Susan Page Plastic Surgery Due to Artistry or Cosmetic Surgeries

Susan Page Plastic Surgery: Makeover Artistry or Surgeries?

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The buzz about Susan Page plastic surgery has grown as folks have noticed changes in her recent video appearances.

Susan Page, a prominent figure in US journalism, has been making headlines yet again, but this time it’s not for her political insights or journalistic prowess. Rather, it’s her altered appearance that has sparked a flurry of rumors surrounding plastic surgery.

Let’s delve into these speculations and try to discern fact from fiction.

Quick Facts

Full Name Susan Lea Page
Age (As of 2024) 73 Years
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Profession American Journalist, Political Commentator, Chief Of Washington DC Bureau
Sexuality Straight
Nationality American
Date of Birth February 12, 1951
Place Of Birth Wichita, Kansas, United States
Father Robert Page
Relationship Status Married
Husband Carl Leubsdorf (m. 1982)
Children 2
Height 5 feet, 7 inches
Weight 72 (158 Lbs)
Net Worth $10 Million

Susan Page’s Background in Journalism

Susan Page’s Background in Journalism


As the chief of the Washington DC Bureau of USA Today, @Susan Page has been a stalwart in the realm of political journalism. With a career spanning over thirty years, she has covered eleven US presidential campaigns and seven administrations of the White House.

Her accolades include prestigious awards such as the Pulitzer Fellowship, solidifying her status as one of the foremost political correspondents of our time.

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Susan Page’s Plastic Surgery Speculations

Susan Page’s Plastic Surgery Speculations


The whispers of Susan Page’s plastic surgery endeavors gained momentum following her recent appearances, particularly on NBC News. Viewers couldn’t help but notice subtle yet significant changes in her facial features.

The once-prominent double chin seemed to have vanished, and her facial contours appeared more defined. Naturally, such alterations prompted speculation regarding the possibility of a neck and facelift.

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Fans’ Opinions Toward Susan’s Flawless Appearance

Fans’ Opinions Toward Susan’s Flawless Appearance


During her appearance on NBC News, keen-eyed viewers observed a noticeable thinning of her face and the absence of any saggy skin around her neck. While makeup artistry and favorable lighting conditions can certainly work wonders, the extent of these changes raised eyebrows and fueled conjecture about surgical intervention.

However, it’s important to note that Susan Page herself has not addressed these rumors, leaving room for speculation to flourish.

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Debunking The Myths: A Makeover or Surgical Magic?

Debunking The Myths A Makeover or Surgical Magic


Amidst the chatter surrounding Susan Page’s supposed plastic surgery, it’s essential to consider alternative explanations. As a seasoned journalist celebrated for her poise and elegance, it’s plausible that her transformed appearance is simply a testament to the power of skilled makeup artistry and favorable lighting techniques in the studio.

Rather than undergoing invasive procedures, Susan Page may simply be benefiting from expert styling to enhance her natural beauty.


While the rumors of Susan Page plastic surgery may pique curiosity, they do little to overshadow her remarkable contributions to journalism. Regardless of the speculation surrounding her appearance, Susan Page remains an inspiration for her unparalleled insights and unwavering professionalism.

Whether it’s through her political analyses or her poised demeanor, Susan Page continues to captivate audiences and cement her legacy in the annals of journalism.

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