How Nathan Fillion Lose 30 Pounds? Diet Plan, Before & After 2023

Just like any other weight loss story, Nathan Fillion’s is an inspiration for fitness enthusiasts. But when the transformation was first broadcasted to the public, it received mixed reactions.

Some fans were quick to assume that the actor might be undergoing health issues that resulted in unexplained weight loss. Take note that that was not the case.

On the contrary, the actor took active measures to manage his weight so he could better suit the vigilant and youthful persona of a police officer in the next season of his TV show, ‘The Rookie’.

Nathan Fillion weight loss comes from an understanding of the actor to finally stop avoiding exercise rather he took an inclusive approach towards the practice. You see, the actor always avoided indulging in the training and workout because of his knee condition.

But for the second season of the show, the actor decided to prioritize the demands from his role. Did he succeed? Viewers have mixed answers to this question.

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Who is Nathan Fillion?

Nathan Fillion

We love the thrill and action he plays in the TV series ‘The Rookie’. But what about other roles? How he is approaching his acting career in other projects? Which other shows and movies should his fans follow other than the 2019 show ‘The Rookie’?

Before we analyze this resume, let’s look at his early life and his development as an actor.
Nathan Fillion was born in Edmonton which is the capital city of Alberta, a Canadian province. He already had started his acting career at different theatres as well playing roles in a couple of movies when he moved to New York at the age of 23.

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In America, his first role was as Joey Buchanan in 1994 in the soap opera One Life to Live (1968). The performance was so well-received that he got his first Emmy nomination for it in 1996. After doing a few small roles and guest appearances, he got a lead role in the sitcom Two Guys, A Girl and A Pizza Place (1998).

His biggest appearance came as Captain Malcolm Reynolds on Firefly – a 2002 series and as Richard Castle on Castle – 2009 series. You may also want to check out his film Serenity, which is a recreation of Firefly in movie form.

If you are interested in experiencing some of his voice actings, you can find him on Monster University (2013), Green Lanterns: Emerald Knights (2011), Gravity Fall (2012), Justice League Doom (2012), Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox (2013), and Justice League: Throne of Atlantis (2015).

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Nathan Fillion Weight Loss Journey 2022

Nathan Fillion never experienced obesity or pathological weight issues. Even before he decided to lose weight in anticipation of the next season of The Rookie, he only fell on the heavier side of the scale. His meaty appearance was a welcoming force for the viewers and didn’t give the signs of laziness that may contradict his role.

Instead, the weight loss move was experimental to test if viewers would appreciate a leaner police officer to portray agility.

Some assumed that Nathan also went along with the move because he had another project in the pipeline. His role in The Suicide Squad was also action-oriented and required a more active persona from him.

But these are just speculations. The role of The Detachable Kid doesn’t require a lean body. So, there was no point for him to lose weight only for this role.

After ruling out the possibility that a role in The Suicide Squad had anything to do with Nathan Fillion weight loss, we are only left with the role of John Nolan in The Rookie as a valid reason.

But because it was not needed, the change was received with intense shock among the viewers. The actor seemed confident in flaunting his new look. However, this look didn’t earn viewers’ approval as much as he anticipated.

On top of all this, some viewers became concerned thinking the change came from some changes in Nathan’s health. In response, the actor was quick to assure them of his wellbeing.

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Nathan Fillion Diet Plan

Nathan kept the focus of his weight loss regime on his workout plan. Consequently, there was only the slightest change in his diet.

Yet, we cannot say that the actor’s diet was irrelevant to his appearance and his health. But it was always healthy and mindful and didn’t need a change when the actor went for a change in appearance.

From the start, the actor pursued healthy eating habits. He chose the right foods and metabolism-boosting times for taking these foods. We can say that much of the actor’s body charm depended on his dietary choices.

His diet included bigger portions of vegetables and grains and smaller indulgence on refined carbs. For example, during this transformation, he made a point to decrease the calories he takes in as bread. He wasn’t a man to eat a lot of junk food. His diet alone was the reason he maintained a healthy BMI even when his opposition toward exercise was well-known.

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Nathan Fillion Workout Plan

Before we bring up the topic of Nathan’s workout plan, we should note that training was the sole reason that let the actor gain those few extra pounds (Read More: How Long Does It Take To Lose 20 Pounds) when he got those.

Nathan has always remained openly opposed to the idea of a diet. Not only did he never train but he also never showed interest in an active lifestyle.

We can see his preference to remain seated mostly from his remarks on his action-oriented roles such as Rookie. The actor claims that his role in Rookie was too demanded and staining for knees.

Note that this opposition was not a result of the lazy outlook of Nathan rather he decided to keep his activity level low because more activity could deteriorate his knee issue. He could only prioritize his knee because there was no other competing factor that could have prompted him otherwise.

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Later, when this factor arose – because of a few extra pounds of fat on his body – he was quick to tackle them while minimizing the care he was extending to his knees.

We can also see that because of his part in The Rookie the actor was more motivated to start taking fitness seriously. He regularly engaged in physically demanding scenes which gradually built his confidence in his health.

When it was time for him to take a break from shooting in anticipation of next season’s preparation, he grabbed the opportunity to present a more agile look for the role. It was easier for him this time as he was able to commit to a workout routine.

His workout was easy with some simple exercises. His focus remained on walking. If we say that he lost all those pounds only because he committed to walking every day, there should be no doubt about that.

The actor claims that walking was the only activity he was committed to during the whole ordeal. Accordingly, he got a step-tracking watch and promised himself that he would complete 12,000 steps a day. We can compare this number with the average number of steps taken by Americans per day which is 4000.

I agree with you, this is a huge difference. In fact, Nathan walked two times more than an average fellow citizen walked every day in those days. Know that this number shows an average of a highly active person and a guaranteed way of boosting metabolism.

Other than adopting an active lifestyle, the actor increased his water intake as a tool for boosting metabolism.

In short, although workout turned out to be the most prominent part of his efforts, we cannot say that it alone was the culprit behind the chiseled ‘filter’.

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Nathan Fillion Before And After Weight Loss Photos

Nathan Fillion Before

Nathan Fillion Before And After

The move, which was supposed to be entertaining for the masses, brought out severe concerns about the star.

When The Rookie was being aired, no one seemed bothered by a few extra pounds supported by the actor. After all, he wasn’t pathologically obese. In fact, between his age and lifestyle preferences, his physique looked attractive, to say the least.

His meaty appearance showed an aura of authority and authenticity. Although he was playing the role of a law enforcement officer, those extra pounds were in no way making him appear less competent for the role.

Even his fans have pointed out that he looked more into the character with his meaty look.
After emphasizing the pre-transformation, almost-lean body of Nathan Fillion in the last episode of The Rookie Season 1, let’s appreciate the look he has gained during the break.

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This look was flaunted during the premiere of season 2 or on Nathan’s Twitter feed. The actor tweeted his new look on his Twitter handle claiming that the new season will be using a chiseled filter.

With the filter, he was referring to his leaner and more defined facial features which got their shape because of weight loss transformation.

However, the reaction to this post from fans and followers was not much positive. All fans were rooting for the actor. Some reminded him that he was awesome and handsome with or without extra fat.

Some other fans were skeptical about his health. They were careful not to hurt the actor’s sentiment yet asked about his wellbeing and showed concern.
Others were quick to notice some other aftermaths of this weight loss. Accordingly, they

claim that after the break from season 1 shooting, the actor looked considerably older. As you can see this aging was a direct result of weight loss. Yet, the accompanying skin sag and grey hairs are a normal reaction and do not show any impediment to fitness.

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What Has Nathan Fillion Said About His Weight Loss?

The tight-lipped actor is known for keeping his personal life to himself. This weight loss transformation is one of those events where we do not get much information from the actor himself. But we can connect the dots about what opinion he holds about different things that impact weight loss and fitness.

Nathan is not a fan of the exercise. But he had to run for the shooting of different scenes of The Rookie. This running helped him overcome the fear against physical activity and it may have let him commit to a walking routine.

While preparing for the next season in the same demanding role, he knew he had to be physically fit. This understanding was another motivating factor. And he claims that he committed to 12000 steps a day during the break.

He also commented about his change in water intake during this time. But I am not surprised – if I were taking 12000 steps a day, I would be drinking water like crazy.

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Is Nathan Fillion Married?

Although Nathan had his share of work flings, he never married in his life. He did get engaged twice, however.

His first fiancé was Venessa Marcil who said yes to him in 1995. The couple broke up after just six months.

His second fiancé was Mikaela Hoover who engaged with him in 2013. This engagement also didn’t last long.

What Is Nathan Fillion’s Net Worth?

The actor, who is not new to fame and limelight, charges $100,000 per episode of The Rookie. Till now, he has amassed $20 million in net worth.

How Old Is Nathan Fillion?

Nathan Fillion celebrated his 50th birthday on 27th March this year.

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Take Away

Sometimes, weight loss doesn’t require a lot from the pursuant. All you have to offer is discipline and an urge to show up. And some other times, we need to clear our mind on ungrounded biases about some changes in our lifestyles to know the difference.

Nathan Fillion weight loss happened because of lifestyle changes. Make no mistake – he could do that because he wasn’t obese to start with.

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