Muni Long Before and After Plastic Surgery. The Secret Revealed! 2023

Priscilla Renea Hairston, professionally known as Muni Long, recently broke the internet with her new song ‘Hrs and Hrs’. Fans are awed as she appears exceptionally beautiful. But she was always an average-looking person with a broad nose, thin lips, and a round face. Many speculate she has gone under the knife. If it’s true, then to what extent?

Priscilla Renea Hairston is an American singer and songwriter who stepped into the world of music officially in 2009 with her debut album, Jukebox which was released by Capitol Records. Although it was not a huge success, Priscilla’s songs were greatly loved by her fans.

Before that, Muni Long had already gained considerable fame on YouTube with videos of her singing in her room. After Jukebox, she continued to co-write many successful songs with famous stars like Rihanna, Madonna, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Chris Brown, and Little Mix.

Priscilla returned to her solo journey in 2018 with ‘Colored’ and gained huge fame after changing her name to Muni Long. Her ‘Hrs and Hrs’ success and work on ‘Back of My Mind’ have led her to a Grammy Award nomination (2021).

Apart from her victorious career, Muni Long changing facial features have always made her the center of gossip with fans and critics speculating she has got a number of plastic surgeries. These include a nose job, lip fillers, botox, and a hair transplant.

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Quick Facts about Muni Long

Birth Name Priscilla Renea Hamilton
Stage Name Muni Long
Born September 14, 1988 (Age 34)
Origin Vero Beach, Florida, USA.
Genres Pop, R&B, Americana
Occupation Songwriter, Singer
Instrument Guitar
Years Active 2007 till date
Labels Capitol, Thirty Tigers, Virgin, Create, White Rose Garden

Muni Long Before and After Surgery

Muni Long Before and After Surgery

Many say Muni Long did not have the features and bends of a successful songstress. And that’s probably the main reason she has turned herself into a literal doll today thanks to the many surgical procedures she underwent over the years. Let’s have a quick look at each of them.

Although there is no confirmed medical evidence and neither has the American star ever talked about her plastic procedures, her before and after photos say a lot.

Before nose surgery, Muni had a pretty broad nose that was very flat and took up most of her face. Her recent photos show that she had a successful rhinoplasty that gave her nose a good slim with an uplift at the end.

Muni Long wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes have also disappeared over the years. She has a sharp jawline after her secret surgery that is very prominent as she had an ordinary round face before. And although she was always slim, she lost a lot of body fat, especially from her face signaling towards some fillers botox, and implants around her forehead, eyes, and cheeks.

Coming towards the lips, Muni Long has enhanced them a lot as they are now plump, juicy, and more attractive than ever before. The singer has never mentioned getting surgeries but her before and after looks provide enough evidence.

Lastly, many guess that Muni Long has had a hair transplant too as some time before she featured a receding hairline but now she has got more baby hairs at the front that gesture towards some surgical changes.

The young songwriter is very private when it comes to her personal life and choices. Therefore, it has never been clearly mentioned that her before and after changes are truly because of plastic procedures. But one thing is for sure, she has turned very beautiful over the years!

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Muni Long’s Marital Status, Husband, Kids, and Much More!

Muni Long’s Marital Status, Husband, Kids, and Much More!

Muni Long had a traumatic childhood, especially when her family kicked her out. But now she has one person who loves her more than anyone in the whole world and she has married him. Meet Masimba Chibanda.

Muni shared she met him at a taco place and has been involved ever since. Both tied the knot in 2014 and have kept their relationship status low-key though it is very clear that they are having a very happy married life.

Masimba Chibanda grew up in America but has always stayed away from the media’s eye. Muni’s pregnancy rumors went viral because of her dress-up at the BET Awards, but the couple is not parents yet and don’t plan on having a child right now as they are at the peak of their careers.

Wish them the best in the future!

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