Project Runway Brittany Allen Weight Loss Story Unraveled

Project Runway Brittany Allen Weight Loss Story Unraveled

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Fans are curious about Brittany Allen weight loss on Project Runway. The fashion designer from the popular reality show has shed some weight, revealing a noticeable transformation.

If you’re a fan of the iconic fashion reality show Project Runway, chances are you’ve heard of Brittany Allen. Brittany, a standout contestant from Season 18, captured hearts with her contemporary designs and sustainable approach to fashion.

Hailing from Austin, Texas, Brittany is a talented designer and the CEO of her label, “Brittany-Nicole.” Here, you’ll get all the information regarding her weight loss transformation.

Quick Facts

Full Name Brittany Allen
Age (As of 2024) 33 Years
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Profession American Fashion Designer, Entrepreneur, And TV Personality
Sexuality Straight
Nationality American
Date of Birth September 08, 1990
Place Of Birth Austin, Texas, United States
Relationship Status Single
Height 5 feet, 3 inches
Weight 59 Kg (132 Lbs)
Net Worth N/A

Brittany Allen’s Success on Project Runway


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Contestants on Project Runway have a single chance to leave a lasting impression, and Brittany did just that. Her designs, featuring modern, ready-to-wear garments and swimwear, earned her a significant fan following.

Notably, all her creations were sustainably manufactured in Austin, Texas. After auditioning in 2019, Brittany returned for the show’s twentieth season in June 2023, which marked the All-Stars edition, featuring past contestants vying for the title.

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Brittany Allen’s Weight Loss: How did she Lose Around 50 Pounds?

Brittany Allen's Weight Loss How Did She Lose Around 50 Pounds


While viewers are engrossed in Season 20 of Project Runway, @Brittany Allen’s impressive weight loss has become a topic of discussion. Reports suggest that since her last appearance on Season 18 in 2019, Brittany has shed nearly 22 pounds.

In an interview on The Sarah Scoop Show, Brittany revealed that finding well-fitting clothes was a struggle during high school. During her time on the show, she weighed between 150 and 155 pounds, but for filming, she lost nearly 22 pounds unintentionally.

Her weight loss was attributed to her intense focus on her designs, often leading her to skip meals and rely on protein shakes for sustenance.

Post-pandemic, Brittany consciously prioritized her health, swapping wine for protein shakes and incorporating strength training and cycling into her routine. By October 2022, she had lost 50 pounds, reaching 130 pounds.

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Brittany’ Allen’s Health on Stake: The Stroke Incident at 29

Brittany' Allen’s Health on Stake


In a shocking turn of events, Brittany Allen experienced a stroke at the young age of 29. During a flight from LA to Austin, Brittany suddenly found herself unable to move or balance properly. Upon landing, she was rushed to the hospital, where it was confirmed that she had suffered a stroke.

Despite being in good health and regularly exercising, Brittany was left paralyzed on the right side of her body. The stroke affected her ability to perform everyday tasks, leaving her feeling devastated. With the help of dedicated medical professionals and intensive physical therapy, Brittany embarked on a journey to recovery.

Over time, Brittany regained her strength and mobility, ultimately recovering within six weeks. This life-altering experience served as a reminder to cherish life’s simple pleasures and prioritize self-care.


Brittany Allen, known for her remarkable fashion design talent, has shown incredible resilience in adversity. Despite her struggles with obesity and a sudden stroke, she remains determined to pursue her dreams.

As devoted fans, we’re rooting for her success this season on Project Runway, hoping she achieves the recognition she deserves.

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