Sally Obermeder’s Weight Loss: How She Changed Her Health Habits

@Sally Obermeder is a media personality and co-founder of SWIISH, a wellness brand offering products and services to help people live healthy and balanced lives. She is a remarkable individual who overcame breast cancer and welcomed her daughter, Annabelle, into the world in 2011, just one day after receiving her diagnosis. She has since overcome her illness and welcomed another daughter, Elyssa, via surrogate in 2016.

But Obermeder has also faced another challenge: shedding excess kilos. She dropped 22 kilograms in 12 months but did not do it for aesthetic reasons or to fit a certain size. She did it for her health, her fitness, and her happiness.

How Walking Became Her Daily Ritual

How Walking Became Her Daily Ritual

Obermeder revealed how walking helped her transform her lifestyle on the SWIISH website, where she shared how she realised she needed to change her health habits on Christmas Day in 2020. She was out for a walk and noticed how her fitness had declined over the previous six months, where she had moved offices, had an increased workload, and had seen her daughter graduate from pre-school.

She said she used to avoid running around with her daughters at the park and would suggest going to the movies or a café instead. According to her, she admitted to lacking the physical stamina to match their pace, and her well-being had become a mere afterthought.

She decided to keep it simple and start walking for 30 minutes daily, giving her some time to herself. According to her, her primary goal was not focused on losing weight. Instead, she aimed to enhance her overall fitness, strengthen her bond with her body, and engagein more activities with her daughters.

She also paired her daily walks with little acts of kindness to herself, such as having a bath, doing body Gua Sha or a sheet mask. She gradually increased her walk time from 30 minutes to 45 and eventually an hour.

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How She Ate Well Without Depriving Herself

How She Ate Well Without Depriving Herself-Sally Obermeder’s Weight Loss
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Obermeder also ate well but did not follow a strict diet or count calories. She ate mostly plant-based foods, lean proteins, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates. She ate what worked for her and her desk job, but that it may not work for everyone.

She avoided processed foods, refined sugars, alcohol, and caffeine as much as possible but did not deprive herself of anything. According to her, she took pleasure in indulging in snacks moderately and paid close attention to her body’s cues and needs.

She did not believe in crash diets or deprivation and that they were not wellness. She said the scale numbers did not indicate wellness either, and wellness was about feeling good in your skin, being kind to yourself, and living a balanced life.

How She Dealt with Body Image Criticism

How She Dealt with Body Image Criticism-Sally Obermeder’s Weight Loss

Obermeder has been open about the criticism she faced for her body image throughout her career and especially after her breast cancer diagnosis in 2011. She received nasty comments about her appearance, such as being too thin or too fat, having fake boobs, or looking old.

She expressed her resilience in the face of disparaging remarks, emphasizing that they had no impact on her self-confidence or sense of value. Furthermore, she declared her indifference toward others’ opinions regarding her physical appearance, asserting her contentment with her body and its remarkable journey.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, she said:

I am so grateful for my body because it got me through cancer treatment while pregnant … I am so grateful because I have two beautiful children … I am so grateful because I am alive … I am so grateful because I can walk every day … I am so grateful because I can breathe every day … I am so grateful because I can see every day … I am so grateful because I can hear every day … I am so grateful because I can feel every day … I am so grateful because I can love every day … And if you don’t like my body then you don’t have to

Obermeder has proven herself as one of the most successful and inspiring women in Australia. She has shown that Sally Obermeder’s weight loss was not a goal but a result of changing her health habits for the better.

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