Choosing A Sperm Donor: Things You Should Know Before Its Too Late (Updated 2023)

Deciding to have a child through artificial insemination is a huge step. You might be single, in a same-sex relationship, or have fertility problems in your partnership. Whatever the reason, there is still hope that you can have a baby.

Once you’ve determined that you are going to have a baby, the next step is choosing the sperm donor. This can be a daunting thought.. There are millions of great donors out there, but you want to pick one that’s right for you. Here’s what you need to know about selecting a sperm donor.

There May Be Legal Considerations

Legal Considerations

Whether you choose a donor who you know or not, there may be legal considerations that you need to factor into your decision. For example, if you choose a donor that you know, you will have to work out an agreement ahead of time regarding the child. Do they want to be an active part of their life? Do you want them to be?

It’s never a bad idea to have an attorney draft up a legal document that clearly outlines the agreement. While unknown donors will be screened by the service that you are using, a known donor will need to be checked for sexually transmitted diseases or genetic diseases.

You Will Have To Have Medical Testing

Medical Testing

After you’ve made the choice to use a sperm donor, your medical provider will put you through some tests. The person who is going to carry the baby will be checked for any health issues that might cause problems with the pregnancy.

This includes checking for sexually transmitted diseases, blood type, and their immunity and vaccination history. With a heterosexual couple, they may also check the other partner to identify the fertility issues and make sure that there is no recourse.

Consider All Donor Characteristics

When going through a sperm donor search online, you should take everything into account about the donor to make your choice. This includes the obvious factors, such as looks and intelligence, if that has been measured by the service. However, personality traits may also play a factor in your decision.

The best services have the donors give a lot of information about themselves. A donor will usually write an essay or answer a survey and provide information about their preferences, talents, personality traits, and what kind of sense of humor they have. It’s important to have these details as it will give a better sense of how your child may grow up. These comparisons aren’t perfect, but it can give you a sense of what to expect.

Genetic Profiles Are Vital

Genetic Profiles Are Vital

Along with personality traits and other characteristics, you can also get a genetic profile. This profile will give you valuable insight into any genetic markers that could lead to diseases and other issues down the road. This could be especially important if the person who will be carrying the child has incompatible markers.

Get More Sperm Than You Need

Get More Sperm Than You Need

Many sperm donor recipients decide that they will get more sperm than they think they will need. There are several reasons for this. For one, there is certainly no guarantee that a pregnancy will result on the first attempt.

That means there may be multiple, for which more sperm will be needed. The other reason is that the donor may prove to be a great match. In the future, the recipient may decide that they want to have another baby from the same donor. By purchasing extra in the first place or not needing the amount they got, they can be sure to have some sperm for another attempt down the road.

Make Sure That You Have A Support System

A mental health professional should be an important part of your sperm donor journey. They will help to clear the couple or the recipient before the insemination takes place. They will help talk through some of the issues that recipients will confront, such as how to talk to the child in the future about their parentage, and what they may feel along the way. A mental health professional can answer questions and help the recipients determine if they are truly ready for such a big step.

Using a sperm donor is not as simple as picking a donor from a picture and moving on with the process. There are many things that you need to know and consider as you go through the process.

Make sure that you do not start the process without knowing everything that you need to. Not only do you want to make sure that you are ready for the journey, but you also want to make sure that there are as few surprises as possible. Having a baby, whether it be by natural conception or through sperm donor, is beautiful, and you want to go into this phase of your life with open eyes.



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