How Matt McGorry Weight Gain Encourages Body Acceptance 2023

Netflix’s series released earlier this year highlighted Matt McGorry’s weight gain. Was this transformation related to the series? Continue reading to find out.

Matt McGorry’s recent appearance emphasized his new philosophy on his appearance, diet, health, and weight gain. The transformation isn’t a piece of news and started, for Matt McGorry, in 2020 when he pledged to not gamble his mental health for fatphobia.

Can we assume this weight gain has nothing to do with Archive 81? We will cover this – and other motives – in this post.

Who is Matt McGorry?

Who is Matt McGorry?

If you are baffled by Matt McGorry weight gain, you should consider the fact that he started his career as a personal trainer and fitness writer.

He first appeared on TV in 2011 in the drama, One Life to Live. He is famous for playing John Bennett in Orange Is the New Black in 2013. His recent appearance in Archive 81 as Mark Higgins is also most remarkable.

It’s his last appearance that has made headlines because of the sudden weight gain the 36-year-old actor showed.

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Reason for Weight Gain

Reason for Weight Gain-Matt McGorry Weight Gain

McGorry has always maintained a chiseled body. He was so enthusiastic about fitness, bodybuilding, and dieting that his interest and deep understanding landed him a gig in Men’s Journal. He maintained his love for decades and even worked with a personal trainer to get the perfect shirtless look he needed for his role in Orange Is the New Black (OITNB).

But he grew tired of this lifestyle in 2020 when he started prioritizing his mental health.

That year, Matt recognized how his food restrictions and intense workout regime are affecting his mental and physical health. He needed to build a healthy relationship with his food and complete self-acceptance.

It was time for him to say goodbye to fatphobia and stop micromanaging his body and appearance. He took his time to build confidence in his appearance even when he wasn’t working out or counting calories.

He now comments about the ease in his life that has resulted from a healthier diet without restrictions. Matt McGorry acknowledges and accepts his weight gain and achieves confidence from it.

How Did Matt McGorry Gain Weight?

Matt McGorry Gain Weight

Remember John Bennett from OITNB? He had the perfect body. But Matt McGorry – the actor behind this role- always carried a chubby physique that became leaner only because of excessively restrictive diets and long workout sessions.

Achieving and maintaining that body was hard work – letting it go wasn’t so much. When Matt recognized his negative thought patterns back in 2018, he started changing them gradually, allowing himself to enjoy his diet and build a positive and loving relationship with his body.

Did Matt McGorry Weight Gain for Archive 81?

Did Matt McGorry Weight Gain for Archive 81

The effects of his easier lifestyle became noticeable only recently from his appearance on Archive 81. This coincidence has made fans wonder if the actor’s weight gain has anything to do with his role in the series.

Archive 81 is based on a podcast of the same name that was launched in 2016. Netflix launched this series on January 14, 2022. TV horror series revolves around Dan who is in charge of restoring archived cassettes. This quest leads to a mysterious turn of events involving investigating a cult.

Matt’s character in the series – Mark Higgins – has a funny personality with an interest in the art of espionage. A slightly chubby physique will cater to the character demands of both roles. Considering this match with the character, many fans thought that Matt McGorry gained weight solely for this role.

James Wan – Archive 81’s director – has yet to comment on this speculation so do Matt and other crew members. We can speculate that the renowned director of the horror show chose to work with Matt because of his now fat body and internalized laid-back personality.

Remember that Matt quit his obsession with fitness in 2020 – two years before filming of this show. So, this show may not be the motivation to get in shape for the role.

Matt McGorry on His Weight Gain

Matt McGorry on His Weight Gain

His decision to take his mental health seriously came in 2020 when he became a proponent of body positivity. He accepted his physique for how it was and stopped torturing it with extreme diets and fitness training to appear a certain way.

After practicing a let-go attitude for months, he commented that his freedom has affected his mental health. He penned an article on Medium in May 2020 discussing the sense of freedom and fulfillment he achieved from allowing his body to gain weight and become chubby.

Plus, he hinted at mood swings, irritability, and diminished energy that were a norm with extreme diet restrictions on the set of OITNB. He used to seek validation from the mirror multiple times a day to ensure he is on track to his perceived, perfect body.

The essay also talks about his negative self-talk and self-deprivation which he held on to remain in shape.

He mentioned that although the decision to live a healthier and happier life has its perks, it also attracts people’s disapproval. We can see that he would be happier if fans weren’t so invested in his weight gain or fitness journey.

Fans’ Reactions to Matt McGorry’s Weight Gain

The horror movie was Matt’s first appearance after OITNB. Coincidentally, it also highlighted the actor’s pledge to body acceptance. This coincidence resulted in fans assuming that Matt’s transformation was related to his role in Archive 81.

Some fans were shocked. Others were worried that Matt had given up on himself. Only a handful of these fans knew about Matt’s change in ideology and accepted it.

Take Away

Matt McGorry weight gain is a much-needed example of body positivity and self-acceptance among men. Matt wants you to take it as it is without relating it to the release of Archive 81 or any other development in his life.

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