Laura Geller Weight Loss: How Did Laura Shed Pounds?

Laura Geller Weight Loss: How Did Laura Shed Pounds?

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Laura Geller, a makeup icon with a two-decade career, not only graces QVC but also owns ‘Laura Geller’—a makeup brand adored by women of all ages.

A veteran in the industry, she swiftly established her brand, emphasizing inclusivity and revolutionizing beauty standards. Her commitment to featuring models over 40 further exemplifies her bold approach, garnering success.

Now, shifting focus to a new development, fans are buzzing about Laura Geller recent weight loss.

Let’s delve into the details of her transformative journey.

Quick Facts

Full Name Laura Geller
Age (As of 2024) 73 Years
Profession American Makeup Artist
Founder of Laura Geller
Sexuality Straight
Nationality American
Year of Birth 1958
Place Of Birth Bronx, New York
Relationship Status Married
Spouse Richard A. Seigel
Children Daniel Seigel
Height 5 feet, 6 inches
Weight 68 Kg (171 Lbs)
Laura Geller Net Worth $4 Million

Did Laura Geller Adopt Workout Routine For Weight Loss?

Did Laura Geller Adopt Workout Routine For Weight Loss


@Laura Geller has maintained a degree of privacy surrounding her weight loss journey. Despite her silence on the matter, fans speculate that the pandemic may have played a role. Known for her previous fuller figure, Laura’s recent transformation suggests a possible adoption of a workout routine during lockdowns.

Exercises like facial exercises, cardio, and neck rolls, coupled with lifestyle changes such as increased water intake, reduced alcohol consumption, and improved sleep, are believed to contribute to her weight loss.

These adjustments might have been more feasible during the pandemic, offering a plausible explanation for the change.

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Laura Geller Before & After Weight Loss Transformation

Laura Geller Before & After Weight Loss Transformation


While the weight loss isn’t drastic, it is undeniably visible, particularly in areas like her face and neck. Comparing before and after pictures, it’s apparent that Laura Geller still maintains a healthy appearance.

Despite not being a radical transformation, the change has left her looking fresh and beautiful, garnering attention and admiration from fans.

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What Were Fans’ Reactions Toward Laura Geller’s Weight Loss?

What Were Fans’ Reactions Toward Laura Geller’s Weight Loss?


Fans, ever vigilant, quickly noticed and initiated discussions on platforms like the QVC community chat, dedicating threads to Laura Geller’s weight loss. Positive reactions flooded in, with fans expressing support and congratulations. However, not all responses were unanimously positive.

Some critics deemed it rude to comment on someone’s appearance, particularly regarding weight loss, arguing that it implies a negative judgment about their previous appearance.

Yet, others maintained a mature perspective, emphasizing that celebrating someone’s weight loss can be a genuine expression of happiness for their improved health.


While fans are eager to learn more about Laura Geller’s weight loss, it appears unlikely that she will openly discuss it. The subtle nature of the transformation suggests a natural process, leaving room for speculation on the factors contributing to her changed appearance.

In the end, whether through intentional efforts or unforeseen changes, the focus remains on celebrating positive transformations without passing judgment on one’s past self.

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