Workin Moms: Has Nikki Duval aka Rosie Undergone Drastic Weight Loss? Before & After Photos

Nikki Duval, popularly known as Rosie Philips from ‘Workin Moms’, has turned into an internet sensation recently due to drastic difference in her body weight in before and after photos.

Let’s dig deeper into the Nikki Duval weight loss mystery.

Nikki Duval is well-known for her acting skills in Workin Moms (2017), New Eden (2020), and Strays (2021). She is most commonly known as Rosie the secretary of the main role Kate Foster from Workin Moms.

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This show is loved by fans since the past four years depicting the struggles in lives of working mothers. Nikki Duval is loved for her light comedy and seriousness all along.

Who is Nikki Duval?

Who is Nikki Duval

Nikki Duval is a Canadian actress and assistant director born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Although her age and family background are not mentioned, she has achieved a bachelor’s degree of arts in acting program from University of Winnipeg.

She studied Contemporary and Shakespeare Intensive at Guildhall School of Music and Drama. She has also remained a part of National Theatre School of Canada.

Nikki Duval’s acting career took off in 2008 with Murdoch Mysteries and she showed her acting skills in many shows and movies including Hyena Road, Wyonna Earp, Imposters, Killer High, and The Novice. But these days she is sought after her drastic weight loss journey.

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Nikki Duval’s Personal Life

A Look into Her Nikki Duval Personal Life

The personal life of Nikki Duval is pretty unknown as she is extremely conscious about this. The Canadian actress has not shared anything about her relationships, married life, kids, parents, and family as a whole.

Some sources say she has a handsome son named Stephen Tracey who is himself a Canadian model, actor, and producer. He has appeared in ‘Anne with an E’ and ‘Neon Lights’.

She shows great concern about her career and plans to go on working hard to achieve her life goals. We’ll share her personal details whenever she is ready to. Till then we wish her all the best for her future!

Nikki Duval Weight Loss

Nikki Duval Weight Loss

Coming towards the main topic i.e. Nikki Duval weight loss. Just like her personal life she has not shared anything about her weight loss yet.

But if you have followed her closely it is pretty clear that she was on the heavier side before but now she appears to be much fitter and slimmer. After all, photos never lie!

The Canadian actress’ fans are waiting for her to share her secret tips to lose weight in a healthy manner and we hope she will do that soon.

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People’s Reaction to Nikki Duval Weight Loss

People have reacted variably about Nikki Duval weight loss journey. Some have praised her and asked for her secret tricks, others have shown concern regarding her health and are speculating that the Workin Moms star is probably ill. There are still some people who claim she has gone under the knife to reduce her size.

Actresses are always expected to be slim and while Nikki Duval has endured all the criticism she took control of her body in 2020 and shed off a lot of fat.

That is the very reason people have reacted and have searched about her immensely on the internet.

As mentioned earlier, the actress has shared nothing about her weight loss milestone. We’ll keep waiting though!

How Much Weight Has Nikki Duval Lost?

How Much Weight Has Nikki Duval Lost

Nothing is mentioned officially neither has the Canadian star announced anything on her social media pages but according to critics Nikki Duval has lost weight anywhere between 12-15 kilograms (20-25 lbs). Some say she has lost even more than that but confirmations are still to be made.

Concerning weight loss, Nikki Duval did invite her fans to a Gut and Butt 5-Day Challenge where she shared a lot about losing fat using healthy strategies.

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Nikki Duval Weight Loss Before and After Photos

Nikki Duval Weight Loss Before
Nikki Duval Weight Loss Before and After Photos
Nikki Duval Weight Loss Before and After Photos

Pictures say it all and even if Nikki Duval continues to remain silent about her weight loss we have gathered some proof for those who still don’t believe in her drastic change. Have a look at the following photos of the Canadian star over the years.

Earlier Nikki Duval had a big waist, prominent abdomen, and a chubby face. Now the plus-sized actress has lost a lot of weight and flaunts a petite waistline with a much slimmer face and prominent collar bones.

Not to forget, Nikki Duval’s body weight loss journey has remained healthy all along and she has become a true inspiration for plus-sized ladies all over the world.

Some actors have set up wrong standards of extreme weight loss which are not healthy and practical but Nikki Duval is not one of them and should surely be praised for that. She has proved that weight loss is a gradual process just like self-discovery.

Nikki Duval Weight Loss Surgery

Nikki Duval Weight Loss Surgery

Given her drastic change, or rather say her unhurried weight loss that came under the spotlight suddenly, many people claim she has gone under the knife to lose weight.
It is speculated that Nikki Duval underwent Bariatric surgery to make changes in her digestive system.

Again, no confirmations have been made from the actress’ side and she most probably may have lost weight by conventional means. Let’s wait for her announcement.

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Nikki Duval’s Net Worth

Nikki Duval Net Worth

Having covered Nikki Duval body weight loss facts and updates, let’s take a look at her net worth. Her net worth is estimated to be anywhere around $1 million. However this is just a guess based on her successful acting career and achievements. Her total assets are approximately around $300,000.

Again nothing is official as the actress is extremely private!


Nikki Duval has gained popularity for her radical weight loss accomplishment apart from her famous roles in different shows and movies.

She hasn’t passed a single comment to answer the weight related questions of her fans and critics but her photos say it all. Nonetheless, she is a true inspiration for those who want to lose weight while remaining healthy.

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