4 Effective Techniques To Embrace Proper Waste Segregation 2023

It’s no longer enough to throw unwanted and unused items in the bin. In the past this was acceptable but it simply resulted in a lot of items going to landfill.

As people have become more aware of the damage being done to the environment and how limited resources are, there has been an increasing drive toward recycling and minimizing waste.

As part of this, households and businesses need to develop good practices for the waste segregation. Fortunately, there are 4 effective techniques that can help you to achieve this.

1- Embrace Sanitary Services

Sanitary Services
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The first step in segregating waste is to remove sanitary products from the equation. These are generally the least hygienic of all waste products and the most unpleasant to deal with.

You can avoid the issue by using a good sanitary bins service. They will provide the bin and empty it as and when needed. That’s the first stage of waste segregation handled.

This is also a good idea as sanitary products need to be disposed of properly, using a reputable firm will help to ensure this happens.

2- Establish Different Containers

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There are now many different types of waste to be sorted. At the least you’ll want to sort the following separately:

  • Cardboard
  • Glass
  • Paper
  • Recyclable
  • Waste

Each of the above should be kept in a different container. But, you’re not going to want to keep five different bins in the kitchen. It’s advisable to choose another spot, perhaps the garage and put the glass, paper, and cardboard in there.

That leaves you with two containers in the kitchen, recyclable and waste. You can additional containers if it helps. Many households like to compost unused food products.

3- Know Your Waste

The next step is to know what waste goes where. It can help to add a list to each container, especially when it comes to the food recycling bin. All waste that gets put in here needs to be clean. Recycling bins can usually handle plastic that is marked as recyclable, containers, cans, and a variety of other items.

Check what’s allowed and list it on or by the container; This makes it easier to put the item in the right place. If you’re in doubt regarding what should be included then check with your state, they will be able to help.

4- Think Before You Bin

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Even with the right containers in place, you should think before you put anything in them. This is especially true for general waste. If there is any way in which the items can be reused you should do so.

This includes larger items like furniture. It’s always worth looking for a charity shop to donate old furniture too, you can even list it and sell it online. That’s preferable to throwing it away.

Waste segregation doesn’t need to be complicated. As long as you have separate containers that are easy to access and a list of what can be recycled, you’re off to a good start.

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