Parental Control App to Restrict Kids’ Access to Harmful Content

We live in a world ruled by technology where kids have easy access to the internet and smartphones. It seems impossible for parents to keep track of their kids’ digital activities, especially tracking what content they consume online. However, this daunting task can be made easy with the help of an exemplary parental controls app.

But why should parents bother about kids’ content consumption? That is because they might accidentally (or on purpose) watch something that is not age-appropriate for kids. Let’s explore what content counts as harmful for young kids.

Influence of Adult Content on Kids

Adult Content on Kids

When kids consume adult content, it opens a whole Pandora’s box of troubles. Watching unsuitable content not only ruins their childhood and strips them of their innocence but also triggers their curiosity to know more about the opposite gender, explore the dark side of the web, develop an addiction to online (violent) games, and the like.

Here are a few things that parents must keep an eye on while allowing kids unsupervised screen time.

  • Explicit content (e.g., pornography, profanity, etc.)
  • Violent/sexual simulation games
  • Indecent/adult (R-rated or X-rated) movies, shows, games, etc.
  • Teen dating apps

It is only reasonable for parents to look for a suitable parental controls app to help curb this menace and prevent this horrible turn of events before they occur.

How Do Parental Controls Help?


Cutting-off kids’ interactions with the internet and digital devices is not a viable solution since we live in an age where even school work requires kids to use both these things. It is better to safeguard kids against horrors posed by the dark side of the internet by using a Family Time parental control app. Let’s dive in and see what this app has to offer.

Family Time’s Solution to This Problem

Family Time’s Solution

Family Time is a dynamic parental controls app that provides a plethora of monitoring features parents can use to ensure the digital safety of their kids. Parents can manage everything remotely once the app is installed on (both) parental and child devices. The app allows parents to swiftly control their kids’ content consumption and device usage in the following ways.

Internet Filter – Parents can limit their kids’ access to inappropriate websites, i.e., that offer violent games, information on the dark web, piracy, pornography, drugs, weapons, gambling, and the like. With this filter, parents can exclude text, images, and videos on any number of subjects they like and ensure that their kids would not see them even in the search results.

Content Filter – This filter allows parents to set limit on what type of books, music, videos, etc., their kids can and cannot read, listen to, or watch. However, this feature caters to iOS users.

App Blocker – It allows parents to restrict kids’ access to addictive games, social media apps, unsafe apps like NGL or the Clubhouse app, and all teen dating apps. Parents should also permanently block their websites using the Internet Filter to ensure their kids don’t open them via web browsers.

Screen Time Limit – Limiting screen time is the most daunting challenge of modern-day parenting. FamilyTime offers an easy solution to this problem. Parents can now prevent their kids from developing unhealthy screen time habits. Screen Time Limit feature enables parents to devise their own ground rules, which means they can allocate a specific screen time duration for kids.

YouTube Monitoring – YouTube is one of the most popular video content platforms, and it is used by millions worldwide. However, there is no shortage of adult/age-inappropriate/violent content on YouTube. Your kids may stumble across such content easily. That is why it is imperative to monitor kids’ YouTube consumption for parents. Family Time makes it easier for parents to monitor and manage kids’ YouTube usage.

TikTok Monitoring – Though TikTok requires its users to be at least 13 years of age, anyone can create an account on this platform. The plethora of inappropriate videos makes it crucial for parents to monitor what their kids do on this platform. With FamilyTime’s TikTok Monitoring feature, this task is no longer difficult for parents to accomplish.

Internet Schedule – One of the best ways to restrict kids’ access to harmful content is to limit internet usage. FamilyTime allows parents to bend the internet rules to their will by allocating specific time slots for kids. That means they can only use the internet when their parents let them.


Family Time is more than a basic parental controls app. It caters to the security of kids and teens alike. Are you ready to protect your kids from the harmful content? Sign up and get started.

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