Keely Shaye Smith Weight Loss Diet Plan Workout Routine 2023

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Keely Shaye Smith recently lost significant weight and inspired fans with this transformation. Continue reading to find out how she did it. Keely Shaye Smith weight loss is followed by the masses because of its significance and impact on her personality.

What they miss is her positive attitude toward her body and her motivation behind weight loss. This article talks about the journalist, her family history, and her struggles with weight.

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Who is Keely Shaye Smith

Who is Keely Shaye Smith


Keely Shaye Smith is married to Pierce Brosnan and uses the married name, Keely Brosnan. Loved for her positive vibes and brightening impact on her husband, the celebrity wife married Brosnan in 2001.

Only a few people know that journalist-cum-filmmaker started her career as an actress before turning to journalism and filmmaking in later years.

Her 1986 music video Stuck with You is still known as her most famous work. In the same decade, she appeared in a few other small roles in TV series and films. She also worked as an entertainment correspondent for Today and Entertainment Tonight.

She was interviewing the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Ted Danson, Madonna, and Michael Jordan in those days. One such meeting led her to her meeting with her husband in Mexico.

Soon after, she upheld her cause for environmental protection with a focus on marine life preservation. She volunteered her time documenting the issues in films. Her interest in environmental preservation also appears in her hobbies of gardening and horticulture.

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Keely’s Family Background

Keely’s Family Background


She met Pierce in 1994 three years after his first wife’s death. After 7 years of dating and supporting each other, the two tied the knot in 2001.

The couple has two sons: Paris Brosnan and Dylan Brosnan. Pierce Brosnan is also the father to Sean Brosnan and adoptive father to Christopher Brosnan and the late Charlotte Brosnan.

Here is a brief bio of Keely:

Full Name Keely Shaye Smith
Famous Name Keely Brosnan
Date of Birth September 23, 1963
Age 59 years
Zodiac Sign Libra
Place of Birth Vallejo, CA
Height 5 feet 8 inches
Weight 200 pounds

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Keely Shaye Smith Net Worth

Keely is the wife of celebrated Irish actor and film producer Pierce Brosnan. Because of this affiliation, people often confuse her net worth with that of her husband claiming her to have an asset base of a hundred million.

While Keely is a millionaire, her net worth still is overshadowed by that of her husband. Reportedly, she only owns 10 million dollars of fortune.

This figure represents her decades-long career as an actress, journalist, and filmmaker.

When Keely Shaye Smith Started to Gain Weight

Keely Shaye Smith Started to Gain Weight


In the 1980s, Keely was working on her acting career. That decade saw her as slim and svelte as any other promising actress. She continued to maintain her figure in the mid-1990s when she met her husband and beyond.

Things started to change with the birth of her first son. Keely went from a slender body to a curvy physique within a matter of months. Because she focused more on her son and had little time to tend to her body, she saw immediate changes. Also, the effect of pregnancy-induced weight gain lingered longer.

Women often have to take proactive measures to shed their pregnancy weight post-delivery. But Keely Shaye didn’t mind this change so never tried.

Marriage also changed her lifestyle allowing her to let go of the strict lean body standards she previously stuck with. At the same time, she had already left acting to pursue journalism, social activism, and filmmaking. This change in her career allowed her to go easy on her appearance.

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Keely Shaye Smith Reasons Behind Weight Gain

We can see that Kelly Brosnan’s weight gain is linked to her son’s birth. Note that the celebrity wife remained in the limelight for a long part of her career.

Her acting career and resulting fame forced her to manage her weight and appearance according to stringent standards put forth by the viewers. In the first decade of her acting career, she stuck with those standards.

But her son’s birth impacted her priorities and we soon saw her venturing into social activism leaving her acting career behind.

This laid-back lifestyle allowed her to let go of her perfect body. She is also a firm believer in body positivity. So, she wasn’t much motivated to change her lifestyle.

Although she led an active lifestyle, she didn’t focus much on her calorie intake and intense exercises to lose weight. These small changes in her attitude towards fat burning or accumulating combined with post-pregnancy weight resulted in her excessive weight.

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Keely Shaye Smith Fans’ Reaction

Although she had gained more than 50 pounds, she never saw herself negatively. Like any other leading figure in the entertainment industry, she faced strict scrutiny over her weight. People claimed that her husband, Pierce, will leave her because of her weight gain. Some even urged her husband to break up because the two don’t look cool together anymore.

The criticism from viewers and fans was harsh and could easily break her confidence. But she remained unapologetic about her appearance and so did her husband. Despite the pressure to break up, the two stuck together and had each other’s back.

Keely Shaye Smith Weight Loss Motivation

We see that although fans critiqued Keely a lot for her body image choices, she – or her husband – didn’t pay much attention to her. Instead of acknowledging the opinions of naysayers, she kept true to her body.

Her confidence never wavered – we can see this from her Instagram posts. She boldly kept flaunting herself in her Instagram pictures.

Her image in the public eye never bothered her enough to change her lifestyle, eating choices, or activity level.

She continued to gain weight even after the birth of her second child. Her motivation came from her health needs. When she noticed that the increasing weight was affecting her quality of life, she decided to change her direction.

She took result-oriented measures to support this decision. One thing fans should notice is the significance of Keely Shaye Smith’s success on her weight loss journey as well as its longevity.

Most people lose weight and get back in shape only to gain it back much to their displeasure. But things were different for Keely. She could keep her weight off years after losing it because she lost it for the right reasons.

If her reason to become slim and slender had arisen as a career choice, she would have gone back on it several times till now. But she decided for herself and her health. Nothing – not even steaming steak – could demotivate her from this decision.

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How Keely Shaye Smith Lost 100 Pounds

The biggest factor that helped Keely Shaye Smith lose weight is her motive behind it. She used her passion to live a healthy and happy life to remain disciplined.

Most fitness gurus point out the importance of dieting and exercise for attaining an ideal body. But these changes bear no fruit if you don’t commit to the fitness strategy long enough.

Keely Brosnan’s Weight Loss Diet

Other than keeping a positive and healthy mindset, Mrs. Brosnan reverted to natural and high-fiber foods. Keely went with healthier fats that could give her enough energy to go through her day-to-day activities.

Choosing complex carbs in place of refined carbs was another choice. At the same time, she kept her portions small to prevent extra calories from sneaking into her diet.

She included anti-toxic foods to get rid of unhealthy chemicals built up within her body. Doing this increased her metabolism and indirectly affected her fat-burning pace.

Keely hasn’t shared her complete weight loss meal plan. But we are including a sample dieting plan to lose weight fast.

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Mealtime Food
Breakfast Fresh fruit or fat-free milk juice with egg whites or organic oat cereal
Lunch Vegetable or chicken salad
Dinner Grilled chicken breast with spinach / Steamed shrimp with fruit or low calorie ice cream bar

Keely’s Exercise Plan

Keely’s Exercise Plan


Keely used aerobic exercises to remain fit and healthy. She started with easier exercises that could fit within her schedule without needing visits to the gym. With time, she increased the duration and intensity of her workouts.

Her workout sessions took more than fifteen minutes and after warming up with random exercises like running or jumping, she indulged in crunches, plank, lunges, leg ups, and squats.

Although she worked out for less than an hour a day, she made use of her stored fats all day by remaining physically active.

Here is a sample workout plan most women use to get back in shape. Note that it may or may not reflect Keely’s exercises.

Exercise Time Reps
Running or stretching 5-10 minutes  
Legs up 3 sets 10-15 times
Standing and Jumping Lunges 2 sets 5-10 times
Regular and Jumping Squats 2 sets 5-10 times

Keely Shaye Smith Before and After Weight Loss

Keely Shaye Smith Before and After Weight Loss


The only difference we can see in her photos is a change in her physique. Even when she was fat, she was just as vibrant and confident as she is these days.

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What is Keely Smith’s Reason for Fame?

Keely Smith is a well-known social activist and environmental advocate. She started her career by acting and branched out in journalism and filmmaking. Her fame mostly comes from her status as the wife of Pierce Brosnan.

What is Keely Smith’s Age?

As of 2022, Keely is 59 years old.

What is Keely Smith’s Profession?

Keely Smith is an actress turned filmmaker and journalist.

What is Keely Shaye Smith’s Nationality?

Keely Smith is American.

Does Keely Shaye Smith Have Children?

Keely and Pierce Brosnan have two sons.

Take Away

Keely Smith has lost 100 pounds in the last few years. If you are a fitness enthusiast who is struggling with weight, this is an inspiring figure. She topped up strict dieting and workout routine with her positive attitude towards weight loss to get her perfect body.

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