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So, you need a reason to exercise control over your sexual impulses? Will some NoFap benefits help with motivation? Here you go!

So, you are tired of the lack of focus and energy that follows fapping. And you know you have to take charge of your health and relationships. But you aren’t ready yet.

There isn’t enough motivation for you in joining the NoFap movement. After all, the thought of instant gratification is just too alluring for you to ignore.

You need a solid reason to bail out of this practice. But do you have one?

This post will cover – not one but – 31 benefits of NoFap in men.

What is NoFap

What is NoFap


NoFap is a movement that started in 2011 on Reddit. A few users there decided to abstain from masturbation. This commitment started gaining traction because of the popularity of masturbation and its addictive nature.

Soon, we’ve come to a point when NoFap is a movement that motivates tens of thousands of registered followers.

But why everyone is so interested in breaking free of a seemingly innocent pleasure?

Rules to Follow

Is it only against masturbation? Or do we include other sexual activities as well when devising our refraining strategy?

While the goal of the movement remains avoiding masturbation, the challenge doesn’t limit its rule to this act only. In contrast, it works on many fronts to bring the desired change in one’s attitude towards masturbation.

First, you have to avoid using pornographic content. Complete this step by refraining from masturbation and edging.

Be mindful of your thoughts. If a forbidden thought catches your attention, divert your focus to something else. A better strategy is to define an escape thought or work that will distract you from these thoughts.

Pledge to not have sex for the challenge period. For your information, this challenge runs for 90 days. You can have sex after this period.

If committing to a 90-day abstinence period is too long for you, start with smaller goals like two days and gradually increase the duration.

NoFap Benefits in Ayurveda

NoFap Benefits in Ayurveda


Before we uncover the benefits of this practice from the viewpoint of modern medicine, let’s start by looking from the perspective of the ancient medicine system of Ayurveda.

According to its teachings, the human body derives its health from the blood. This blood, in turn, is produced when we consume food.

Our blood is what makes different fluids in our body including semen. If we are excessively wasting it, we are essentially wasting blood from our bodies that makes this fluid. Simply put, the loss of semen directly translates into a gradual loss of life force.

Also, the teachings from this ancient medical practice claim that on top of physical therapy, the person will also see the advantage of higher confidence that comes from exercising self-control.

These mental strengths of self-control and self-confidence, then, translate into Ojas which is an Ayurvedic term for life energy or life essence.

So, the practice of abstinence from sexual pleasures eventually gives rise to spiritual strength after reaping benefits at physical and mental fronts.

NoFap Benefits From The Viewpoint of Modern Medicine

Now we talked about the difficult part of this movement. Let’s understand the reason that should prompt you to take up the challenge.

NoFap and Sexual Health

NoFap and Sexual Health


It’s a matter of common sense. Because of NoFap’s direct connection with sex and sexology, its abstinence movement should directly impact this part of men’s life, shouldn’t it?

1. Masturbation undermines sex drive when it’s done frequently. If you stop beating your meat, you will feel more urge to have real sex.

2. You can say goodbye to premature ejaculation after this abstinence period.

3. Are you suffering from the nightfall problem? Maybe you are seeing symptoms of erectile dysfunction. This challenge takes care of all these sexual health issues.

4. Your testosterone levels will normalize. These levels will peak at the seventh day of successful abstinence only to later drop gradually. But once you have reset your sexual health with this challenge and resume healthy sexual life, you would maintain this hormone at the desired level.

5. In addition to testosterone levels, sperm quality increases with abstinence and peaks on the seventh day of continuing NoFap.

6. Increased sexual pleasure is another by-product of taking up this challenge.

7. One of the common reasons for excessive masturbation is porn addiction. This abstinence period empowers you to avoid frequent porn consumption making it less addictive and easy to break out of. It also decreases the urge to consume porn making this addiction a thing of the past.

Physical Benefits

Physical Benefits


NoFap not just changes your sexual health it also has a remarkable influence on your overall outlook and approach to life. Concerning physical health, it offers vitality and energy boost. Here are a few benefits you should keep track of during your sexual detox period.

1 . NoFap makes you feel energized.

2. Your sleep gets better. One reason for this better sleep comes from the extinction of the nightfall problem from your life. And the other is the reduced stress level that accompanies NoFap.

3. You will also see a boost in your physical strength.

4. One of the rarely quoted benefits of NoFap is muscle building. Followers of this movement claim that their regular exercise is gaining them more muscle after the abstinence compared to their progress in the past.

5. A deep voice is a by-product of the NoFap movement which may not gain much appreciation from the masses. Yet, it influences our personality and likeability so is worth mentioning.

6. Are you witnessing thinning hair? NoFap may help with regaining the luster in your hair.

7. It also results in an unexpected boost in immunity levels within the body. You can see the impact of this boost on your body’s ability to build muscles. Also, you will notice that your wounds will heal more quickly.

8. It may not seem connected to NoFap but this challenge improves your eyesight. This improvement could be a result of increased testosterone levels or it can be a by-product of a general increase in energy levels in the body. The reason for this change is not yet studied. But you can expect the Ayurvedic theory of preservation life force at work here.

Psychological Health

Psychological Health


This is the most affected part of your life after joining NoFap moment. You see, excessive masturbation combined with sex addiction not only kills your sex drive and negatively influences sex health but has a great impact on your psychological well-being as well.

1 . The first thing it does to you is to make you feel addicted. In other words, you have to revisit your dirty pleasure every once in a while thus undermining your productivity at work and presence of mind. These influences lead to you feeling dejected and unconfident.

2. NoFap may create mild withdrawal symptoms for addicted people initially but leads to increased productivity at work.

3. As you can assume, a major by-product of this change in approaching other areas of life appears in increased confidence and self-esteem.

4. Another confidence boost comes from your ability to control your impulses. After managing your actions for three months without break, you realize that you can win at all fronts of life.

This belief allows you to meet a level of your inner strength that remained hidden from you till now.

5. By going NoFap for three months you decrease the distracting thoughts you experience daily. Eventually, this lack of distraction translates into an increase in focus. This focus appears in every part of your life from social life to your career and personal life.

6. If you struggle with adult attention-deficit/hypersensitivity disorder, NoFap may even help with a reduction in its symptoms. In other words, you will feel calmer, more oriented and focused on your tasks, rested.

7. We talked about how this challenge improves your sleep quality. Better sleep at night boosts your mood in the day. In short, the NoFap challenge helps you stay stress-free.

8. Positive effects of better sleep also lead to brain diseases fog. As the brain fog that results from masturbation is also absent these days, you will get a laser-sharp focus in these three months and afterward.

9. This commitment to abstinence also helps your body regulate dopamine levels. This hormone is important for us to feel motivated and aroused. Fapping results in excessive release of these chemicals leading to decreased dopamine receptors. This decrease in these happiness receptors makes happy feelings harder for us. But by neutralizing these hormones, the NoFap challenge forces the brain to increase this number thus improving our overall happiness level.

10. Joining this movement also challenges your brain and prompts it to get out of its comfort zone. It increases mindfulness and gives control back to you from your brain.

Social Health

Social Health


NoFap not only boosts your health, it also impacts your relationship and allows you to derive meaning from your life. Let’s see how it impacts your interpersonal relationships.

1 . It boosts your sexual relationship. Just by boosting your sexual health, sex drive, and confidence; the challenge helps you find more interest in real women.

An increase in attention results from it leading to more meaning in the intimate relationship.

2. Studies claim that those people who indulge in masturbation frequently try to avoid social gatherings as much as possible. Their effort to remain as alone as possible deprives them of a healthy social circle. Commitment to NoFap forces them to step out of their homes more frequently to meet people to get distracted from forbidden urges. This necessity helps them build a social circle quickly without fail.

3. With it, you can better deal with social anxiety. This is even truer if your anxiety is stemming from porn addiction or excessive masturbation.

As porn addiction is a real addiction and has similar consequences just like any other form of substance abuse, one of its consequences is reduce social anxiety.

Just by overcoming the addiction, you can overcome the fear of being judged and excluded.

4. Better social transactions are another, albeit indirect, consequence of joining the NoFap movement. Because you have higher energy levels, you can fulfill the obligations put on you in various relationships allowing you to set your best foot forward.

Spiritual Health

Spiritual Health


If we look at the NoFap challenge with the bio-psycho-spiritual and healthy lifestyle, we will find it a winner in all the sects.

1. Referring to the claim of Ayurveda we mentioned earlier, abstinence from masturbation  leads to purity in thoughts.

2. When observed for long periods and combined with other spiritual practices, this purity may manifest into transcendence.

What Else You Need to Know

It may seem that NoFap is your ticket to ideal health and social circle. This assumption might be right but you have to remember that the challenge is not easy to accomplish. You have to exercise strong self-control to reach the 90th day that ends this challenge.

On top of these moments of self-control, you also have to deal with withdrawal symptoms depending on the intensity of your addiction to porn and masturbation.

Note that it may cause frustration and irritability in the first few days. These withdrawal symptoms occur because your brain is not getting enough dopamine to stimulate the happy feeling receptors causing distress.

But you have to keep going to reap the benefits.

Take Away

Different people have different opinions about the NoFap movement. But one this known for sure, this challenge helps with mitigation of porn addiction and excessive masturbation.

And, in doing so, it also results in sexual, mental, and physical health improvements. In the end, the follower gets connected to real happiness in intimate relationships and small moments of happiness.

But the challenge is not easy and you may have to start it small by first committing for smaller periods and gradually increasing the duration. The NoFap benefits we have mentioned in this article will help remain resilient on your track to better sexual choices.

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