7 Effective Ways To Make Your Home Senior-Friendly 2023

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If you have elderly parents or relatives, it’s time to make changes around the house to ensure a safe and comfortable environment. Once you decide to perform several modifications to make senior friendly home, you have several considerations in various parts of your house such as the bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen, to name a few.Here are some helpful hints for making your aging loved one’s home safe and comfortable:

Upgrade to an Adjustable Bed With The Proper Mattress



If an elderly family member’s mattress is too high or low, it can pose a fall risk. A quality adjustable bed may be a suitable option so you can readily adjust to the appropriate height. Raising and lowering the bed makes it convenient for seniors to get in and out of bed.

The key point to remember when adjusting the bed is to ensure that the feet can reach the floor when seated at the edge of the mattress.

Improve The Bathroom’s Security



The bathroom will require a few modifications if you have a senior member. A bathroom can be dangerous for seniors because they frequently sustain injuries while getting on and off the toilet. Grab bars are essential since they provide additional support for seniors to hold on to while sitting down or getting up. In addition, they serve as a towel rail.

Aside from the grab bars, consider adding a bench in the shower area. Wet flooring, slick soaps, and hair products can endanger an older adult. A bench allows a senior to shower while seated, especially if doing the activity without assistance.

Provide Adequate Lighting In Your Home

Lighting-In-Your-Home-senior-friendly home


Proper lighting is crucial if you have a senior family member to ensure safety. Keeping the home well-lit will make it easier for seniors to navigate, especially if alone, and reduce the likelihood of injuries.

It might be time to upgrade to large rocker-type switches to make a senior-friendly home. It’s a practical option, especially for individuals with arthritis. Even if both hands are full, you can turn on the lights with your elbow. Night lights will also be useful, especially if the senior can still move around to use the bathroom at night.

If you have the budget for a major renovation project, consider adding more windows. More windows in the house allow natural light to enter and keep the interior bright.

Keep The Kitchen Functional

If you want to make the kitchen a senior-friendly place, there are some adjustments you need to make. In most cases, the changes focus on minimizing the need to bend or crouch for anything.

Kitchen appliances should have easy-to-read controls and a simple push-button interface. If you’re planning a major kitchen remodel, consider installing a wall oven at a suitable height to reduce the need for seniors to bend over in a floor-standing model, minimizing the risk of triggering back pain.

As for the shelves, an open design may work best since it allows convenient access to frequently used kitchen tools. When it comes to cabinetry, glass doors are preferable so that a senior can easily identify items.

Maintain Stair Safety

Stair-Safety-senior-friendly home


A house with stairs can be a safety risk for seniors. Handrails are essential in such situations, ideally on both sides of the staircase if possible, extending beyond the first and last steps.

The staircase should also have adequate lighting, ensuring it’s well-lit from top to bottom. The color scheme for the step should be different. It’s also important to have clearly defined steps that reveal the edge of the tread to help reduce the likelihood of falls.

Invest In Non-Slip Flooring

Slips and falls caused by slippery surfaces are the leading causes of injuries among the elderly. The flooring in the house should be slip-resistant. You can make the necessary adjustments by placing non-skid mats beneath area rugs or by removing area rugs entirely.

Most trips can be hazardous to the elderly. With this in mind, eliminate any potential tripping points. When a senior uses a walker, it’s best to switch to low pile carpeting to prevent the walker from catching on the deep pile and potentially resulting in a fall.
Make sure to add slip-prevention flooring in the bathroom and shower area.

You can use non-skid bath mats or non-slip strips in the bath and shower area. You should carefully examine the quality of the bath mats you intend to purchase as cheap ones may lack proper anti-slip properties. You can also lay down perforated anti-slip rubber mats as an extra safety precaution.

Switch To Door Handles That Are Simple To Use

Door-Handles-senior-friendly home


Most seniors have difficulty opening doors, especially if they have arthritis. If your home currently has doorknobs, consider replacing them with door levers to make them easier for seniors to use. An additional convenience is that it’s easier to manipulate if your hands are wet or carrying something with both hands. Either way, you can still open the door with your arm.

Final Thoughts

Creating a senior-friendly home will require several modifications to almost all rooms around the house to ensure a safe and comfortable environment. By considering valuable pointers such as bathroom modifications, non-slip flooring, and stair safety, you’ll ensure senior family members’ safety and comfort, especially if they live independently. Make it a priority to ensure a safe yet functional space for your aging loved ones.

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