Everything You Need To Know When Considering Lip Fillers 2023

Lip fillers are a type of cosmetic surgery, so called because it is not an essential procedure for your physical health. However, it can often be considered essential for mental health as it provides confidence in your body which improves your chances of success in life.

What may surprise you is that cosmetic surgery is not new. It was first used in 1817 to help improve the appearance of patients. Although its popularity has steadily increased, it is the last ten years have seen a huge rise in elected cosmetic surgery, potentially a result of the boom of selfies on the internet.

It’s now a huge business, with over $1 billion spent in Australia alone. That means, if you’re considering it you need to research the facts yourself and ensure you use a reputable surgeon, such as this cosmetic doctor Brisbane.

Understanding Lip Fillers

Understanding Lip Fillers
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As the name suggests, a lip filler is when a substance is injected into your lips to make them appear fuller. The most common substance is hyaluronic acid as this is a natural component in your body. In fact, it encourages water which means that lip fillers are part compound and part water.

Having them boosts the fullness of the lips and helps to eliminate the lines that appear around the mouth, from years of smiling and chewing.

How Long Do They Last

A good doctor will numb your lips before they add the filler. This means that the operation itself is painless. However, because your lips have been punctured with a needle and fluid has been injected, your body will react. It’s normal to have swollen lips and possibly bruising for 3-4 days after the procedure. Icing the area can help but never apply ice directly to the skin.

After 4 days, the swelling should have gone and you’ll be able to see your new fuller lips. Because the filler replicates a substance naturally found in the body it will disperse over time. In general, you can expect the lip fillers to last 6-12 months.

That means if you don’t like the look you can simply wait for them to return to normal. It is possible to add a dissolving fluid that removes the hyaluronic acid. However, this isn’t generally recommended.

You should also note that lip fillers can result in slightly uneven lips due to how they spread through the tissue. This shouldn’t be noticeable visibly but you will be able to feel it.

Benefits Of Lip Fillers

Benefits Of Lip Fillers
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If you’re wondering whether lip fillers are for you then you may want to know the benefits:

  • Improved confidence

This is, undoubtedly, the biggest benefit. Having your lips filled will make you look younger and feel more confident. That can make a huge difference in life as you’ll feel more capable of doing anything.

  • Balances your face

If you have an imbalance in your lips then the filler can be a great way to add symmetry to your lips which will transform your face.

  • Not permanent

The deciding factor for many people is that it’s non-invasive and not permanent. In other words, if you don’t like it then you only have to live with it for a short while.

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