What Conditions Does the Micro Laser Peel Treat? 2023

The Micro Laser Peel is a treatment that uses laser energy to remove a thin layer of dead and damaged skin cells on the surface of the skin, which can cause the skin to look tired and aged.

As the skin begins to heal after the treatment, newer, healthier, and more vibrant cells start to grow and resurface on the treated area, causing the skin to look healthier, with a more even skin tone and reduced wrinkles.

What Conditions Does it Treat?

Conditions Does it Treat

The microlaser peel at Dallas Dermatology Partners in Dallas, TX addresses concerns such as acne scars, dark spots, wrinkles, fine lines, sun spots, age spots, enlarged pores, and acne.

Furthermore, the treatment can be done on many areas of the body such as the face, chest, neck, belly, back of the hands, arms, legs, and the back.

The Ideal Candidate For The Treatment

Ideal Candidate For The Treatment

If you feel like your skin does not have a youthful radiant glow or if you want to eliminate any wrinkles, blemishes, or fine lines, then the treatment can be the right treatment for you.

Moreover, if you have tried other less aggressive and slower microdermabrasion therapies and you have not gotten the results you wanted, you can try this one out after consulting with a qualified medical practitioner.

What Happens During The Procedure?

Happens During The Procedure

First and foremost, you will undergo a preparatory treatment where your skin will be applied with Retin A, which is a skin rejuvenating cream.

Afterward, the practitioner will clean all the targeted areas on your skin thoroughly. Then, a topical numbing cream will be applied to your skin to prevent or reduce any mild discomfort.

To further anesthetize the skin, the practitioner will blast cool air onto the treatment areas.

If the procedure is being done on your face, you will wear safety goggles to protect your eyes. Then, the practitioner will hold the laser above the targeted areas and the computer-guided scanner will gently move the laser to remove a very thin layer of damaged and dead skin cells on your skin.

When the damaged cells are removed, they will leave room for new and healthy skin cells to reach the surface.

You can get optimal results in just one treatment. However, since certain skin conditions require multiple treatment options, the practitioner may come up with a personalized plan tailored for you to address your specific needs.

How Long Is The Recovery Process?

First and foremost, the treatment carries very minimal risk, and you can experience little to no discomfort during the procedure because many patients experience the procedure in the shallowest setting. Under the shallowest setting, you will not need any anesthetic.

However, under higher settings, a numbing cream is used to lessen the discomfort.
Furthermore, the average recovery process for most patients is between 2 to 4 days.

However, if you have undergone deeper laser treatment, the recovery process can be lengthened by another 2 to 4 days.

Thus, if you desire to remove acne scars, dark spots, wrinkles, fine lines, or sunspots on your body by undergoing a minimally invasive procedure with little to no downtime, this treatment may be the right one for you.

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