Selena Gomez Weight Gain and Pregnancy Rumors

Selena Gomez Weight Gain and Pregnancy Rumors

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Lately, there’s been a significant increase in online searches about Selena Gomez weight gain. Speculations are rife, with many wondering whether Selena might be pregnant or already has children.

Selena Gomez, an iconic American celebrity, gained immense popularity at a young age, notably recognized for her role in the Disney TV series Wizards of Waverly Place.

Selena’s journey extended beyond acting, propelling her into a successful solo singing career, with hits like “The Heart Wants What It Wants” and “Love You Like a Love Song.”

Despite her achievements, she hasn’t been spared from public scrutiny, facing rumors about her relationships, struggles with mental health, plastic surgery speculations, and now, her weight gain.

Quick Facts

Full Name Selena Marie Gomez
Age (As of 2024) 31 Years
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Profession American singer, actress, producer, and businesswoman
Sexuality Straight
Nationality American
Date of Birth July 22, 1992
Place Of Birth Grand Prairie, Texas, United States
Father Ricardo Joel Gomez
Mother Mandy Teefey
Relationship Status Unmarried
Height 5 feet, 4 inches
Weight 67 Kg (152 Lbs)
Net Worth $95 Million

Selena Gomez’s Weight Gain: What’s The Story Behind It?

Selena Gomez's Weight Gain What’s The Story Behind It


In a recent TikTok live stream, Selena addressed her weight gain, shedding light on her health and the reasons behind her bodily changes. Diagnosed with lupus in 2015, and she’s been on medication ever since.

In 2017, she underwent a kidney transplant due to complications from the disease, with her friend Francia Raisa as the donor. Selena candidly shared that medications for lupus can cause water retention, leading to significant weight gain.

Selena reassured her fans, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing health over appearance and advocating for body positivity. Despite facing trolls and body image issues, she remains resilient, embracing herself for who she is.

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Selena’s Battle With Lupus: The Health Update


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Lupus, an autoimmune disease, has no known cure, but its symptoms can be managed with medication. It triggers the immune system to produce excess antibodies, attacking healthy cells and causing inflammation.

Symptoms include fatigue, fever, rashes, and weight gain. Selena’s struggle with lupus led to her kidney transplant, highlighting the severity of the disease.

Speculations surrounding Selena’s plastic surgery have circulated, with some alleging she underwent procedures to alter her appearance. However, Selena has never publicly confirmed these rumors. Instead, she’s been transparent about her health battles, including her weight fluctuations due to lupus and its associated complications.

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Selena’s Pregnancy Rumors: Fact or Fiction?


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Despite rumors suggesting Selena’s pregnancy in 2023, there’s no concrete evidence to support such claims. While she expressed a desire for a family in interviews, concerns about her health conditions raise doubts about the validity of these speculations.

Allegations regarding her relationship with Zayn Malik further fueled gossip, but without official statements, these remain unsubstantiated.


As Selena navigates her personal life, the media and fans must exercise empathy and respect her privacy. Rather than fueling speculation, let’s appreciate Selena’s resilience and positive attitude amidst challenges.

She stands as a beacon of body positivity and strength, inspiring others to embrace their authenticity and confront adversity head-on.


Q: Does Selena Gomez have any Children?

Ans: No, Selena Gomez does not have any children.

Q: How has Lupus Affected Selena Gomez’s Health?

Ans: Lupus has impacted Selena Gomez’s health, leading to a kidney transplant and fluctuations in weight.

Q: Has Selena Gomez Undergone Plastic Surgery?

Ans: There is no confirmation from Selena Gomez regarding any plastic surgery.

Q: Who is Selena Gomez Rumored to be Dating?

Ans: Speculations suggest Selena Gomez may be dating Zayn Malik, but there is no official confirmation.

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