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10 Accurate Thermometer Apps For iPhone And Android Users 2023

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Does finding a thermometer frustrate you time and again? Do you happen to lose your thermometer in your purse or around the house when you need it the most? Or maybe you are just tired of carrying around a sensitive and crucial device as a thermometer with you when you travel. If you agree, we have an amazing solution for you – a temp checker app that has a real thermometer with fever.

A nice and updated Smartphone has a solution to every problem and you use it accordingly. Then, why not check the temperature?

What if we tell you now can carry around a fully-functioning thermometer with you all equipped digitally on your mobile phone? Overwhelming enough, right?

Well, that’s right. The world is slowly past-progressing the time when your traveling bag would become heavy carrying extra stuff. Replacing conventional thermometers with a truly compatible temp checker app is everything you need to comply with your health concerns.

If you are wondering how to check your temperature without a thermometer and what thermometer app you should install in your mobile before giving it a second thought, you have reached the right place! In this article, we have put together some competitive and smart functioning thermometer apps for Apple and Android users. Read on to grab as much information as you can!

New to the world of thermometer apps or have no idea what these apps do and what are its limitations? Don’t worry. First, we will walk you through some obvious and most asked temp checker apps queries and then we will direct you to the list of X best thermometer apps for iPhone and Android. Keep reading.

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What Is A Temp Checker App and Why Is It Important?

From radio, TV to thermometers, it’s astounding how smartphones have actually replaced it all. Digitalization in the health field has reached new highs then why a mere body thermometer can’t be replaced?

Of course, it can! A well-competitive temp checker app is its live example. Like every other app, a temperature checker app has a streamlined interface with easy options to navigate.
Thermometer apps are not only associated with ambient, inside, or outside temperature.

With the help of your pulse rate, temp checker apps easily crack your current body temperature. With the pandemic hovering at our heads, we need a complete surety when it comes to our health. A digital thermometer is a safe step towards surety of your better health.

How to Use Thermometer Apps?

Don’t worry! There is no rocket science in understanding how to use thermometer apps. Basic smartphone knowledge is enough. Install one of our suggested apps and open it. Follow the on-screen instructions and record your pulse rate simply with your phone’s sensor. Your temperature will appear on the screen with the scale of Celsius or Fahrenheit. That’s all it is. Pretty much simple, agreed?

Can You Check Your Temperature Without A Thermometer?

Obviously! There are tons of thermometer apps up on Google Store or Apple Store for both android and iPhone users. Choose any one you like the most.

However you need a single crucial reminder:

Temperature apps can only be used on your phone when you have compatible sensors. Make sure you have updated the sensors. If you already have supportive sensors, you won’t face any trouble using these temp checking apps.

Top 10 Thermometer Apps For iPhone And Android Users – Updated Guide!

Now that you know the ins and outs of a thermometer app and eager enough to install one, let’s take you to our suggested list of thermometer calculating apps. Not only will these apps calculate ambient temperature, but easily get your body temperature calculated in the almost near-to-accurate figures.

Here you go!

1. Thermometer++


Download: Thermometer++ for Android & iOS

Thermometer++ is a go-to app for Android and Apple users due to its super fast performance and premium features like 100% accuracy, compatibility with outdoors and indoors, and cool graphics.

It’s on trending and more than 10 million users have this app helping them along. If you are new to digital thermometers, you should go for Thermometer++ app. It easily switches your calculated measurement of Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice versa.

All you need to do is turn on the GPS and you are good to find even the humidity levels with accurate temperature measurement.


  • Simple and effective app with smooth interface
  • Easily available app for both Android and Apple users
  • 100% accuracy
  • Fast and effective performance
  • Nearby weather stations’ data are found easily
  • Easy to switch Fahrenheit from Celsius and vice versa


  • Works only when internet is connected
  • Uses your GPS location

2. iThermonitor:


Download: iThermonitor for Android | iOS (Free)

Stop using conventional ways of getting accurate temperatures and install another go-to app for both Android and Apple users – iThermonitor. From humidity levels to your body temperature, iThermonitor does pretty much better than other thermometer applications.

It’s a free app which gives full-graph results of you or your child’s temperature. What else can you expect from a free app!


  • Free app with 100% accuracy
  • Calculates body temperature
  • A personal doctor app – 24/7 monitoring app with effective results
  • Perfect, portable device for all temperatures
  • Keeps the vigilance on for better precautions
  • Professional data collection as this app has successful collaboration with Boston’s
  • Children Hospital


  • Needs permission to access your media and contacts
  • Recurring ads that many audience find annoying
  • Buggy app with network disconnection issues

3. Smart Thermometer

Smart Thermometer

Download: Smart Thermometer for Android (Free)

Just a few clicks on your phone screen and voila, you are presented with all your or your surroundings’ temperature details. You can get your temperature calculated both in Celsius and Fahrenheit successfully, whatever suits you.

Enter the data manually with ease with Smart Thermometer. It’s one of the trending temperature thermometers due to its efficient and fast results.


  • Easy to use
  • A go-to thermometer application for beginners
  • Works super effective with temperature sensor smartphones, tablets, etc
  • Switches Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice versa


  • Only gives colorful results when integrated with temperature sensors. Otherwise, it’s just another temperature calculating application
  • GPS must be enabled to function
  • Brings up too many ads

4. Body Temperature:

Body Temperature

When it comes to taking one step ahead for a better and healthier life, Body Temperature app is an inevitable thermometer application out there. It is even able to calculate your minimum or maximum temperature with over 90% accuracy.

From giving fruitful results, Body Temperature app gives graphical results of your kid’s or your temperature. Another bright side of this app is it keeps a track record of your temperature so you don’t have to go through the whole procedure of calculating your temperature over and over again.


  • Free app with easy to use interface
  • 90% to almost 100% accuracy
  • Beautiful representation of your temperature in the form of graphics and diagrams
  • Gives temperature calculated in low, medium, and high
  • Keeps a record of your temperature for future use


  • Uses your GPS location and your media, contacts etc
  • Acts lesser than a temperature but more as a storage of information that many users find annoying.

5. Vicks Smart Temp Thermometer

Vicks Smart Temp Thermometer

Another temperature thermometer on the line, that not only you but gives a health security to your family is Vicks Smart Temp Thermometer application. This smart, health-friendly thermometer app is a Bluetooth thermometer that will pair with your smartphone and bring you the recorded temperatures.

You can manage your entire family’s health history. Install the application and create personal profiles for each family member. Beside every family profile, you may also add important notes for symptoms, medications, etc.


  • Access to temperature viewing history on graphs
  • Gives an option to share temperature details to your doctor via email
  • Option to add notes regarding medications, etc.
  • Access to create customized profiles for each family member


  • Bluetooth connectivity problems
  • App freezes for no reason
  • Too many ads recurring

6. Digital Thermometer For Room Temperature

Digital Thermometer For Room Temperature

When it comes to 100% accurate indoor and outdoor thermometer apps, Digital Thermometer for Room Temperature stays on the top. It gives a 100% accurate primary result. Good quality sensors and technology ensure fast and accurate temperature results.

Beautiful app design and smart interface would make it very easy for you to use Digital Thermometer for Room Temperature. You also have the option to choose different thermometer styles as well. What else would you want from a free thermometer application?


  • No matter where you are, you are given accurate geo-location temperatures
  • Access to the most accurate weather forecast and predictions
  • Access to switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius and even to Kelvin scale
  • Elegant interface
  • Easy and flowing to use


  • Works only when connected to internet
  • Doesn’t work when your phone doesn’t have updated sensors installed
  • Sometimes slows down while processing

7. iCelsius:

temp checker app

Download: iCelsius for Android | iOS (Free)

Another wonderful thermometer application that also works smoothly with your health reports is iCelsius. This versatile app works both with Android and iPhone. You stay updated with the temperature readings no matter what your location is.

However, you must have the latest sensor updated for better performance. Create a report on your health and keep it to show your doctor. iCelsius is your portable doctor you can carry within your phone, anywhere you want.


  • Comes with innovative and advanced features like graphs, pictures adding, alarm setting
  • Access to record audios as well
  • Option to edit documents already available on the app
  • Versatile enough to check the temperature of your home appliances as well


  • Might show some unexpected troubles with Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Sensors might show some bugs and errors while connecting to your phone

8. Finger Body Temperature:

temp checker app

Download: Finger Body Temperature for Android | iOS (Free)

Just like the temp checker app name suggests, Finger Body Temperature functions with a single touch of your finger over the sensor and you are good to see the calculated temperature.

Meaning, you don’t have to tap more than twice to get your temperature readout. Another fun feature of this application is you can manipulate your friends jokingly about their or your temperature going beyond normal.


  • Comes with premium feature
  • Easy and intuitive to use
  • Gives accurate result with almost zero error
  • You may play pranks on your friends


  • Manipulation feature might trouble some people
  • Slows down sometimes due to load

9. Real Thermometer:

temp checker app

Download: Real Thermometer for Android | iOS (Free)

Gone are the days when you would have to struggle to get your temperature checked. Thanks to the wonderful temp checker app like Real Thermometer, you can keep a record of yours and your loved one’s body temperature with a Real Thermometer application. This app gives 100% accurate calculations of your body and ambience as well.


  • Easy to use
  • Intuitive
  • Gives accurate results
  • Versatile and compatible features both for IOS and Android


  • Asks for permission to access your contacts and media
  • Lags sometimes

10. Smarttemp:

temp checker app

Download: Smarttemp for iOS (Free)

Smarttemp is another versatile temp checker app that is compatible with almost all smart devices. Each family member can have their personal profile with their health reports. All the premium features come totally free!


  • Versatile and trending app
  • Create profiles for family members separately
  • Sends reminders for next temperature evaluation


  • Sometimes lags
  • Asks to access your media and contacts

In A Word:

Ditch your old, traditional ways to check temperature and switch to best temp checker apps. This article is very helpful regarding some accurate thermometer applications for Android and iPhone users. If you find it a headache to search for a thermometer and want to easily measure your body temperature within flash, give our list of 10 best thermometer apps for iPhone and Android – temp checker app ultimate guide a thorough ad creator.

Thank you! Let us know in the comment section what app has helped you so far. Share the article with people you care about!

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