Tom Skilling Weight Loss: Surgery, Diet, Workout, Before & After (2023)

A deep dive into the incredible Tom Skilling weight loss journey. Learn more about how he has shocked everyone with his transformation.

Weight loss is an incredible challenge to undertake no matter who you are. The constant grind and the strict routine can make it a challenging experience. You are required to follow a serious diet and you cannot stray from it no matter what. You are also required to work out daily to make sure that you get the results that you are looking for. It is truly a unique experience and you cannot experience the same thrill in any other personal journey.

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Does Age Play A Role?

Losing weight also becomes increasingly difficult as you grow older. Your body stops functioning like it did when you were younger. So, attempting to lose weight at an older age is more challenging. That is why a lot of people don’t even try to lose weight after they cross 50.

But Tom Skilling is the unique exception. Tom Skilling attempted the impossible in 2020 when at the age of 68 he decided to lose weight. It was an uphill battle but Skilling came out on top. Tom managed to lose 120 pounds in a single year. Before we do an in-depth analysis of Tom skilling weight loss journey, let us tell you who he is;

Who Is Tom Skilling?

Tom Skilling

Thomas Ethelbert Skilling III is an American television meteorologist. He has been a notable television personality for more than 40 years. He made his debut on the WGN-TV channel in Chicago in 1978. Since then he has been a popular television figure in the city of Chicago.

Early Life

Tom Skilling was born on the 20th of February in 1952 in the Chicago suburb of Aurora in Illinois. Skilling is the oldest of four children. He attended the West Aurora High School and that is where he got his start as a broadcaster.

Humble Beginnings

In 1966, while still in high school, Skilling made his broadcasting debut at the age of 14. At this time, he started working at WKKD and WKKD-FM as a broadcaster. During this period, Skilling picked up a lot of things about forecasting that helped his career later on. While working at WKKD, Skilling observed that the channel’s forecasts were always incorrect. The reason for this inaccuracy was that the channel was located in Chicago and not Aurora.

So, he went to the network and offered to forecast the weather for them. He added the condition that if his forecasts were accurate, he would be given his weather program.
And as his forecasts were always accurate, he was hired to forecast Aurora’s weather three times a day.

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Working As A Meteorologist

At the age of 18, Skilling began working for the WLXT-TV in Aurora. During this time, he also started to attend the University of Wisconsin in Madison. While he was there, Skilling began to study meteorology and journalism.

Skilling also started working at WKOW-TV and WTSO radio while he was working on his degree. After completing his degree in 1974, Skilling got his first major television job. He was hired as the leading forecaster by WITI-TV in Milwaukee. While working here, Skilling gained some valuable insights about the broadcasting field that helped him in his future.

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Getting A Job At WGN-TV

After four successful years at WITI-TV, Skilling returned to Chicago in July 1978. In August 1978, he joined the WGN-TV channel where he works to this day.

He is currently WGN-TV’s meteorologist and is the highest-paid local broadcast meteorologist in the entire United States. He also works as a columnist for the Chicago Tribune. Over the years, Skilling has done some groundbreaking weather forecasts. His forecasts always use the latest technologies and animations available.

His most popular television moment was correctly predicting the Groundhog day blizzard in 2011. This was the highlight of his meteorology career and it was also featured in the movie ‘The Weather Man’.

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Other Ventures

In addition to being a well-reputed meteorologist and columnist, Skilling has narrated a series of documentaries. One of his most popular narrations is ‘It Sounded Like a Freight Train and When Lightning Strikes’. In this documentary, he talked about the science and dangers of tornadoes and lightning.

Awards and Honors

In January of 1995, Skilling received an honorary Doctorate from Lewis University in Illinois.

He also has an asteroid named after him called the 91888 Tomskilling.

Personal Life

Tom Skilling has never been married and is single to this day. He has three siblings who he loves.

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Tom Skilling Weight Loss Journey 2021

Initial Weight Struggles

Tom Skilling was initially in great physical condition during the start of his career. He weighed close to 160 pounds and was eating healthy. In the 90s however, things started to change. Tom started to gain an increasing amount of weight for a variety of reasons. The weight gain reached its peak in 2010 when Skilling was close to 250 pounds. His weight kept increasing until something happened in his life that made him want to lose this weight.

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Father’s Death And His Own Deteriorating Health

Around 2015, Skilling started having health problems because of his weight. He said in an interview in 2020 that he couldn’t walk or climb a set of stairs without getting winded. He was also having problems doing basic household tasks which worried him even more.

Tom’s father Thomas died in 2006 because of obesity. He recalled his father’s condition and his lack of mobility at the time of his passing. Skilling was worried that he might suffer the same fate as his father did back in 2006. That is what made up his mind about getting surgery and losing weight.

Complications Before Getting The Surgery

In early 2020, Skilling made up his mind about getting gastric bypass surgery and starting his weight loss journey. However, there were complications at the time that made him question his decision. The Covid-19 reached its peak in the state of Illinois around the same time. There was a stay-at-home order issued which meant that you could go out of your house no matter what. This proved to be a big roadblock in Skilling’s path to getting the surgery done.

This all happened less than three weeks before his surgery was scheduled. All doctors and surgeons were ordered to limit the number of procedures done. This measure was taken to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

All this put a huge hindrance in Tom Skilling weight loss journey. He said that if it was a week or two more, the surgery wouldn’t have been done. However, he managed to get the surgery done regardless, and the results made it completely worth it.

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Life After Surgery

Tom Skilling decided to get the surgery done in April of 2020. After the procedure was finished, Skilling was 60 pounds lighter. However, the surgery had a major impact on his life going forward. As with every stomach procedure done, he suffered from intense pain. He was also not able to eat solid food for a long time after getting the procedure.

He also had anxiety issues and would constantly check his weight every single day. That’s where his doctor stepped in. He said in an interview that his doctor advised him to not look at the scale every single day. The doctor also advised him to be patient and the results would surprise him.

But Skilling was adamant. He told the doctor that he is a meteorologist and looks at the weather every single day. This was something similar. He wanted to check his weight again and again to measure his success.

The Outpouring Of Fan Support And Going Back To Work

As his surgery drew near, Skilling asked his fans to pray for him. During and after his procedure, there was overwhelming fan support for him. Fans as well as local celebrities all wished him a speedy recovery and wished him the best. He said in a show that this support is what kept him going. After returning to work, Skilling also thanked all the fans that have supported him and prayed for him.

The journey of coming back to work was a bit more challenging for Skilling. He initially wanted to come back right away after getting the surgery. He initially took time off for 6 weeks and wanted to come back at the four-week mark. However, the network stopped him and told him there is no way you are coming back to work before the six-week period. Later on, he admitted that that was the right call.

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Current Weight Situation

While appearing on a broadcast in 2021, Skilling revealed that he had lost close to 120 pounds in a year. He said that a year ago, he weighed close to 292 pounds and had difficulty moving around. Now he weighs 172 pounds and his life has become a lot easier. He also feels much more energetic and healthier.

Tom Skilling Diet Plan

Tom Skilling weight loss journey started from his surgery. Since then he has mostly eaten small and easy-to-digest meals. He said in a broadcast in 2021 that his new diet mostly consists of small servings of protein. These servings are small two-three-ounce meals that are easily consumed and digested.

Gastric bypass surgery limits the volume of your stomach. After the surgery, it is not easy to consume and digest large portions. Skilling said that initially, it took a lot of getting used to but now he is used to it.

He also said that he cannot eat like he did before but that is a blessing. He stated that before his surgery, he would eat anything available. But now he follows a careful regimen to make sure that he does not gain back the weight he has shed.

Nowadays, he has started to add some solid food to his diet. But it is a long road to getting his stomach to properly function again. His diet mostly consists of small portions of protein with some boiled green veggies that are easy to consume

Tom Skilling Workout Plan

While talking about his workout routine, Skilling stated he is taking everything at a nice and steady pace. Before getting the surgery, he had difficulty moving around. He would get tired and winded after walking a few blocks.

Since getting the surgery and losing 120 pounds, he has become much more active and mobile. When asked about his exercise routine, Skilling said that now he likes to take long walks and finds them refreshing. Because of his weight he had forgotten what it felt like to walk without getting tired. Now he enjoys taking long walks every morning because they are healthy and refreshing.

He also tries some basic exercises once or twice a week to keep his body active and in shape.

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Tom Skilling Before And After Weight Loss Photos

Tom Skilling Before

If you look at and compare the two photos, you can see the difference between them is like night and day. It almost feels like you are looking at two different people. The first picture was taken around 2019. At this time, Skilling used to weigh 292 pounds and it can be seen. He looked out of shape and obese.

Now, if you look at the second picture that was taken in 2021, it’s like Skilling became a new person. He is much more fit and healthier. You can also see the smile across his face as he is happy about his new look.

What Has Tom Skilling Said About His Weight loss?

When asked about his weight loss journey, Skilling said that it was an incredible journey. He said that his life had become extremely difficult before the surgery. He could not do simple and basic house tasks without getting tired and winded.

His fathers’ death helped him gain some perspective about how he wants his life to be. He also said that getting the surgery and losing weight was one of his best life decisions. And he is extremely happy with how he looks and feels and he hopes that he can motivate other people to do the same. He is also extremely happy at the fact that he has inspired other people to take this leap for their health and well-being.

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What Is Tom Skilling’s Net Worth?

Tom Skilling has an estimated net worth of $14 million.

Are Jeffery Skilling And Tom Skilling Related?

Yes, Jeffery Skilling is Tom’s younger brother. He is most popular for being the ex-CEO of Enron Corporation.

How Long Has Tom Skilling Been Working At WGN-TV?

Tom Skilling has been working at WGN-TV since 1978.

What Is Tom Skilling’s Annual Salary?

Tom Skilling has an annual salary of approximately $1 million.

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