Karen Gillan Weight Gain Pregnancy Speculations Explored

Karen Gillan Weight Gain: Pregnancy Speculations Explored

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“There’s been talk about Karen Gillan weight gain, with some even suggesting that the Guardian of the Galaxy actress might be pregnant. However, Nebula actress Karen Gillian has not confirmed anything regarding her weight gain at this time.”

Recently, there has been a buzz surrounding Karen Gillan’s weight gain, with speculations even hinting at a possible pregnancy.

The Scottish actress, renowned for her roles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Jumanji series, has yet to confirm or deny these rumors, leaving fans curious about the truth behind her noticeable transformation. Let’s jump in to know more.

Quick Facts

Full Name Karen Sheila Gillan
Age (As of 2024) 36 Years
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Profession Scottish Actress, Filmmaker
Sexuality Straight
Nationality British/Scottish
Date of Birth November 26, 1987
Place Of Birth Inverness, United Kingdom
Father Raymond John Gillan
Mother Marie Gillan
Relationship Status Married
Spouse Nick Kocher ​(m. 2022)​
Height 5 feet, 10 inches
Weight 58 Kg (128 Lbs)
Net Worth $8 Million

Karen Gillan’s Weight Gain Rumors: Has she Gained Pounds?

Karen Gillan's Weight Gain Rumors Has she Gained Pounds

Source: Canva.com

When Guardians of the Galaxy hit the screens, fans couldn’t help but notice Karen Gillan’s appearance, suggesting that she looked heavier than before. The speculation about her pregnancy quickly spread, fueled by her apparent weight gain in the movie.

However, a Reddit conspiracy theory claimed that Nebula’s character had been digitally altered into someone else’s body.

Despite the ongoing rumors, Gillan remains tight-lipped about her weight gain. She did mention that people’s perceptions might have been influenced by her awkward pose in the character poster.

The actress has previously opened up about her struggles with body image, emphasizing the importance of being healthy and comfortable with one’s body, regardless of societal expectations.

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Karen Gillan’s Workout Regime and Dietary Practices

In an interview with Healthista, Karen Gillan’s trainer revealed that the actress enjoys activities like jumping rope and focuses on weight resistance and core training. The preparation for fight scenes in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 required her to learn multiple martial arts styles, leading to a diverse workout routine.

Gillan modified her workout to include more weightlifting and fewer cardio exercises. Squats and barbell deadlifts were her go-to exercises for leg strengthening.

She made significant changes to her diet, increasing protein intake with morning protein smoothies and opting for healthier snacks like almond butter and apples. Her calorie intake also saw a surge during filming or role preparation.

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Are Karen Gillan’s Pregnancy Rumors True or Not?

Are Karen Gillan’s Pregnancy Rumors True or Not

Source: deviantart.com

The speculation around Karen Gillan’s weight gain reached new heights, with fans suggesting that Nebula appeared bigger than in previous movies. Internet trolls targeted Gillan for allegedly ruining Nebula’s aesthetics. While some Scottish websites claim she is pregnant, there’s no confirmation on whether this is true or mere speculation.

Supporters of the pregnancy rumors point to her Instagram posts where she supports a baby bump. However, closer inspection reveals that Gillan maintains her tall and modelesque appearance.

Considering that Karen Gillan got married around a year ago, some fans theorize that she and her husband might be expecting a child. Without credible sources reporting on her pregnancy, we can only await official confirmation from the actress herself.


The actress has not addressed the ongoing speculations about Karen Gillan weight gain and pregnancy. As she keeps her personal life private, respecting her boundaries and patiently waiting for any official statement is essential.

Despite the rumors, there are no confirmed reports on Karen Gillan’s pregnancy, making fans in the dark about the truth behind the speculations.

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