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4 Questions To Ask Your Surgeon When Getting A Botox Filler 2023

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Do you have facial wrinkles that are affecting your self-esteem? Are you looking for a solution? If this is you, all hope isn’t lost. Technology has brought innovations touching various aspects of the health and cosmetic industry. One innovation you can adopt for your wrinkles is Botox filler.

Botox is a non-surgical procedure involving the injection of toxins into your face that prevents muscle contraction. The filler will relax the muscles.

Like any other medical procedure, knowing what it entails is important. You want to know what you’re getting yourself into.

In this case, what questions should you ask your surgeon before the procedure? This article highlights the questions to ask; read on!

1- How Is The Procedure Performed?

How Is The Procedure Performed?


It’s important to know how the surgeon will execute the Botox. It’ll help you identify aspects you aren’t comfortable with and whether you’ll still proceed with it.

Before the procedure, your surgeon will ask you to eliminate some medications from your routine. It’ll be the case if they can hinder or slow down the procedure’s effectiveness. One of the medicines you shouldn’t take is painkillers like aspirin.

These affect how your blood clots, which is necessary to avoid excessive bleeding if there’ll be any.

The surgeon will numb the area to reduce pain and make you comfortable. They’ll then inject the right amount of Botox filler into the said area.

Published here is a guide on the units of Botox to use. Please read it for more insight. It’s as simple and short as that, and you’ll see the results at least within the first six days of the procedure.

After the procedure, doctors advise against touching the area to prevent the spread of the injected toxins to other areas on your face. Since it’s non-surgical and not very invasive, you can go about your daily activities as soon as after the procedure.

2- Are You Experienced?

Are You Experienced-Botox Filler


The success of any medical procedure often depends on the practitioner’s skills. The more skills they have, the better for you. Therefore, please make a point of asking the surgeon about their experience.

Start by asking about their educational qualifications. Are they certified? This information will prove that the surgeon isn’t a quack without knowledge of surgical procedures.

Next, inquire about their years of experience. How long have they been in operation? How many Botox procedures have they performed previously? The answers to these questions will more or less showcase their skills at the job.

The many procedures will have made them master and devise new and better ways of administering the procedures.

What if the surgeon lies about this; how will you confirm their experience? It’d help to ask to see their portfolio. The portfolio will showcase their work, often before and after their Botox surgeries.

Study each image and ask yourself if you like what you see. Would you love the same results on your face? If yes, proceed to work with the surgeon. If not, please seek another surgeon’s services that can provide perfection to your face.

3- What Are The Side Effects?

Side Effects-Botox Filler


Before proceeding with the Botox procedure, it’s important to know the side effects. You don’t want to undergo an operation that can negatively affect your health.

It’s best to ask the surgeon about the procedure. Are there side effects? It’s said that you’ll likely experience dizziness, muscle pain, bleeding, and swelling in the area.

However, it often depends on your body. You might experience other side effects. Thus, consider asking about the duration of these side effects.

Once you know the side effects and their time frames, you should decide whether you’re ready to live with them.

4- Are There Alternatives?

Are There Alternatives-Botox Filler


It’d help to inquire if there are other alternatives to the procedure. Various options will give you the freedom to make a choice.

For wrinkles, you can opt for chemical peels and creams, among others. Ask the surgeon about the effectiveness of the other options, including the pros and cons. This information will help you decide whether to proceed with Botox fillers.

The need for alternatives also arises if the doctor tells you that you can’t proceed with Botox fillers. It’s likely the case if you’re breastfeeding or pregnant, among other reasons. You shouldn’t forego eliminating your wrinkles if you aren’t comfortable with them.


Deciding to get Botox is something you should be sure about. You want to be able to live with the repercussions of the procedure, whether positive or negative. The discussion above has identified the important questions to ask your surgeon to give you the necessary clarity to help you decide.

Therefore, it’s best to ask these questions. If you proceed with the procedure with a qualified surgeon, expect to manage your wrinkles successfully.

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