Lauren Ash Weight Loss: How Did She Go Through PCOS?

Actress Lauren Ash, known for her roles in “Not Dead Yet” and “Superstore,” has candidly discussed her journey of weight loss and her experience with a chronic illness.

Lauren Ash, known for her role as Dina Fox on the beloved show “Superstore,” has recently made waves in the media, not just for her acting career but also for her remarkable weight loss journey and her battle with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome).

Lauren Ash Weight Loss

Quick Facts

Full Name Lauren Elizabeth Ash
Age 40 Years
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Profession American Actress, Comedian
Sexuality Straight
Nationality Canadian
Date of Birth February 4, 1983
Place of Birth Belleville, Canada
Relationship Status Unmarried
Height  5 feet, 6 inches
Weight 82 Kg (180 Lbs)
Net Worth $5 Million

Lauren Ash’s portrayal of Dina Fox on NBC’s “Superstore” left a lasting impression on fans. After the show concluded in 2021, fans eagerly awaited her return to the small screen.

In February 2023, that moment arrived as she debuted as Lexie on ABC’s “Not Dead Yet,” where she shares the screen with talented actresses Gina Rodriguez and Hannah Simone.

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Laura Ash Has Spoken Over The Buzz About Her Weight Lose


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Over the past year, social media has been buzzing with discussions about Lauren Ash’s weight loss. Many fans were curious about the dramatic change in her physique. Some even speculated that she had undergone weight loss surgery.

However, Lauren was quick to set the record straight. In May 2022, she addressed these rumors on her Instagram, emphasizing that the journey from a larger body to a smaller one comes with its own set of challenges.

You know what’s fun? When you’re overweight in a larger body, people post that they’re worried about your health more than you. Then, when you transition into a slimmer body, people post that they’re still so concerned for your health,” Lauren wrote.

Lauren made it clear that her weight loss was not the result of any crash diet or surgical procedure. Instead, she revealed that stress reduction played a significant role in her transformation.

And to the people asking me for my ‘secret,’ please stop. There is no secret,” she continued. “I removed stress from my life. That’s it.

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Laura Ash’s Silent Battle with Chronic Illness PCOS

Lauren Ash didn’t stop at addressing her weight loss. She also opened up about her silent battle with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) in June 2022. PCOS is a common illness affecting millions of women of childbearing age, caused by an imbalance of reproductive hormones.

It can lead to various symptoms, including acne, hair loss, and, in many cases, weight gain.

Lauren shared a poignant photo of herself before and after receiving treatment for PCOS, accompanied by an honest letter to her fans. In it, she revealed the toll that PCOS had taken on her over the years.

I took the photo on the left five years ago. I underwent emergency surgery due to recurrent cysts on my right ovary, a mere six months after my initial surgery for cysts on the same ovary.” Lauren shared.

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How Did She Triumph Over The Long-Term PCOS?


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Lauren Ash’s journey was far from easy. She has faced numerous challenges, including recurrent surgeries and chronic illness. Despite the assumptions and accusations she encountered along the way, she remained resilient and determined.

She stated, For those who are quick to make assumptions about my weight loss, leveling accusations of secret procedures and other unfounded claims, I implore you to please stop and reconsider. I’m someone who lives with a chronic illness,

She continued. “Managing chronic illnesses can be a lengthy journey, sometimes spanning years or even a lifetime. I didn’t resort to dieting, and when I’ve attempted to clarify my journey publicly, I’ve faced unwarranted skepticism.”

She concluded with a powerful message: So just remember, you can never know what someone is going through behind the scenes.” Despite her past health struggles, Lauren Ash is doing well and thriving.

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