Sarah Millican Weight Loss: How Did She Shed Pounds ?

Sarah Millican Weight Loss: How Did She Shed Pounds ?

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Sarah Millican has achieved remarkable weight loss through a well-balanced diet and smart snack choices, all without the need for surgery. When you compare her before and after photos, it’s clear that the British comedian now appears much healthier and fitter.

Sarah Jane Millican, an English comedian, writer, and presenter, has won numerous accolades throughout her career. She earned the Best Newcomer award at the 2008 Edinburgh Festival Fringe and was listed among the 100 most powerful women in the United Kingdom by Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour in February 2013.

She is also a prominent figure on YouTube, where her channel boasts over 65 million views and 431K subscribers, showcasing clips from her stand-up shows and interviews.

Sarah Millican’s weight loss journey has taken the internet by storm. The British comedian, known for her witty humor and love of biscuits, has transformed her body without the need for surgery.

Sarah Millican's weight loss

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Quick Facts

Full Name Sarah Jane Millican
Age 48 Years
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Profession American Comedian, Writer, Presenter
Sexuality Straight
Nationality American
Date of Birth May 29, 1975
Place Of Birth South Shields, United Kingdom
Father Phillip D.King
Mother Valerie Prince
Siblings Victoria King
Relationship Status Married
Spouse Gary Delaney (m. 2013), Andrew Millican (m. 1997–2004)
Height  5 feet, 7 inches
Weight 78 Kg (172 Lbs)
Net Worth $100K

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Sarah’s Healthier Choices: She Admitted The Secret Is The Right Snacking


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The key to Sarah Millican’s incredible weight loss was choosing the right snacks. She decided to steer clear of sugary treats and, instead, adopted a snack routine while working at home to keep her energy levels up. Her snack bowl now often includes tangerines, bananas, and apples, helping her meet her five-a-day requirement.

Sarah even shared a photo of her nutritious breakfast, featuring a bowl of porridge with fruit. She emphasizes that it’s all about balance, as she occasionally treats herself, showcasing her love for cake on her Instagram account.

Despite her efforts to eat healthier, Sarah still indulges in desserts from time to time. She openly admits to enjoying chocolate brownies, ice cream, and homemade chocolate chip cookies. Surprisingly, these indulgences have not hindered her weight loss journey.

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Sarah Millican Found Love After The Death Of Her Ex-Husband


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Apart from her impressive weight loss journey, Sarah Millican’s love life is also an interesting chapter of her life.

Sarah Millican is happily married to fellow comedian Gary Delaney. Their journey as a couple took a significant step shortly after Christmas in 2013. Sarah took to Twitter to joyfully announce their wedding, stating, “Thrilled to announce that @garydelaney and I got married last weekend. We are overjoyed and brimming with happiness.”

The couple’s romantic journey began in 2006 when they crossed paths during Sarah’s second job. Despite seven years of dating before tying the knot, they chose not to live together until after their marriage.

Sarah playfully shared insights into their relationship on Alan Carr’s chat show, explaining,

“I moved out of my rented flat that I’d called home for six years and took the plunge into homeownership. It was a significant step in our seven-year journey. I just couldn’t stand taking the bins out anymore.”

Prior to her marriage to Gary, Sarah had experienced heartbreak in a previous marriage. She had tied the knot with Andrew Millican in 1997, but their union took an unexpected turn when Andrew left her in 2004. Sarah found herself moving back in with her parents for two and a half years.

Despite the trials and tribulations of her past, Sarah openly shared her feelings and experiences in her 2017 book, “How To Be Champion.” She revealed that the pain of her first marriage ending still lingers, leading to her seeking solace in counseling.

She expressed,

“At some moments, tears come daily, at unpredictable times. I’ve had a counselor by my side for quite some time, and I intend to keep seeking their guidance. I find it incredibly helpful, and I’m genuinely curious about understanding how my mind functions.

It’s been a few years now. When I went through my divorce, I knew I needed someone to help me navigate through it. I didn’t want to go through it alone.”

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