3 Tips to Protect Your Skin and Hair When Scuba Diving 2023

Scuba diving is an exhilarating adventure that will leave you with memories to last a lifetime. Scuba diving is a phenomenal adventure that can challenge your body and your mind. But it’s also not without its drawbacks.

Saltwater and sun exposure can damage your skin, dull even the most perfect hair, and make your lips crack when you want them to pucker.

To keep your look glamorous and protect yourself from ultraviolet (UV) rays, follow these simple knacks for shielding your hair and skin as a scuba diver.

Before You Take a Dive

Whether you are cruising from Florida or flying to a new scuba destination and want to soak in a new culture while exploring the seas around a foreign country or dive into the depths of your local aquarium, there’s a tremendous sense of wonder and excitement associated with scuba diving especially if its your very first dive.

Though you will spend most of your time underwater, you still need to take precautions beforehand.

While being underwater, you still need to protect your skin. Before getting on the boat, put on a high SPF sunscreen for all exposed areas.

Wear a hat and cover-up before if you won’t put on your diving suit until you reach the diving location.

To safeguard your hair, rinse or soak it in freshwater before diving and apply some coconut oil to avoid absorbing too much salt.

To hide any straining from your mask’s hood or band, tuck your hair back into a braid or ponytail.

Remember to Take Breaks Between Dives

Scuba diving is a great activity, but you must always keep safety in mind. Divers are not just underwater for a few minutes at a time but for extended hours at a time.

There is the risk of nitrogen narcosis, decompression sickness, getting lost, and accidentally entering restricted areas. Divers must be mindful of these risks and make reasonable plans to avoid them whenever possible.

Time flies when you’re having fun, but even the most experienced scuba divers need to take breaks.

Before heading back down, you’ll remain at least a few minutes on the boat, whether you need to change your oxygen tank or fix your waterproof suit. This is the ideal time to conduct some hair and skin maintenance.

Post Diving Tips

What you do after a dive is just as important as before. While showering and rinsing dive gear is only a good idea when you’re back on the boat, caring for your skin and hair underwater can go a long way to keeping them healthy and happy.

Saltwater, combined with sweat, sunscreen, and other products in your hair and on your skin, makes your skin look “weathered” after a few dives.

The best way to avoid dryness and breakouts after diving is to rinse thoroughly with fresh water and scrub away excess saltwater trapped in hair follicles as soon as possible.

After that, pay attention to skin health by avoiding prolonged exposure to the sun, moisturizing, and exfoliating once or twice a week. Adds an image of a girl washing her hands underwater

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