Seth Rogen Weight Loss Journey: Diet Plan, Workout, Before & After (2023)

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Seth Rogen weight loss journey is both captivating and inspirational. If it wasn’t for his role in The Green Hornet, viewers and fans would have never met the more serious, more disciplined part of the standup comedian.

If you are a fan of young Set Rogen, you might have found this development disappointing. But most of the fans not only welcomed but appreciated the change wholeheartedly.

Even if you are not following Seth’s shows and movies, the guy still has something to offer to you because of the source of inspiration he has become for all fitness enthusiasts. Why not start with some background information about the actor before jumping into how’s of getting the perfect body?

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Who Is Seth Rogen?

Who Is Seth Rogen

It was one of the ordinary days when the world was blessed with great, real-like, and laidback comedian – Seth Rogen. The legend was triggered by a mere exchange of information. That day, Seth came to know that you could earn a living while being a comedian.

This information changed the way he had envisioned life and career. What happened next?! He decided why not and started giving this career route his attention from an early age of 12 years.

Although he started getting training to become a comedian, he continued his studies in Talmud Torah Elementary School and Point Grey Secondary School. His ambition for performance and fame, however, overwhelmed him later and he ended up dropping out of high school.

Soon, his commitment to his career paid off and the world got to see his talent in Freaks and Geeks, a 1999 TV show. He got his first break in the 2005 film The 40-Year-Old Virgin and carried on to give numerous comedy and action hits.

Because of his childhood commitment to comedy and his long-standing partnership with Evan Goldberg, he has managed the task of writing TV shows and movies and claimed Emmy Award nomination for the show and Canadian Comedy Award for Best Writing for one of his films.

Together, they have written quite a few TV shows and movies. Their childhood project was Superbad that premiered in 2007 and The Green Hornet which was launched in 2011.
He has also given his voice to a few animated films including Kung Fu Panda, The Simpsons, and Monsters vs. Aliens.

Initially, he was known for his chubby demeanor which suited well with his roles in comedy shows and movies. However, he soon started taking interest in more serious roles and that required him to be more in shape.

An American Pickle makes the latest film that’s released with Seth Rogen starring on the cover. His latest voice-over performance comes in The Lion King. These days, he is working on The Fablemans – a coming-of-age drama that will be released in 2022.

Throughout his career, the Canadian comedian and actor has achieved many awards for his comedy and producing efforts. For his performance in the 2013 film This Is the End, he was nominated for an Academy Comedy Award.

He also won the Canadian Comedy Award for the category of Canadian Comedy Person of the Year – All Media in 2008 and 2009 consecutively.

Seth Rogen Weight Loss Journey 2021

Seth Rogen Weight Loss Journey 2021

It may seem that Seth’s weight motivation came from him bagging a role in The Green Hornet – a 2011 action film. But that’s not the case. This motivation came from his shooting schedule in the film Observe and Report a year earlier.

The actor reports that he gets breathing problems during his stay in Los Angeles. The tone of the movie didn’t help this issue either. Seth claims that he often had to get on a ventilator between takes because the scenes were so demanding.

This condition told him to be serious about his body. He knew that if he has to do an action movie ever again, he has to do it with the right physique.

During his services to the animation film ‘Family Guy’, Seth appreciated co-star Ryan Reynolds’ body and inquired about his trainer. Although the actor didn’t like anyone meddling with his food, he agreed to restrain himself to the advised plan under the supervision of Harley Pasternak. Oh, and a motivational factor was still needed.

Thankfully, he got the opportunity soon enough. In 2011, he got a lead role in The Green Hornet – a film which he also co-wrote.

Although many things were prompting him to take his health more seriously, it was this role that forced him to adopt the attitude of now or never.

If you know the actor from his days as a comedian, you would acknowledge his comments about this laziness. Still, he followed through with the plan and his viewers were amazed by the results.

It’s not surprising if you asked about the reason that kept him motivated for so long. After all, he is a motivation for everyday folks who want to pursue their goals of losing weight but the perceived efforts are killing these goals.

Before you jump on this motivational news, know that the actor only achieved his desired body and physique for his action role. Once his part was complete, he fell back on his past habits and regained the weight.

It was not until 2019 did the actor become serious about this appearance got rid of excess fat for good. The body he achieved in 2019 is the one that we have now become accustomed to remembering today.

Seth Rogen Diet Plan

No one thing led the actor to the path of chubbiness. There were two! His love towards his food and his hatred towards training!

As anyone can imagine, these roadblocks are just too big to work alongside a weight loss regime.

In 2011, the actor pledged to show more commitment towards his body than towards his diet. Consequently, his relationship with his personal trainer, Harley Pasternak, proved fruitful. The trainer advocates the 5 Factor Diet as a lifestyle. This lifestyle encourages the trainees to re-establish their diets from zero up.

The basic plan of action for this diet is to eat five times a day with three meals and two snacks in between. Every meal or snack takes five ingredients – one from every food group. By limiting the preparation time for food, the diet plan of this regime makes following it easy.

In turn, breakfast included meat or eggs for protein and fruits for micro-nutrients.
Mid-morning snacks include baked or fried vegetables. Note that frying takes olive oil.

Lunch packs vegetables with meat, poultry, and fish dishes.

Afternoon snack, again, piles on proteins as dry fruits or shakes.

Dinner was again light just like lunch.

We can see that Rogen had a hard time sticking to this diet plan and soon reverted to his food-loving ways. Soon, he parted ways with his trainer to enjoy his food in 2012.

But his transformation in 2019 prompted him to commit once more, letting his fans cheer on his success.

Seth Rogen Workout Plan

Per his 5 Factor Diet, the actor followed a workout routine for five days a week. These trainings include high-intensity interval training and cardio. This increased capacity of calorie-burning piles up on the effect of a long exercise session that lasts 45 minutes per day to give maximum results.

The plan includes two days of rest. This resting period allows his muscles to recover and build on the growth hormone while decreasing the stress hormone in the body.

Other than his workout plan, the actor prefers to remain on the couch for most of his day. He reports that although he feels disappointment towards his routine yet this is the lifestyle he has built up for himself.

You should understand that workout wasn’t the only factor that contributed to his weight loss success. He managed to live by his philosophy of saying no to junk food. Still, training has some say in the overall impact. Now, you can see that his body is more muscular and well-built.

Seth Rogen Before And After Weight Loss Photos

Seth Rogen Before And After

Weight Loss Photos


Seth’s 2011 weight loss was remarkable. He got a personal trainer and went all in. And he never failed himself. He knew that the key to success in this journey lies in remaining disciplined. Day after day, he built up his muscle and let go of the excess weight.
At that time, he took almost 9 months to attain his desired physique.

He reports that, thanks to the trainer, motivation was not an issue for him. His bigger issue was sagging skin. Because he was losing so much weight so quickly, it wasn’t easy for his skin to catch up. However, his trainer had a solution for that also. By devising a proper workout plan that focused on muscle building, he made sure that the skin remains fit to the muscle underneath it.

Besides a handsome body and healthy-looking skin, Seth has achieved many other benefits. He looks more muscular and a lot healthier. And we shouldn’t forget the roles he played in action movies like The Green Hornet and 22 Jump Street.

What Has Seth Rogen Said About His Weight loss?

We can speculate about the diet Seth Rogen has adopted. And we may argue if he took up the workout plan offered by Harley or not. But one thing we all are sure about is how much Seth likes this journey. The comedian is just as vocal about his indolence as he is about his jokes.

Seth is adamant about his love for his food. He wants his food and there is no way a trainer can implore him to cut out on calories and remain in Seth’s good books. However, it seems that Seth has grown up a bit and has relented to taking a diet more seriously.

The next part of this program is starting to move. This part, alone, can be the reason behind Seth’s infamous remark about weight loss not being a picnic. But, hey! He still pursued this goal of gaining a healthier body. So, just ignore this one complaint and keep moving with your ideal of a healthy body.

In Seth’s opinion, motivation is the key ingredient of success in achieving a perfect BMI. But he warns that motivation will only work if you are also using the super-power of discipline. As ironic as it may sound, Seth followed through with the plan for the entirety of his weight loss program. If he can do this with all his preference towards slouching and resting, everyone else can.

Although he hasn’t said it explicitly, we can conclude one thing from the whole event of Seth losing his weight – the motivational factor should be the right one. You see, Seth Rogen’s weight loss regime wasn’t a result of him thinking he needed a more handsome body. In contrast, it was his health that prompted him to move.

Seth set out to lose weight when he was shooting for Observe and Report (2009). He did it so he could move easily and remain at least as agile as any other actor performing action scenes. He did it for his career.

This right choice of goal allowed him to stay committed even in the wake of a difficult-to-follow exercise regime.

Take Away

Weight loss is really not a picnic. So, you have to be seriously committed to the goal to win at it. The right strategy includes a motivating factor that is reliable and effective; a disciplined attitude or a disciplinary factor – like a trainer; an actionable plan of action; and deep, overriding commitment.

In short, you need to be prepared for all the challenges of declining morale and increasing stress when you sign up to lose weight, finally.

But hey, it shouldn’t be that difficult after all. Seth Rogen’s weight loss journey tells us that we should worry that much about the whole ordeal. Look at him! The guy lost 14 kg in a small time frame!! If he could do this with all the love he feels towards his food, why on earth can’t you?!!

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