Summer Skin Care: Essential Tips for Healthy Radiance

Many things change during the summer. The weather gets hotter, the days get longer, and you probably change up your routine to suit the season. One thing you should definitely adapt this summer is your skincare routine to align with the season.

During the summer there’s much more of a chance that your sin could become dehydrated, dull, and generally unhealthy. This is not what you want, and there are ways to avoid this.

In this article, skin health experts at Westlab Salts have helped list their best advice on how to look after your skin this summer. From nourishing bath salts to protecting your skin from the sun, there’s a variety of things you can do to not only protect your skin, but make it glow too.

Start using bath salts

Start using bath salts

When it comes to looking after your skin in the summer, you’re going to want the right bath and shower products for this. Did you know that bath salts come with a wide range of benefits that can not only nourish your skin, but make it look and feel amazing too?

Mineral bath salts such as Dead Sea salt and Himalayan salt contain many essential skin minerals such as magnesium, potassium, and calcium, that all contribute to healthy and hydrated skin. Here’s how they can make a big difference in protecting your skin this summer.

Himalayan bath salt

Himalayan bath salt
Source: One Love Candle & Bath

If you want to refresh your skin whilst giving it a deep cleanse, Himalayan bath salts could be the solution for you. Himalayan salt is mineral rich, with over 80 minerals inside.

This makes it a very pure kind of salt, which makes it excellent at cleansing, detoxing, and refreshing the skin during the hot summer months.

Dead Sea bath salt

Dead Sea bath salt-Summer Skin Care
Source: AHAVA

Another type of mineral rich bath salt to try in the summer is Dead Sea bath salts. These salts contain anti-inflammatory properties, which makes them excellent for those with skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

These kinds of skin conditions tend to flare up in hot weather, so it could be worth trying something new.

Use a gentle moisturiser after bathing

Use a gentle moisturiser after bathing-Summer Skin Care
Source: LifeSavvy

When it comes to looking after your skin in the summer, retaining the moisture is essential. An effective way to do this is by applying a gentle moisturiser to your skin after showering or bathing.

Moisturising slightly damp skin allows your skin to lock in moisture and offer a soft, glowy, hydrated look.

Always wear SPF

In order to protect your skin from the sun, SPF is essential. After you’ve finished moisturising your skin in the morning or after bathing, always apply sunscreen to your face and body before stepping out into the sun. It’s the best way to enjoy the sun and protect your skin at the same time.

Drink plenty of water for hydration

Drink plenty of water for hydration-Summer Skin Care
Source: PharmEasy

Hydration is vital for healthy skin! When the sun is out and the weather is humid, it’s very easy to not get enough water and become dehydrated.

Hydration is vital for proper skin barrier function, which helps protect your body from toxins. So it’s important to drink plenty of water when it’s warm out.

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