Savannah Guthrie Weight Loss – Her Wonderful Transformation 2023

Savannah Guthrie weight loss has sparked a fire on social media as her viewers have noticed a drastic change in her body. Everyone speculates that she has done a strict diet and shed extra pounds. But nobody is sure what Savannah has gone through.

So let’s find out everything about Savannah Guthrie weight loss journey and how she did that.

Who Is Savannah Guthrie?

Savannah Guthrie

Her full name is Savannah Clark Guthrie. In July 2012, she became NBC News’s morning show Today’s main co-anchor. Besides being a broadcast journalist, Savannah is also an attorney.

Savannah is a Melbourne native, and she was named after her great-grandmother. Her father was stationed in Australia while she was growing up. After two years, her family moved to Tucson, Arizona, in the United States. Guthrie’s lifelong dream came true in 2015 when she returned to Australia.

A few big names she interviewed in her career are Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Conard Murray & others.

Savannah Guthrie Weight Loss Controversies

Savannah Guthrie is a mother of two children. As a professional anchor and a mother, she always has a challenging schedule to manage. Savannah has multiple commitments daily, so she hardly finds time for a workout.

After losing weight, she became the talk of the town as she seemed to lose a lot of extra pounds. She has been the subject of many speculations after she underwent an incredible transformation.

Savannah Guthrie Weight Loss Plan

Savannah is always connected with many celebrities, and after being inspired by their healthy and slim physiques, she decided to lose weight. Like many people, she chose the keto diet to lose weight, but after some weeks lost interest in it because she was not having any significant difference in her body and weight.

On Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, she appeared alongside her Today Show co-host Hoda Kotb and Today’s health expert Joy Bauer. During her interview with Andy Cohen, Savannah said she tried the Keto Diet for 7 weeks but was not satisfied.

She further added that she ate a lot of bacon, and it’s hard to skip it from her routine. However, Bauer expressed her dissatisfaction with Savannah’s experience with the Keto Diet on the show.

Bauer also said

“Like, Savannah knows, I am dreaming of her picking up the phone to call me to say, ‘I’m done! Help me transition.”

Savannah Guthrie Keto Diet Experience

On Dr. OZ’s show, Savannah shared her keto diet experience and her dissatisfaction with it. Previously, she was on a strict diet of low carbs and high fats, and it was not easy for her as she loves to eat bacon.

But later, she skipped it, came to a healthy routine, and balanced everything. Some key points she followed throughout her healthy diet routine are.

Enjoying Carb Food


Savannah lost interest after a few weeks on the keto diet due to an unpleasant experience. However, now she maintains a healthy routine that includes carbs, which has become a part of her lifestyle. To lose weight, she tends to consume carbohydrates early in the day so that by the end of the day, they can all be burned and metabolized by her body.

Physical Activities

Physical Activities-Savannah Guthrie Weight Loss

Concentrating on the diet without considering sports or exercise is not worth it. Savannah Guthrie is also involved in physical activities and plays tennis, which helps her to maintain her body and stay active and healthy. Besides playing tennis, this lady is also an aerobics instructor and gives classes three days a week.

Good Sleep Routine

As a mother and a working lady, Savannah understands the importance of enough sleep to work at her best. As a morning show host, she has to wake up early at 3 AM, so she maintains a good sleep routine to wake up and meet all her commitments.

Savannah Guthrie Before & After

Savannah Guthrie Before & After

Savannah Guthrie is a beautiful lady. Previously she had a blotted face with some extra fat on her body. After losing weight, she has a slimmer figure, sharper facial features, and jawlines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Savannah Guthrie Sick?

After losing her extra pounds, Savannah now looks slimmer and fit than before losing weight. But it does not mean she was sick or anything else. Her slim looks are all because of her efforts and her diet routine.

How much did Savannah Guthrie Lost Weight?

Savannah has lost around 22 lbs and now maintains a healthy, fit body. However, she has been very open about her weight loss journey but did not mention the exact weight she lost. But if we compare her before and after pictures, it is visible that the famous anchor person has lost this much weight.

How Did Savannah Guthrie Lose Weight?

The famous anchor has lost many extra pounds through her excellent exercise and diet routine. Her slim and fit figure is all because of her efforts and urges to look good.


Savannah Guthrie has been very open about her weight loss journey, sharing tips and tricks that have helped her along the way. It’s clear that Guthrie is dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle and is an excellent role model for anyone looking to make a similar transformation.

With hard work and dedication, it is possible to achieve significant weight loss results, as Guthrie has. Try out some of her tips and see where they take you on your weight-loss journey!

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