Kat Von D Weight Gain: How Did She Manage To Shed 85 Pounds?

Kat Von D, the well-known tattoo artist, made headlines for gaining weight after her recent pregnancy. Despite facing challenges, she successfully shed the extra pounds, regaining her slim and sleek shape.

Katherine von Drachenberg, widely known as Kat Von D, is a Mexican-American tattoo artist, TV personality, and entrepreneur who gained global fame for her diverse talents. Born on March 8, 1982, in Mexico, Kat is recognized for her contributions to the tattoo industry and her ventures in beauty, fashion, and music.

Let’s jump in to know more about her weight-related struggles and more.

Quick Facts

Full Name Katherine von Drachenberg
Professional Name Kat Von D
Age (As of 2024) 41 Years
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Profession Mexican-American Tattoo Artist, TV Personality, Entrepreneur and Recording artist
Sexuality Straight
Nationality Mexican-American
Date of Birth March 08, 1982
Place Of Birth Montemorelos, Mexico
Father René Drachenberg
Mother Sylvia Galeano
Siblings Karoline von Drachenberg, Michael von Drachenberg
Relationship Status Married
Spouse Rafael Reyes (m. 2018), Oliver Peck (m. 2003–2007)
Children 1
Height 5 feet, 8 inches
Weight 61 Kg (135 Lbs)
Net Worth $35 Million

Kat Von D’s Personal Struggle with Post-Pregnancy Weight Gain

Kat Von D's Personal Struggle with Post-Pregnancy Weight Gain
Source: Canva.com

After becoming a mother in November 2018, Kat Von D took an unconventional route by openly discussing her challenges with weight gain during pregnancy. Unlike many celebrities who keep their personal lives private, Kat shared her journey on Instagram, providing insights into her fitness even during pregnancy.

At 38 weeks, she impressed followers with a photo showcasing her baby bump during a hiking session.

Despite her dedication to staying fit during pregnancy, Kat faced difficulties losing weight after giving birth. In an honest display of vulnerability, she shared her postpartum experiences, resonating with fans and earning admiration for her authenticity.

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Emotional Toll on Kat’s Self-Esteem After Reaching 220 Lbs


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Kat Von D opened up about the impact of her postpartum body on her self-esteem. While embracing her curves, she admitted to facing challenges in returning to her pre-pregnancy body shape.

Expressing her struggles, she revealed surprising weight gains, reaching a peak of 220 pounds. Many mothers empathized with her journey, sharing similar experiences of prolonged efforts to shed post-pregnancy weight.

Kat Von D’s Previous Weight Kat Von D’s Current Weight Total Weight Lost
99 Kg (220 Lbs) 61 Kg (135 Lbs) 35 Kg (85 Lbs)

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Kat’s Gradual Weight Loss Journey

Kat's Gradual Weight Loss Journey
Source: Canva.com

In an Instagram post, Kat documented her post-pregnancy workout routine, showcasing her dedication to regaining her shape. She emphasized the importance of sharing the unedited reality of motherhood, challenging the idealized portrayals often seen on social media.

Regular gym sessions, including weightlifting with dumbbells, became integral to her routine, gradually yielding positive results.

Kat’s commitment to fitness predates motherhood, as she maintained an active lifestyle and adopted a vegan diet in 2011. Her dedication to a cruelty-free, vegan lifestyle extended to her makeup brand, initially known as “Kat Von D Makeup,” later rebranded as “KVD Vegan Beauty” after she sold it to its parent company.

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Kat Von D’s Controversial Yet Honest Personality


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Despite controversies surrounding her faith and beliefs, Kat Von D remains a fan favorite with millions of devoted followers.

Her candid portrayal of the struggles of pregnancy and post-partum challenges has strengthened her connection with fans, showcasing a relatable side to her celebrity persona.


Q: How did Kat Von D maintain her fitness during pregnancy?

Ans: Kat Von D stayed active and shared her journey on Instagram, showcasing her commitment to fitness, even while expecting.

Q: What inspired Kat Von D to Adopt a vegan lifestyle?

Ans: Kat embraced a vegan diet in 2011, driven by a desire to align her actions with her values of cruelty-free living.

Q: How did Kat Von D’s Makeup Brand Evolve after she Sold it?

Ans: After selling her brand, it was renamed “KVD Vegan Beauty,” reflecting Kat’s dedication to cruelty-free and vegan beauty products.

Q: What was Kan on D’s highest Weight?

Ans: Kat Von D reached around 220 pounds at her highest weight.

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