Lyn May’s Plastic Surgery Destroyed Her Face – Before And After Looks 2023

Lilia Mendiola de Chi, better known by her stage name, lyn may plastic surgery is a well-known Mexican actress and exotic dancer with Chinese roots. She has appeared in more than 100 movies and TV series and is called the ‘Goddess of Love’ in Mexican cabaret.

Although Lyn May had beautiful, promising facial features her recent photos are very shocking as the actress has destroyed her face with cosmetic procedures. What really went wrong with Lyn May’s plastic surgery? Let’s find out.

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Who is Lyn May?

Lyn May

One of the biggest stars of Ficheras cinema, Lyn May was born on December 12, 1952, in Mexico to a family of Chinese immigrants.

She started her career as a dancer in the Cabaret ‘El Zorro’ which opened up her way to acting in several movies and television series. Her peak acting career extended between the 70’s and 80’s.

Lyn May gained the most popularity from her character ‘La Venada’ in ‘Las Braceras’ (1981). She has remained an iconic sex symbol in the entertainment industry. As of her date of birth, the actress is 70 years of age and is a Sagittarius.

What Treatment Ruined Lyn May’s Face?

What Treatment Ruined Lyn May’s Face

Just like any other actress, the Mexican vedette was scared of aging and as her stardom started to dwindle Lyn May reverted to plastic surgery to revitalize her looks. Unfortunately, this decision proved to be a disaster for her in the upcoming days.

Lyn May made the mistake of hiring an unprofessional plastic surgeon to perform the first cosmetic procedure on her face. He injected baby oil into her cheekbones that caused deformity all over her face.

Lyn May tried to undo the chaos on her face but it was already too late and further operations just made things worse as visible in her latest photos.

Lyn May is also known to have had multiple lip injections, eye lifts, cheek implants, nose jobs, and other facial fillers.

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Lyn May Previously Showed Her Face Proudly Following Plastic Surgery

Lyn May Previously Showed Her Face

Lyn May had a gorgeous face with mixed Chinese and Mexican features that she destroyed just for fame. In 2020, she underwent surgery again to reduce the irregularities of her face.

To debut her new face, the legendary woman wore a mask on the show ‘Telemundo’s Un Nuevo Dia’. She was accompanied by her plastic surgeon Jose Achar and drivers of Un Neuvo Da Jorge Bernal and Hector Sandarti.

After building a lot of suspense among her viewers, Lyn May removed the mask to reveal her new face. The swelling was much reduced and she looked better in her natural body with a petite waist and hips although her breast implants were very prominent.

Lyn May’s video was uploaded on a YouTube channel titled ‘A New Day’s’ and received thousands of views and comments. Many of them were heartbreaking while some people did support her in times of despair.

To be honest, her face was very much damaged, and given her age, her latest surgery proved to be a lifesaver. She should be treated with respect and love no matter what.

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Early Life and Education

Lyn May was born and raised in Acapulco by middle-class parents. She has always remained private about her family and nothing is known about her parents and siblings officially. It is, however, believed that she is an only child.

Lyn May used to sell souvenirs to tourists to support her family and was interested in dancing forever.

During her four years at the local high school, she took dancing lessons, took part in volleyball and the school’s drama club, and was also involved in the cheerleading team. Lyn May passed high school in 1970.

She started her career as a waitress but soon became an exotic dancer which led her into the world of entertainment and acting.

Roles in Movies

Roles in Movies

Lyn May made her debut in the acting industry in 1975 with a comedy drama named ‘Tivoli’. This was followed by ‘Las Ficheras; Bellas De Noche II Parte’ (1977), ‘Carnival Nights’ (1978), and ‘Pasajeros en Transito’ (1978).

Her famous movies during the 80’s include ‘Cuentos Colorados’ with Adelbarto Martinez and Grace Renat, ‘En El Camino Andamos’, and ‘Entre Vicenos te Veas’.

The year 1991 brought Lyn May’s three remarkable movies namely ‘Fin de Semana en Garibaldi’, ‘Tragico Carnival’, and ‘Mala Leche’.

As the Mexican industry started to decline in the 90’s so did Lyn May’s career. She took a break and appeared further in only two movies, ‘Las Cargadores’ (1995) and ‘Vamos al Baile’ (1996).

‘Cerdo’ is another action thriller comedy movie that is currently awaited for release.

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Roles in TV Series

‘Variedades de Media Noche’ is Lyn May’s first debut drama which was aired in 1977. This was followed by her appearance in ‘Yo No Creo en Los Hombres’ fourteen years later in 1991.

Other famous series include ‘Duetto’, ‘Great Performances’, ‘Los Escandalos de Incógnito’, ‘Nosotros los Guapos’, and the most recent ‘La Toalla del Mojado 2’.

Other Credits

Lyn May fulfilled her duties as a choreographer in the movie ‘Carnival Nights’ (1978). She made guest appearances in shows like ‘Sexos en Guerra’ and ‘La Parodia’. The documentary titled ‘Beauties of the Night’ also features the legendary actress.

Relationships and Marriages

Relationships and Marriages - lyn may plastic surgery

Lyn May is very talkative and open when it comes to her relationships. She has been married thrice while her other relationships are unknown.

Lyn married a Mexican sailor when she passed high school and was working as a waitress. She is known to have two children with him. The marriage, however, did not last long and she divorced five years later based on her husband’s abusive behavior.

She married and opened a Chinese restaurant in Mexico City with businessman Antonio Chi Su in 1989. Antonio died in 2008 due to prostate cancer.

Lyn May moved on and married another businessman Guillmero Calderon in the very year Antonio died but split up in 2012. The exotic dancer also claims to have had an affair with Mexican president Jose Lopez Portillo.

At present, Lyn May is in a relationship with Mexican musician Marcos D1 and is enjoying her love life. It is rumored that she is pregnant which is pretty amazing given Lyn May’s age.

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Lyn May’s Daughters

Lyn May’s Daughters - lyn may plastic surgery

As mentioned earlier, Lyn May is super private when it comes to her family. She has a total of three daughters two of whom she shares with her first sailor husband. In 2016, she revealed the existence of her third daughter but nothing is known about any one of them.

Let’s see for how much more time Lyn May keeps her children away from the limelight.

Hobbies and Other Interests

Despite her age, Lyn May is very active on social media. She has uploaded around 500 pictures and has a total of 300K followers. She shares moments from her everyday life and enjoys the comments of her fans.

Being a great dancer, Lyn Man gives Tahitian dance classes and while she has traveled around the world she likes to stay in Mexico City. The actress still follows a very strict diet and has an active lifestyle.

Lyn May’s Age, Height, and Net Worth

Lyn May’s Age, Height - lyn may plastic surgery

As of 1952, Lyn May is 70 years of age. Her height and weight are 5 feet 3 inches and 55 kilograms, respectively. She has long black hair and dark brown eyes. Her net worth is estimated to be around $1 million in 2022.

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