Sam Smith Weight Gain: Fluctuating Body Weight

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Sam Smith weight gain journey from childhood weight struggles to self-acceptance in the face of body shaming and societal pressure has inspired many.

Sam Smith, the acclaimed singer, has had a long-standing battle with their weight and body image. From childhood to their successful music career, Smith has faced body shaming and the relentless scrutiny of their appearance.

In this article, we’ll delve into Sam Smith’s weight gain journey, their struggles, and their inspiring path towards self-acceptance.

Sam Smith’s Weight Struggles Since Childhood

Sam Smith's Weight Struggles Since Childhood

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@Sam Smith, who is known as non-binary and uses they/them pronouns, has been open about their lifelong struggle with weight gain. As a child, they sought comfort in food during times of stress and loneliness, which led to weight gain.

Smith confessed that comments about their weight hurt even more than those about their sexuality. The pressure to conform to societal ideals took a toll on their self-esteem, especially as they embarked on their music career.

Despite the initial challenges, Sam Smith gradually learned to embrace their body and love themselves. In a 2018 interview with VMagazine, Smith recalled their early music video shoots, during which they were anxious and constantly self-conscious about their appearance.

Over time, Smith’s perspective changed, and they found comfort and confidence in their own skin.

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Quick Facts

Full Name Samuel Frederick Smith
Age 31 Years
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Profession English Singer, Songwriter
Sexuality Gay
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Date of Birth May 19, 1992
Place of Birth London, United Kingdom
Relationship Status Single
Father Frederick Smith
Mother Kate Cassidy
Siblings Mabel Smith, Lily Smith
Height  6 feet, 2 inches
Weight 92 Kg (203 Lbs)
Net Worth $60 Million

How Did Sam Smith Seek Professional Help With Weight Loss?

How Did Sam Smith Seek Professional Help With Weight Loss?

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In 2015, Sam Smith enlisted the assistance of a nutritionist, Amelia Freer, to help them achieve their weight loss goals. Within two weeks, they made significant progress, shedding 14 pounds. This marked a turning point in their journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

In 2017, Smith worked with a personal trainer and adopted a fitness regimen that included regular gym sessions, cardio workouts, and weightlifting. Their dedication to weight loss was evident as they made consistent efforts to maintain their newfound physique.

“Even so, the singer had made quite an effort to lose weight, and at one point, they lost many pounds in a short period.”

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Sam Smith’s Ongoing Battle with Body Shamers


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Recent years have seen Sam Smith’s weight fluctuate, drawing the attention of fans and critics alike. While some individuals resorted to body shaming and negative comments on social media, others defended Smith’s right to their body. The Grammy Award winner faced both support and criticism.

Recent observations of Sam Smith’s weight gain sparked mixed reactions from fans. While some individuals resorted to body shaming, others came to the singer’s defense. This outpouring of support showcases the resilience and courage that Smith has inspired in their fans.

“Smith has always been open about their weight and admitted that it’s constantly been an everyday struggle.”

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How Did Sam Smith Admit His Weight Gain And Embraced Imperfections?

How Did Sam Smith Admit His Weight Gain And Embraced Imperfections?


In 2019, Smith posted a photo of themselves shirtless, accompanied by a heartfelt message. They admitted that they used to starve themselves for photoshoots, only to delete them afterwards due to fear of judgment. This courageous act signifies a turning point in their journey towards embracing their body.

Sam Smith openly acknowledges that body image remains an ongoing issue. They emphasize the importance of focusing on self-love and acceptance. In a world where societal expectations can be unforgiving, Smith’s journey is a beacon of hope for anyone facing similar struggles.

“Smith said it took them the courage to post the photo and was glad they had begun fighting back the fears of being judged because of their body.”


Sam Smith’s weight gain journey reflects a resilient battle against societal norms, embracing self-acceptance amidst body shaming. Their courageous openness about struggles inspires self-love. It’s a powerful narrative, teaching us the strength in embracing imperfections and championing individuality.

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