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Katy Mixon Weight Gain & Weight Loss Controversies 2023

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Since 2018, Katy Mixon weight gain has been a hot topic, and the actress is facing backlash. Mixon got weight on purpose just to fit in the role of the “American Housewife” series, which her fans did not take positively. Let’s discover more about her weight gain controversies.

Katy Mixon is an American actress best known for her role as Katie Otto in the ABC sitcom American Housewife. The 41 years old actress started her career by playing supporting roles in The Quiet, Zombie Prom, Blind Dating, Finding Amanda, etc., and later offered big roles.

The Thing About Pam is her latest crime comedy-drama television miniseries in which she stars as Betsy Faria. Mixon got huge recognition and a fan following because of her talent and wonderful looks in the series.

Besides her good career and latest ongoing series, her weight gain has been the subject of much speculation. People are more curious to know about her weight gain and weight loss.

Here we’ll take a look at Katy Mixon weight gain and weight loss controversies, the reason behind her weight gain, and some of the backlash she has received due to her weight.

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What Are Katy Mixon Weight Gain Controversies?

Katy Mixon Weight Gain Controversies

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Mixon, who stands at 5 feet 5 inches tall, has now been a bit on the heavier side. She has never been a zero-size actress and in fact, has often embraced herself. However, in recent years, it seems as though her weight has gradually been increasing.

Back in 2018, when Katy lost weight she became in a lot of weight loss controversies as people were saying that she has gone through weight loss surgery or some said she had a keto diet.

But recently the actress of American Housewife is again in controversy but this time it is because of her weight gain.

Katy Mixon’s Reaction To Her Weight Gain Controversies

A celebrity’s life is not all about the limelight; you also have to deal with a lot of backlash from the fans, particularly when it comes to your appearance. When Katy Mixon fans began to notice her weight loss and then sudden weight gain she became into a lot of controversies.

But this strong-headed woman didn’t pay any attention to all these things and felt confident in every size. Not only she feels confident but also seems to flaunt her body.

Why Katy Mixon Got Weight?

Why Katy Mixon Got Weight?

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The popular television actress Katy Mixon, who won the hearts through her character in American Housewife, has recently been the subject of weight gain speculation. While her character in the show is a mother, fans have noticed that Katy herself has recently gained a significant amount of weight.

The reason behind her weight gain is that she is playing a character of a mother of three children who is struggling to adjust to a new hometown with rich neighborhoods and taking care of her house, kids, and husband. Her role demands her to look bulky, so she got weight to fit in the role, which her fans did not take positively.

Also, she was pregnant during seasons 1 and 2 of American Housewife and therefore got a lot of weight. However, currently, during season 3, she has reduced her weight but still seems bulky.

Her character in the series also demands her like this. Whatever the reason for Katy weight gain, it’s clear that it hasn’t affected her career or her ability to star in American Housewife. In fact, if anything, it seems to have only made her more relatable to viewers!

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How Many Pounds Did Katy Mixon Get?

In 2018, the whole discussion was about her weight loss, and Katy Mixon amazingly lost around 55 lbs. At that time, it was believed that the actress lost these extra pounds through a healthy diet plan and skipping unhealthy items from her diet

But after 2018, the actress has to get the weight to fit in the role of a mother of three children in the American Housewife series. So, she got extra lbs, and now her current weight is around 130lbs, and she really looks fit for her role. But later, it was speculated that she had undergone weight loss surgery to lose extra lbs.

The Thing About Pam- A True Story

The Thing About Pam is an American True Crime Comedy Drama series released in 2022, and Mixon portrays the character of Betsy Faria. The IMDB rating of this series is 7.2/10. The series focuses on Pam Hupp’s involvement in Betsy Faria’s 2011 murder.

The film’s main cast includes Katy Mixon, Josh Duhamel, Glenn Fleshler, Judy Greer, Mac Brandt Gideon Adlon, Sean Bridgers, and Suanne Spoke.

On the night of December 27, 2011, in Troy, Missouri. Betsy Faria, a former co-worker of Hupp who had cancer, was found dead in her home. Before her death, house-flipper Pam Hupp was the last to see Betsy. When the police started interrogating Betsy’s death, they found her husband the first suspect and took him into custody.

After 24 hours of interrogation, the police released Russ from the station. Russ hired
Joel Schwartz and Nate Swanson as his lawyer in the case. Joel and Nate investigate the crime and determine Betsy was strangled and stabbed postmortem. They also discover that Betsy’s $150,000 life insurance policy was transferred to Pam from Russ four days before she passed away.

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Hupp, the last person to see Betsy alive, testified Russ had threatened to suffocate her with a pillow and said he was abusive to his wife, and another witness also claimed Hupp mentioned Russ’ threat to suffocate his wife.

Despite the lack of evidence that Russ committed the crime, Hupp’s statements made her the case’s primary witness. Police and Askey refused to rule out Russ as a suspect after he was charged with her murder in 2012. In November 2013, a jury convicted him and sentenced him to life in prison. Later in 2019, Hupp was also charged with murdering Louis Gumpenberger, but instead of facing the death penalty, she pleaded with Alford to avoid the death penalty.


Katy Mixon weight gain has been a topic of discussion ever since she first stepped into the series American Housewife. Some people have been critical of her weight gain sacrifice, while others have been supportive. No matter what your opinion is, there is no denying that Katy looks happy and healthy at her current weight. We hope she continues to feel confident and beautiful, regardless of what the haters say.

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