How Lana Del Rey Gain 25 KG Weight? – Here’s How Twitter & Instagram Took Her Transformation 2023

Lana Del Rey’s weight gain made headlines in 2020, and she is still being criticized for her body fat. In February 2020, a paparazzi picture of Lana Rey set the internet on fire, and social media started trolling and bashing her. As a result, her fans also came forward and defended the Born to Die star.

Lana Del Rey is an American singer and songwriter known for her cinematic music style with references to American 50s and 60s pop culture. The singer has received multiple international awards, and the list includes Grammy Awards, Brit Awards, Satellite Awards, and MTV Europe Music Awards. Del Rey officially started her career at a very young age in 2005 and got wide recognition.

Lana Del Rey Weight Gain before and after
Lana Del Rey Weight Gain Before and After

Upto now, the influential singer and songwriter have released many studio albums, and her most recent studio album is Blue Banisters, released in 2021.

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Lana Del Rey Controversies on Weight Gain

Del Rey was not only known for her singing and songwriting skills but also her beauty and slim figure. As she stepped into the world of music in her early years, fans were used to seeing her perfect slim figure.

Lana Del Rey Controversies on Weight Gain

However, in 2020, Del Rey gained some weight and became a plus size. As a result, her fans and followers started criticizing her on the internet. According to MTO NEWS, the singer has got 75 lbs, but this does not seem correct as, from Del Rey’s pictures, she seems to have gained weight around 45 lbs.

At the same time, during this weight gain controversy, one of her fans posted a picture with Del Rey in which she was wearing a loose, bulky orange jacket with bike shorts. That bulky jacket made her look much fat, and thus it added fuel to the fire of her weight gain controversies.

How Lana Del Rey Got So Much Weight?

Lana Del Rey is a beautiful singer from the inside out. She started her musical career in 2005, and since then, her fans and followers are noticing her weight.

During the pandemic, when everything shut down, and everybody was just staying at home and eating healthy food for quite a long and not going to the gym and parks, it was common for people to gain weight.

The same happened to the Born to Die singer; when she appeared in public after a long time, people noticed a significant weight gain in her body.

What Is The Current Weight Of Lana Del Rey?

According to some media sources, Del Rey’s current weight is around 65 kg or 143 lbs. But after looking at her recent Instagram pictures, the Born To Die star seems to weigh around 85kg.

Current Weight Of Lana Del Rey

However, the glamrous singer still has a lot of positivity and charm in her personality and trying to get on a healthy track.

Internet Reaction On Lana Del Rey Weight Gain

Despite Del Rey’s great contributions to the music industry, she is more often in the news for Lana Del Rey weight gain than for her songs. Rather than appreciating her achievements in the world of music, people seem to be more interested in her body weight and how she looks.

Internet Reaction On Lana Del Rey Weight Gain

In 2020, during the quarantine time, when the Born To Die singer went out to buy stuff for Independence day decoration in a revealing outfit with short denim cropped bottom paired with a black top and cap, a paparazzi took a picture of her and then posted it on Daily Mail.

As a result, people took the responsibility to troll her and gave her tough comments. Multiple social media platforms have trended Lana Rey’s weight gain, some critiquing her, some supporting her.

Instagram Reaction to Lana Del Rey Weight Gain

In response to Lana’s weight gain, many people bashed and trolled her on Instagram.


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Some people called her Lana Del Porkchop, A linebacker, fridge, and many other inappropriate words. Even a social media user said to cover her big thighs; in short, almost all the comments bashed her.

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Twitter Reaction On Lana Del Rey Weight Gain

Lana is no new to controversies and social media trolling especially on Twitter. In 2018 she faced a lot of criticism on Twitter because of her racism scandal. In 2020, many people on Twitter started to troll her for her massive weight gain and used double meaning and inappropriate comments about the singer.

But as we know, social media has users with different mindsets, and everybody has his own unique opinion.

While people were bashing Del Rey for her weight and appearance, there were fans of this Born to Die singer who came forward to defend her and started a trend with the hashtag #WeLoveYouLana.

One of Her Fans Tweeted

“It’s not your turn to judge Lana and teach her to be a woman. Lana haters listen to Love by Lana more times, she will teach you guys how to love and treat people nicely.”


Lana Del Rey has been the subject of weight gain controversies and internet reactions for years. Some people love her for her curves, while others think she’s too heavy. Whatever people think about Del Rey’s weight, one thing is certain: she isn’t afraid to flaunt her curves, no matter what the haters say.

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