How to Do Sugar Detox Effectively to Retune Your Mind & Body (Updated 2023)

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Nowadays, sugar is in everything and everywhere you look. It’s quite difficult for you to cut added sugar from your diet. Moreover, it is even in the foods cannot expect like pasta sauce and bread have added sugars.

The fact which we cannot deny is that reducing sugar intake is essential for our health.

Now here, many of you must be thinking about why taking excessive sugar is unhealthy?

Sugar does not contain any nutrients in it; in fact, more use of sugar can cause weight gain, reduce minerals from your body, lead to liver problems, make your immune system weak, can negatively impact your sleeping routine, and a lot more. Besides all this, it’s also known that sugar is a food for harmful bacteria.

Sugar imbalances your immune system, energy, mood, blood sugar level, and hormones.

Sugar Detox

We know it’s difficult to quit sugar, but worth it. This article will help you to cut off sugar from your diet without going crazy.

Basically, in simple terms, a sugar detox is making your body cleanse from excessive sugar. There are numerous ways to quit sugar, but the best is to go entirely sugar-free for a couple of days. Afterward, you can slowly but surely introduce natural (“healthy”) sugar from fruits into your diet.

Before getting into the details, we want you to know the four common types of sugar.

  1. Glucose is your body’s main source of energy. It does not consume by eating the right food. Your body creates glucose itself. Having more glucose in your system causes high blood sugar levels. Having too little can also cause problems.
  2. Sucrose is white table sugar. It is mainly used in baked items, ice cream, processed foods, and many Americans used it on cereals.
  3. Fructose is a natural sugar found in fruits and vegetables, and its excessive use can also be harmful. Only the liver in your body can break down fructose. Sometimes it turns fructose into triglycerides, which can affect liver functioning.
  4. High fructose corn syrup, as the name depicts it, is extracted from corn starch. It is about 5o% glucose and 50% fructose. It certainly is not a good sugar substitute.

Before knowing more about sugar detox, let us tell you how much sugar is healthy?

According to WHO (World health organization), as there are no nutrients in sugar, there is no reason to add sugar into your diet. Still, if you want to add, WHO suggests a person with a good BMI, can take not more than 25 grams of sugar per day. That is is 6 teaspoons.

How to Detox From Sugar?

Before going deep into the details, I want you to know some basics. In the beginning, you just need to give yourself at least 5-7 days; 7 will be more effective but trust me, you will notice the difference in five days.

To select a week, you need to observe your calendar carefully. If it is occupied with the dinners and plans with friends, do not go for that week. During your detox, you need to eat homemade food; always bring food with you when you go out. You need to positively focus on it instead of making it complicated; it will make it more pleasurable.

Health Benefits of Minimizing Sugar Intake

  1. Improve blood sugar levels

High blood sugar levels can cause chronic health issues. Less use of sugar can maintain your blood sugar levels.

2) Weight management

Excessive use of sugar can cause weight gain, which is really not healthy. If you are looking to reduce weight, you need to exclude sugar from your diet.

3) Better sleep

When you will start sugar detoxification, you will notice your sleep will get better. You might find it difficult in the first 5-7 days, it will improve later on.

4) Reduce cravings

If you crave a lot for sweets, you will see the difference that your sweet cravings will be lesser.

5) Dental health

If you have a sweet tooth, you can better tell how damaging it is for dental health. More use of sugar can cause deadly mouth diseases.

6) More Power & energy

Sometimes you might feel lazy and drowsy; it can be a sign of more sugar intake. When you will be on a sugar detox plan, you will witness some amazing energy in you. Over time, you will feel energetic and free-headed.

7) Sugar Detox Symptoms

It is quite normal if you will observe some changes in your mental or physical health. It is common because your body is habitual of regular sugar intake, and now it’s going to withdraw from your routine. But you must know that it is temporary and soon will get better.

Mental Symptoms

1) Cravings

Craving for sugar is for sure, and you can crave more for other food like pasta, bread, and potato chips along with sugar.

2) Imbalances sleep patterns

When you are detoxing from sugar, it can change your sleep. You might feel difficult to fall asleep.

3) Stress

You may feel like you are under pressure and stressed. You may often feel losing your temper.

4) Mood Swings

When you cut added sugar from your diet, you may go through different moods. Most people feel down and depressed.

5) Physical Symptoms

Giving up sugar is not that easy; you can feel:

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Drowsiness

Useful Tips for Doing a Sugar Detox

By adopting these tips, you can simply kick your sugar habit to live a healthy life.

Make a plan

If you have decided to go sugar-free, it’s the best time to have a plan for it. When you have a plan, you cannot get crazy or overwhelmed.

Firstly, set a time frame when you exactly want to cut off sugar and for how long. Go for at least 5-7 days, and exclude refined, added, artificial, or even natural sugar from your diet.

Stay Hydrated

Hydration helps oxygen to flow properly through the whole body. It makes you alert, active and focused.
Do you know which the most potent detoxifier is?


Yes, you have read the right. Water itself is a detoxifier that assists kidneys in excluding the waste. Hydration only means drinking water, not liquids like soda, tea, or coffee. It is always suggested to take 6-8 glasses of water per day.

All that extra intake of water can help your body to balance your blood sugar levels and flush the waste.

Get Rid Of Soda

Quitting over a soda can be the best kickstart for your sugar detox. Replace your soda with freshwater, unsweetened herbal tea, or fresh lemon water.

Regular soda contains 20-48 grams of sugar per eight-ounce; in some cans, it even more.

Avoid Junk & Processed Food

Most processed and junk foods contain a high amount of sugar. It is even in the foods which seem healthy, like whole-wheat bread or dark chocolates. It is best to read the label before buying processed food. It is recommended to switch completely to unprocessed foods and foods like fruits, meat, egg, seeds, and nuts.

Add Proteins & Healthy Fats

Another great step in the sugar detox process is to add proteins and healthy fats to your diet. A protein makes you fill you up quickly and gives you more energy. Increasing healthy fats can lessen your cravings for sugary foods. Nuts, seeds, butter, ghee, unsweetened coconut, and avocado all include in healthy fat. Eggs, meat, proteins, and nuts are high in proteins.

Make Your Fridge and Pantry Clean

If you are on a sugar detox, try to clean your fridge first. You must not have sweetened yogurt, chips, sweetened cream, and white bread in your fridge.

Before buying any product, check out the sugar added label at the back of the product. Most of the brands started mentioning added sugar, which makes it easier to assess whether there is added sugar or natural one.

Keep Your Stress Level Low

Some people eat more when they are stressed, if unluckily you are one of those, try to stay calm and stress-free. Under depression, people tend to have more unhealthy food that contains a high amount of sugar. By keeping your stress level normal, you can easily make healthy food choices.

Exercise Regularly

To maintain your blood sugar level, it’s essential to do exercise. During your detox week, try to stay active; it will give you more energy. Getting up every day and going for a walk or to a gym is not less than an energy booster.
Add 30-45 minutes of walk to your daily routine to achieve the desired objective.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep imbalance can cause unnecessary cravings. An inconsistent sleep schedule can minimize insulin sensitivity, which can unstable your blood sugar levels, and it can boost your cravings for sweets and carbohydrates.

Plan Ahead

Planning your meals in advance cannot only help you to choose the right food but helps you to prepare your grocery list.

During your sugar detox week, try to look for sugar-free recipes. So when you are hungry, you can quickly prepare them before going towards unhealthy stuff.

Take All Meals

Avoid intermittent fasting when you are trying to exclude sugar from your diet; it’s not the right time. If you are skipping meals, your blood sugar level can be reduced, making you crave sugary items.

During sugar, detox tries to keep your meals balanced and consistent.

Glutamine Supplement

Glutamine helps you to keep your blood sugar level normal. The best time to take glutamine is in the late afternoon when you crave more sweets.

Use Fresh Fruits

You must exchange unhealthy desserts with fresh fruits. Low sugar fruits like berries are the best antioxidants and a healthy substitute for desserts.


Can I Reduce Weight When I Am On A Diet?

You can definitely reduce weight, but that must not be your primary focus.

Can I Consume Sugar After The Sugar Detox Plan?

Yes, but it is advised to fix with unrefined or natural sugar.

Can I Still Take Carbohydrates?

Yes, but try to keep its intake as low as possible. Try to consult any nutritionist for carbs calculation.

Is It Mandatory To Experience Detox Symptoms?

During this process, your body flushes out toxins, making you feel worse before you feel alright.

Final Thoughts

Going sugar-free might sounds extreme, but it’s an amazing way to cut off refined sugar from your diet and going towards healthy eating. Giving up on sugar will surely improve your lifestyle. As we all know, added sugar does not contain healthy nutrients, and it’s better to avoid.

But if you are already dealing with low blood sugar levels, do not try sugar detox without consulting your physician.

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