10 Steps to Write a Stellar Public Health Essay 2023

Over the past few years, the trends in medicine and modes of communication with the public around the globe have changed drastically.

From acquiring knowledge about personal and public health information by going to clinics and hospitals to reading about the same information online, a lot has changed.

In the past, knowledge about health and continued issues, the right course of action towards sickness, home care, etc., everything was accessible to the public after waiting for hours at a private, public clinic, or a hospital.

Many around were not aware of health issues occurring around the globe, while many did not know what to do at the moment in case they fell prey to any disease.

In today’s world, it is important to be aware of what is happening around us. Since the emergence of coronavirus, many air-borne diseases have started arising. Many of us are still aware of their existence.

While the deadly covid-19 impacted the public all around the globe, it forced us to stay at home.

Having access to or paying a visit to the hospital was a threat because everyone was paranoid of falling prey to the deadly disease. While the disease was transmitted by touch, cough, sneezing, etc. A visit to the pharmacy was also very alarming as many people visit the place at a time too.

In times like this, how is a person supposed to take care of himself or herself from the deadly impact of the disease when he or she is unaware of all the risks that are followed by being exposed to the outside world?

Because while the disease may have adverse effects on one’s physical health, it does bring some serious damage to psychological health, too, in the form of severe anxiety or hypertension.

Countless people suffer from minor health conditions too and are completely unaware of its existence and the effect on their well-being as they don’t find those conditions serious enough due to a lack of information on the topic.

Having access to all information about health while staying at home would be significant to all, wouldn’t it?

Everyone these days has access to the internet, and if all information about health issues, concerns, and remedies are easily accessible online in the form of articles, blogs or essays, it would prove to be quite beneficial to everyone around us.

Not only would it help protect the individual self, but it would instill a sense of responsibility towards the general public.

Many professionals in the health sector have already started the venture of disseminating the knowledge of public health on their respective websites or social media platforms.

They give their stance on the topic of their expertise, and most of them try to provide the people with daily tips and recommendations, too but is it enough?

As we see that there are many existing diseases already and many more are to come in the bigger picture in the coming years, so the question arises that in the long run will they have enough time to perform a 24-hour job of providing knowledge online too?

Or would it be more feasible if graduate students, freelancers, or designated professionals in the health sector put their skills of writing reports, essays, and research papers into action and take the responsibility of providing knowledge to the public?

In today’s world, if you’re a business owner in the news industry, you can also pay someone to write your essay for a health website, blog, or magazine.

Write a Stellar Public Health Essay

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Moreover, if you are a student, expert, or professional in the field of public health, here are 10 steps that you could follow or keep in mind for writing a stellar public health essay or report on community health.

Clear Writing Style

While writing a professional health essay or report online, it is important to keep in mind that the audience to the piece of information would come from all parts of the world, all ethnicities, and all languages. Some of these people would be highly educated, while some might not be so. Hence, it is important to provide clarity in the writing style so that all readers easily understand it.

Concise Writing Style

It is important to keep in mind that your writing is brief but also comprehensive at the same time. Many readers like to read a brief essay that covers all health aspects related to the given topic. While this might be tricky or challenging, it would also push the readers towards visiting the same webpage at another time, too, for another type of information piece. Readers are looking for information that is to the point; hence as a professional in the health sector, it is equally important for you to provide relevant information while keeping the interests of the readers in mind too.


Another aspect to keep in consideration is that the essay that is being written is well-structured. A well-structured essay consists of a strong introduction, an informative or argumentative body, and a well-composed conclusion. Make sure that the body of the essay unites all the main points related to the topic. If the essay or the report is lengthy, you can break down the arguments into different sections or paragraphs and include relevant headings too.

Professional Narrative

When the essay is being written by a health expert or a highly skilled student, it should put forward a professional narrative too.

This means that the essay can support an argument or it can prove a point. For example, if you are writing an essay about the importance of having a free clinic in every sector or housing society, it is equally important for you to provide your narrative to support the viewpoint by sharing your personal story about your experience of growing up in a colony or housing society where there was no suitable access to or inadequate healthcare facilities.


Using critical thinking skills is equally important to providing arguments while writing healthy essays. As long as both elements are included in the essay, it would indulge the readers more.


Make the reader connect more to the topic of the health essay or report by adding arguments that are relatable to them. For example, when adding recommendations for specific disease treatment, the writer can add personal situations or instances that might help the reader relate to the topic.

Cause and Effect

While writing an informative essay, how can a reader understand the health issue without reading about how an effect of one issue leads to several consequences. You should remember that one event leads to the flow of another. Using data or evidence to support the cause and effect, you can write a stellar essay.


Adding references from professional health experts, consultants, patients, survivors, etc. It would help instill a sense of originality in the essay.

Relevant Citations

No essay can top the charts without adding relevant citations. Also, to avoid the concept of plagiarism, the writer needs to add relevant citations from the academic sources from where the idea was taken for writing the essay.


In the end, adding a paragraph of a conclusion is necessary to give a decent ending to the essay. Add up all important points mentioned in the essay and summarize them for the conclusion.

The progression in the world has made everything possible, and that is why the online market has opened its arms to help anyone who needs a little push to make a change. Instilling the element of chance in knowledge and communication is most vital, especially in times like this when we hear about new diseases every day.

It is our social responsibility to share our knowledge, and so as experts or professionals in the field of academia or health sciences, online essay writing services can be provided to help those in need so that the world can overcome health issues collectively and maintain not only a healthy body but also a healthy mind.

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