How Liz Torres Lose 50 Pounds? Diet Plan, Before & After 2023

Liz Torres weight loss is a matter of consistent effort and sustainable change in lifestyle. But before all this, it required motivation to remain committed.

Being in a star is just as difficult as it is thrilling. It attracts attention and this attention can be bad. Ask any star and you will learn the level of self-consciousness they have to exercise because they know their viewers will judge anything and everything about them.

Body and looks make one great area that garners this scrutiny.

Under such limelight, it’s not uncommon for stars to crumble under pressure and strive for healthy or model-like weight only for the sake of public image. Liz Torres weight loss is not any different.

The actress started investing in her health out of an understanding that she could be and deserved to be in better shape. She understood the role her body was playing in building her social life.

So how did it all begin? You can say that it began with the cruelty that comes with scrutinizing attention from viewers. Or it may come from society’s programming and indoctrination about weight and beauty for women.

But you can also claim that the actress’ love for her body and health prompted her to opt for a weight loss journey.

Before we know the triggers behind this transformation, let’s learn some more about the person who underwent it.

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Who is Liz Torres?

Liz Torres

How did you feel when you watched Liz Torres playing Miss Patty again in the reboot of the famous sitcom ‘Gilmore Girls’? Did you recognize her? Were you satisfied with the new look?

Did she manage to keep the focus on her comedic skills without keeping you hooked on the weight loss transformation she had since the last season of the sitcom?

If you feel that you were more fascinated by the actress’ appearance – or change of it – rather than her acting skills, you are not alone. Thousands of her fans were left dumbfounded when they spotted her at the premiere of the show.

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Although that sitcom and its reboot make a large part of Liz Torres’ career, it doesn’t fully explain her TV personality.

A gifted comedian, Elizabeth Torres, started her career early and saw it booming in her teens. Following her performances in various nightclubs, her first appearance was on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson in 1962.

In 1993, she started playing the most loved role of her career to date as Mahalia Sanchez in The John Larroquette Show. Later, her role in Gilmore Girls attracted much attention.

She appeared in various other roles from regular to recurring and also replaced Barbara Colby Phyllis, a spinoff of Mary Tyler Moore in 1975.

Since the start of the millennium, the natural comedian has been venturing into more serious roles. Some of her dramas include King Rikki (2002), West of Brooklyn (2008), and Taylor (2005).

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Liz Torres Weight Loss Journey 2022

Liz Torres Weight Loss Journey 2021

The comedian who played the quirky and gossip-loving dance instructor in Gilmore Girls dazzled masses with her appearance in the sitcom’s reboot.

Maintaining her quirkiness, she stepped up a notch by including a fascinating appearance- thanks to her weight loss transformation.

But don’t think that that transformation was easy. She had to put in her efforts – from diet to lifestyle, she had to reinvent all areas of her life. You would appreciate that it was worth it. So did the comedian!

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Every successful weight loss journey needs a compelling argument to support it in the mind of pursuant. For Liz, this argument was her social impact.

Although she enjoyed command and authority because of her skills and love from the viewers, she could see the struggles of most overweight girls in the entertainment industry.

Though she appreciated them for trying to ride against the tide, she didn’t want to be one of them. It was difficult!

Another trigger was her not able to pursue any fashion trend. There was a time she had stopped looking at fashion magazines because none of the styles befitted her.

Despite all these understandings, the process of weight loss wasn’t easy for her. First, she was wary of going on a diet. Her relaxed eating habits meant that she was okay with a diet full of refined carbs and rich in fats.

Also, her lifestyle and health didn’t allow her to indulge in heavy workout sessions. She had the equipment to train but that wasn’t enough as she wasn’t motivated enough to do the work regularly. She couldn’t strain her muscles with heavy training either.

But something had to change and she knew it. So, she started with dieting and slight changes in lifestyle before diving into a whole-body workout plan.

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Liz Torres Diet Plan

When you would learn about the actress’ diet plan you would be amazed by its simplicity. Contrary to what is being claimed by most fitness gurus and personal trainers on the web, the comedian didn’t follow a ready-made dieting plan.

You should know that her weight loss journey didn’t last a day. Neither did it take mere weeks or months. Rather, the actress incorporated the changes in her life for years.

Before seeing significant results. Even after she has achieved her ideal body, she knew that she has to resist lousy habits to maintain this body.

In the beginning, she experimented with various diets and ideologies. It’s important for every person interested in losing or gaining weight that they knows their body and its relationship with food well. Some diets work for a person but are useless for others.

Sometimes, it’s not about the actual ingredients that matter, rather the timing of taking them has all the impact. For some others, the best diet follows their routine throughout the day allowing them to eat more after one activity and preventing them from indulging after another.

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Considering this basic knowledge about customizing diet plans, Liz created and pursued her diet. She included more complex carbs and micronutrients with ingredients like whole grain bread, salads, greens, and fish. Yogurt made another highlight of her daily intake.

She tried to cut out on caffeine but she reports that she failed. The only success she could get on her morning dose was halving her coffee serving and making Cuban coffee or double espresso.

For dinner, she took frozen meals.

If you consider her diet closely, you would see that she makes sure never to skip breakfast and dinner. In my opinion, this is her secret to success at this body transformation.
By making breakfast compulsory, she boosts her metabolism for the rest of the day.

Apparently, her breakfast is heavy with some portion of butter sneaking into it. Yet, she manages to keep it light by substituting butter with fake butter.

This fat-rich diet makes the breakfast filling without adding too many calories to the first meal of the day. In the end, she remains immune against hunger pangs because of this breakfast.

Making dinner a necessity has its own advantages. First, you would enjoy a peaceful sleep as you don’t have to get up in the middle of the night to eat something. Secondly, it helps your body to burn fats faster given you have taken dinner at the earliest and remained active till your bedtime.

You must note that for Liz, dieting made the most significant part of the whole ordeal. She only trained when she felt like it, which means that her health only depended on the food she consumed to remain healthy.

To counter the effect of a mood-based training strategy, she was adamant about not over-indulging on eating. She was mindful of portion sizes and never ate on impulse. When she felt tired and her body asked her to eat to fight tiredness she told herself that eating will only make her more tired.

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Liz Torres Workout Plan

Although training is her weakest point, she made some traceable changes in her lifestyle that pushed her to remain active. The first part of this lifestyle was the morning walk. She accompanied her neighbor for the walk five days a week at 4 am.

Oftentimes, she took the dog. The little dog got tired easily giving her another reason to burn calories in the form of having to carry back the dog.

Other than this, Liz followed no routine activity. She had a few pieces of training equipment lying around in her home gym. But she only used one of these pieces and others remained there waiting for her to have a fit of energy.

She didn’t go to the gym. She always relies on motivation to train and has a viewpoint that she can be more motivated when she sees the equipment lying around. Her best exercise is biking on her stationary bike.

Other pieces she has at her home gym include a treadmill and weight jump rope. She doesn’t use the treadmill often because this equipment doesn’t work well. Also, her use of weight jump rope is ended as her knees started complaining.

Other than waiting for her motivation to take hold of her workout plan, she commits to using her bike at least two times a week.

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Liz Torres Before And After Weight Loss Photos

Liz Torres Before And After Weight Loss

Before And After

Most viewers were shocked when Liz appeared at the premiere of the reboot of Gilmore Girls. Some even asked if Liz will join the season as Miss Patty or not. Liz’s transformation was so surprising that the masses couldn’t recognize her, initially.

There were signs of ageing, of course. But her leaner body and perfect figure caught the attention of most of her fans. Was the actress replaced? No! But it was the body that was changed immensely.

You can see that the actress lost huge weight in the last twelve years. It didn’t happen all of a sudden. In fact, the actress embarked on the ordeal well before 2013.

The Gilmore Girls’ fans spotted it later. But she appeared healthier and leaner in her previous projects including Devious Maids (2013) and My Mom and the Girl (2016).

It shows that the thing that made her success possible was her persistence.

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What Has Liz Torres Said about Her Weight Loss?

Liz Torres now seems to enjoy her transformation. After all, she earned it with hard work and commitment. But before she achieved these results, she felt left out because of her appearance. She tells an intriguing event that highlighted social bias aimed at fat people especially plus-sized women to express her motivational factor.

She talks about her tourist friend who didn’t want to visit Los Angeles. According to the friend, all women in that state are thin, making her feel intimidated. Torres comments that as a tourist, the friend had to keep her visit short. So, she wasn’t compromising her emotions for long. But the women in Hollywood have to feel the pressure every day without break.

And it’s the entertainment industry where looks make a major part of success. This insight was one of the many reasons for which she normalized the bias against fat people and worked so as to not get defeated by this bias.

She also comments on the invisibility she felt because of her physique. She said that to survive as a Hispanic, plus-sized actress, she had to make people hear you on the set. And it wasn’t always fun. She applauded all the plus-sized women in the industry to keep pushing their luck saying this ordeal is exhausting at its best.

One trick she gives for weight loss is about managing cravings. She tells that her trick is to tell her body the aftermath of instant snacking. Whenever her body tells her to go eat because it’s tired, she reminds herself that eating will only increase this tiredness. This dialogue keeps her from snacking at the wrong time.

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Take Away

Triggered by the social impact of her being overweight, Liz Torres decided to take the matter into her hands. She started the journey in the early 2010s and it took her some years before she could get the thin body she was yearning for.

Gilmore Girls fans were astonished to see Liz Torres weight loss on the premiere of the sitcom’s reboot. But the actress cleared the confusion soon by sharing her strategy and the motivation behind it.



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