common for celebrities.

Weight loss success stories recount that a healthy weight loss journey allows the person to lose up to 100 pounds of fat in a year.

Compared to this statement, a loss of 29kg amounts to only half of the weight loss recommended by doctors.

So, the actual amount of lost weight was not the problem. The problem was in the duration in which this loss materialized.

You should know that the star lost this weight in only a matter of months. Also, she wasn’t working out or dieting for this weight loss.

This weight loss was a result of a serious underlying health condition that later resulted in her demise.

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Traci Braxton’s Struggle With Cancer

Earlier, Braxton suspected herself to be a victim of cervical cancer. In 2012, she regularly got herself checked for this cancer because of the history of cervical cancer in her family.

Fortunately, she found that she didn’t have this issue.

Traci’s health struggles started in late 2020. She was anticipating her son’s wedding in the coming year.

But her health issue made her preoccupied with her treatment and doctors’ appointments.

She fought bravely. Her family claims that the singer’s private struggle against cancer was brave.

She cherished her remaining life with her family and son. During these trying times, she mustered up enough strength to attend her son’s wedding.

She opted to stay out of public scrutiny for obvious reasons only posting images from her son’s grand event in July last year.

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Her Family’s Support

Traci is the third sibling of a close-knit Braxton family. It was natural for them to come together to support the quirky and jolly star.

Her husband of twenty-six years was the anchor that kept her together in this hard phase of her life.

Support poured in from her son also. He was with her during her battle against cancer. He remembers how she used to keep her hopes up and faced adversity headfast.

She was a brave soul who wanted to spread laughter and smiles. Her family saw her going through her last weeks, with dignity and praise.

Fans’ Response To Traci Braxton’s Weight Loss

Today, it’s apparent that Traci’s weight loss resulted from her health issue. But this information wasn’t available to the masses in July 2021.

When she posted her pictures on Instagram, people could only see that she managed to lose some weight. The intensity of this weight loss was apparent from her visible bones.

Those fans who had followed her since her performances in the initial years connected this weight loss with Traci’s quest to become more fit and lean.

These people were quick to point out that Traci went too far to achieve her weight loss goals.

These people called the actress out to use extreme measures to appear most beautiful. Such bullying comments aggravated Traci’s stress.

Eventually, she responded by turning off the comments on her photo to not hear these assumptions.

Only a few people were concerned about the singer’s health issues that might have resulted in this sudden weight loss.

Traci Braxton Death and Funeral

On 12th March 2022, Traci lost her life to cancer. She was only 3 weeks shy of celebrating her 51st birthday at that time.

The cause of her death was esophageal cancer that she was struggling against for the last twelve months.

In addition to the Braxton family, Traci is survived by her husband, son, and grandson.

Soon after, her husband held a funeral in her honor. Accordingly, Traci arranged for the service and its details.

But the Braxton family refused to take part in this ceremony, citing these funeral and viewing events went against Traci’s wishes, who wanted a celebration of life to remember her.

Traci Braxton Before And After Weight Loss Photos

Traci Braxton Before And After Weight Loss


Traci Braxton Before And After


Traci Braxton


Although Traci always remained conscious of her weight, her concerns were not grounded in her medical history.

It was her media persona that needed her to be leaner to comply with the beauty standards prevalent in the industry.

In the later years of her life, Traci developed diabetes. This issue gave her reasons to pay more attention to her lifestyle choices and healthier weight.

In 2020, the singer opened up about her efforts to achieve a leaner body. 

Her July 2021 photos gave a false impression that she had taken her weight loss journey too seriously.

She appeared to have lost a lot of weight and appeared to have a BMI of slightly thin people.

What Has Traci Braxton Said About His Weight loss?

Obviously, the singer shared the photo to celebrate the big event in her son’s life.

Considering her health at that time, she didn’t need judgment and criticism.

Few people showed concern for her health. But the louder stance was criticism that was entirely unhealthy for the ailing star.

She didn’t respond to these comments. Her only reply to these people was to turn off the comments on her post.

You can imagine that turning off these comments was not an easy feat for her and showed her suffering from this talk.


What Illness Caused Traci Braxton’s Demise?

Traci lost her life to esophageal cancer. She was diagnosed with this ailment at least a year before her death.

What Is Traci Braxton’s Net Worth?

At the time of her death, Traci had a net worth of $800 thousand.

When Did Traci Launch Her Career?

Tracy’s first professional performance happened in 1989 together with her four sisters.

Soon, the singer changed careers because she was focused on her family more than on her singing career.

She joined her family in 2011 when the Braxton family started a reality TV show.

Her acting debut came in 2018 when she performed in Sinners Wanted.

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