5 Ways to Save Money on Prescriptions

Prescription drugs have become more expensive over the years. Given the continuous growth of daily living costs, adding medical expenses to your budget can indeed be overwhelming.

However, it is also a fact that no one can avoid medical-related costs, whatever prevention and effort we do to avoid getting sick.

What’s left to do is take the extra mile to save at least some percentage on prescriptions. Exploring different options can mean saving money and still getting the medication you need.

If you are currently exploring how to do it effectively, here are five ways to save money on prescriptions.

1. Compare Prescription Prices

Compare Prescription Prices
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Today’s advancement has provided many opportunities for people to use their advantage. Saving on prescriptions is, of course, not an exception.

Available applications or online websites allow consumers to compare prescription prices from different brands and pharmacies. How is this possible?

Prescription discount websites have included hundreds of participating pharmacies that offer opportunities for people to achieve affordable and accessible medicine options.

These websites help compare prescription prices, offering up to 80% discounts and coupons when purchasing prescriptions.

Depending on the website or application in use, the common process to compare prescription prices includes inputting the specific needed drug and dosage.

After putting in the necessary details, click the designated submit button. All you have to do is wait for the results, choose a discount coupon, print it, show it to the pharmacist, and enjoy the savings!

Moreover, these prescription discount companies also provide discount cards for their consumers, like BuzzRx savings cards, which are free and ready to use in hundreds of participating pharmacies.

These savings cards are pre-activated and can be used for all family members. Thus, giving you more opportunity to explore saving options for your prescription, all benefits are provided for your comfort and convenience.

2. Look for Affordable Alternatives

Look for Affordable Alternatives
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Another money-saving way is looking for affordable medication alternatives. You may already know that there are specific prescription brands that are more expensive compared to other brands.

While there exists a mindset that spending on more expensive brands is more effective, you can ensure that these affordable alternatives can similarly function with those identified as high-ends.

When looking for alternatives, it is most important to talk with your doctor for suggestions. This is because they know more about what can work for you and your needs, especially in providing you with numerous affordable medicine brand options. Common alternatives include generic drugs.

Generic drugs are made with similar active ingredients used in branded drugs. The only difference is that consumers can purchase the drug at a much lower price. Given its affordability, it is undeniably easier to save money through generics.

3. Purchase Online

Purchase Online
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As mentioned, pharmaceutical industries have long been existing online. Therefore, buying your prescription online is now highly possible.

Online pharmacies can provide competitive and more than affordable drug prices, allowing you to purchase your medicines anywhere you are located, even inside the comfort of your home, while saving money. The home delivery feature adds up more to the convenience you can experience.

When purchasing medicines online, always remember to check first if the online pharmacy is accredited to operate. How to check? Things to look at before purchasing in an online pharmacy include the following.

  • Requires or asks for a doctor’s prescription.
  • Have a license from the board of pharmacy.
  • Have an available licensed pharmacy to accommodate you.
  • Offer consumers reasonable prescription prices and discounts.

These factors allow you to assess whether the website is safe enough to use and purchase. Remember that whatever transaction is done online will require you to provide your personal information.

Therefore, being cautious protects you from safety and security risks and even worse scenarios like getting fake and unsafe drugs.

4. Buy in Bulk

Although this may seem like an ironic way to try, buying in bulk can actually save you more money. This is especially beneficial if you are under long-term prescription medication. Most pharmacies offer a three-month medicine supply discount.

This means that if you buy a medicine that is worth a time frame of a month or more, you’ll receive a discount or cut-off to the total cost of your prescription.

However, before buying in bulk, remember only to buy what you need, follow your doctor’s prescription or ask directly to your doctor for similar concerns.

This way, you can ensure that you can have a certain amount of medicines ready for a month or year and eventually save up over time.

5. Apply for Assistance Programs

Apply for Assistance Programs
Source: goodrx.com

A Patient Assistance Program or PAP is provided for the underinsured or people without insurance.

These programs may cater to individuals who need financial assistance, fitting the program’s set qualifications and requirements. Some assistance may offer a no-pay or less for the total prescription cost.

Pharmaceutical company sponsors, state programs, and non-profit programs commonly provide these assistance programs. Check if the state you belong to offers one and if there are programs for your medications.


The financial hardships and burden caused by the growing medication cost have led many people to seek affordable ways and alternatives to save money.

With all the available ways and options mentioned, remember to work closely with your doctor, apply various ways, and enjoy the savings!

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