Does Planet Fitness Have Showers? (Everything You Need To Know About Planet Fitness 2023)

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Does Planet Fitness Have Showers? (Everything You Need To Know About Planet Fitness) While many mainstream gyms only strive hard to make you bodybuilder and get you in order, Planet Fitness aims to give you a judgment-free zone. A fitness quest with zero commitments and low-maintenance – what else would you want for yourself in any fitness club.

However, few people still wonder whether Planet Fitness has showers allocated in all of their branches or not. If you are one of them, you have landed in the right place. This is where all your queries will be answered accordingly.

Being one of the most budgeted gyms worldwide, Planet Fitness encourages non-bodybuilders and builders. Whether you are new to the world of working out, Planet Fitness will be a non-intimidating world where you can work out as per your comfort.

Bright side, Planet Fitness has classes entirely as per your workout needs. Besides that, you will find other tons of equipment and facilities at Planet Fitness. This article compasses all the necessary details about its services. Let’s walk you through it all.

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What Is Planet Fitness?

What Is Planet Fitness

Before you get to explore Planet Fitness showers, let’s give you the necessary background information about Planet Fitness.

Mainstream gyms are usually designed to restrict you with challenging workout routines and meal planning. Meaning they are only a comfort zone for bodybuilders. On the other hand, Planet Fitness targets all gym-goers.

Haven’t you been to the gym before? Fear a suffocating gym environment? Do you feel insecure about your body? Do you want the judgment-free zone to loosen up? Well, Planet Fitness is for you.

An American chain of fitness clubs – Planet Fitness is brought to make working out a judgment-free practice for everyone.

With affordable fees and a dedication-free workout spot, we recommend a Planet Fitness free day pass to get a firsthand experience. You will end up joining the nearby club within minutes!

Does Fitness Planet Have Showers?

Does Fitness Planet Have Showers

Exercise comes with so much sweat, and sometimes it’s hard to step out of fitness club when you almost stink… That’s where instant showers come in handy. By this time, it should be a part of every fitness club.

When it comes to Planet Fitness, you are sure to experience all the premium facilities this fitness club provides. From sauna baths to showers, Planet Fitness has it all! No other fitness club has this level of flexibility.

Since Planet Fitness focuses on going above and beyond for its valued members, you have a facility to shower after your exhausting, sweat-flooding workout session.

Yes, Planet Fitness Does Have Showers For Its Valued Members!

Besides a full-length shower separated by curtains, Planet Fitness has an isolated locker room where you can place your stuff safely and don’t have to struggle to protect your valuables.

Also, with full-length shower curtains, you get to enjoy as much privacy as you want. Leave the rest; reward yourself with an instant shower. Best of all, each shower is thoroughly cleaned by the Planet Fitness staff more often, so you don’t have to worry about hygiene. Planet Fitness is there to make sure of it!

You would be delighted to find some full and half-length lockers in the locker room. But you are advised to get your lock for the locker. However, you need to know that the Planet Fitness lockers are only available for registered members when you are actually at the facility.

Also, you can’t rent any individual locker for a long term in Planet. So, ensure that you don’t leave any valuables in the locker. Go to the club, keep your stuff until you are about to leave. It’s essential to empty the locker.

We hope that you are clear about Planet Fitness lockers. However, to be on the same page, read the following Planet Fitness rules for more clarification.

  • Planet Fitness won’t pay for your loss or damage. You should bring your padlock to keep your stuff safe.
  • Anything reasonable can cause your supervisor to check your locker. Rest easy, and it will only be for safety.
  • You can’t leave your belongings in the locker overnight.
  • Keep a firm check on your stuff.
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Planet Fitness – Addressing Your Most Asked Questions:

Planet Fitness – Addressing

If you want quick access to all the answers to your queries, make sure you go through the following section thoroughly.

1. Does Planet Fitness have showers?

Yes, Planet Fitness has showers separated with full-length curtains for the registered members, but you have to bring your vaults or padlocks to keep your valuables safe in the lockers.

2. Do I need to Bring Toiletries And Towels To My Allocated Fitness Club at Planet Fitness?

Toiletries And Towels

Yes, they don’t have a facility to provide personal toiletries and towels. You would need to keep them in your bag. But a locker would always be there to store them.

3. How are the showers of Planet Fitness?

The already registered members claim that the showers in Fitness Club are pretty wide-ranging and cleaner compared to what other gym clubs are offering. Planet Fitness staff keep them thoroughly cleaned for the members, so throw your worries about hygiene.

4. Does Planet Fitness Have a sauna?

Does Planet Fitness Have a sauna

Planet Fitness has very limited clubs where you would find the facility of sauna baths or steam room baths. Most of the locations are out of this facility.

5. Does Planet Fitness Have a pool?

Does Planet Fitness Have a pool

The addition of a pool will be likely to add more bucks into the membership fees, so Planet Fitness doesn’t have a facility of the pool for its members. However, you can compensate with the instant showers for its registered members.

6. What is the Planet Fitness Age limit?

Planet Fitness Age limit

Members aged from 10 to 14 should be accompanied by their guardians to participate in a workout session. At the same time, 15 to 17 years old members must have a signed waiver from their guardian on file. Also, only 18 plus gym-goers can access PF Black Card® with a valid ID.

7. Does Planet Fitness Have Personal Trainers?

planet fitness showers

Planet Fitness is made for everyone who finds heavy-lifting hard. You’d love to know your favorite fitness club has professional personal trainers that don’t charge you a penny because their fees come under the membership fees.

Your trainer will choose a customized fitness program for you, specially designed for your body needs. A trainer will motivate you throughout your fitness journey, that too, with zero additional charges.

8. What are the Planet Fitness Payables?

Here is how the updated (2021) fees structure for Planet Fitness look like:

Startup Fee (One Person) (No Commitment)                                           $15.00

Monthly Dues (One Person) (No Commitment)                                        $15.00

Annual Fee (One Person) (No Commitment)                                            $39.00

Cancellation Fee (One Person) (No Commitment)                                    $0.00

How do I Avoid Planet Fitness’s Busy Hours?

Fitness clubs usually stay at their peak from 6 am to 9 am and in the evening, from 6 pm to 9 pm. If you want to have a peaceful time over there, make sure to avoid the rush hours. For example, avoid busy hours that are usually during the weekdays, either before 7 in the morning, between 1 pm to 4 pm, or after 8:30 pm.

Does Planet Fitness Provide Soap Or Shampoo?

Planet Fitness DOES NOT have an option of providing soaps or shampoos to its members. You are expected to bring your bathing stuff on your own. While working out, you may keep it safe in your locker (provided by the club itself)

Does Planet Fitness Have Any Dress Code?

There isn’t any particular dress code designed for the members of Planet Fitness. However, you need to take care of a few things. For example, you can’t wear your work boots; also, you can’t bring any competing fitness logos with you as well.

Are There Any Planet Fitness shower Rules?

The club mentions no rules, but you better secure your stuff in the locker before leaving for the shower—only a few signs over the shower hall showcase some commonly understandable rules and etiquettes. Abiding by them would be enough.

Planet Fitness Club – Yay or Nay?

Considering the minimal membership fees and flexibility of facilities, the American Planet Fitness club is a big YES! They have free-of-cost personal trainers, but they also have neat and clean shower facilities that, too, come under membership charges.

Final Words – Does the Planet Have Showers?

We hope that you are clear about Planet Fitness having full fledged, wide-ranging showers. The club has this exclusive facility for its dear registered members. With just minimal charges, you are good to go to experience all the possible perks!

One thing is pretty much straightforward – Planet Fitness provides excellent value to your money.

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