How Jorge Garcia Lose 100 LBS? – Diet, Before & After 2023

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Jorge Garcia weight loss 2022 is a source of inspiration for many of us. The actor went from 400lbs to 300lbs within two years. Here is all you need to know about the transformation.

It’s not unheard of for Jorge Garcia to lose weight and get in better shape only to gain it back after some time.

In fact, his weight maintenance journey is so varying that fans were often left wondering will he ever take his health seriously.

You will be glad to know that the Lost star has attended to the impending risks and has worked on his fitness.

His last public appearance left his fans in awe when they witnessed his transformational weight loss.

But was it that easy? How did the actor find motivation? How did he manage his diet and exercise?

What were the background factors? And is he satisfied with his achievements? In the end, we also want to know what he is up to after this transformation.

This post will cover everything you need to know about Jorge Garcia weight loss 2022.

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Who is Jorge Garcia?

Who is Jorge Garcia

Jorge Garcia shed 100lbs of fat in a few months and went from 400lbs to 300lbs in a short duration. This information is both liberating and inspirational.

But what is more inspiring are the actor’s years of struggle against weight loss. You can only appreciate the transformation wholly if you follow his journey from the start. But to do that, you have to see the person behind this transformation.

Meet Jorge Garcia – the 49-year-old American who earned fame with his role as Hector Lopez in the 2003 TV show Becker. Later, he played the role of Hugo ‘Hurley’ Reyes in the TV series Lost from 2004 to 2010.

Jorge’s parents were Chilean. His father was a Chilean doctor while his mother was a professor who came from Cuba. Jorge grew up in California.

He graduated from high school with flying colors. After studying acting in college, he worked at Borders Books and Music for six years before attracting the attention he deserved.

His recent projects include The Munsters, The Masked Singer, and Condor’s Nest.

It seems that despite his family’s scholarly background, he was inclined toward acting as a career from the beginning. And he achieved his goal.

But did he manage to achieve his fitness goals? Now, we can say that he did. But before last year, we couldn’t be so sure.

The actor always wanted to improve his physique. But as the weight persisted, we could see how successful he was in making his want true.

His physique was categorized as obese back in 2006. At that time, his doctors started reminding him about the health issues that may accompany this BMI.

These reports caught his attention. Consequently, he went on dieting. Soon, he reported a weight loss of 30 pounds.

That was a considerable achievement given his lifestyle and the short period in which he attained it.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t maintain his weight at that point. Soon, he was back to a diet full of rum and burritos and this started showing on the scale.

In 2014 again, he was hovering near the danger zone. At that time, he weighed 400 lbs and this level of obesity threatened his heart health. His doctor also warned him that at this rate, he will soon struggle with Diabetes 2.

It would be an exaggeration to say that he took notice immediately. But he finally agreed to turn around his lifestyle for good.

In one statement, he claimed that he will reconsider his food choices and that his career and his health are more important than these treats.

After this statement, he disappeared from public scrutiny and only made an appearance in 2021 when he had already lost 100 pounds.

Unsurprisingly, the effect of this weight loss on his appearance was noticeable.

These days, he is strictly following his routine to keep his weight under check.

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John Jorge Garcia Weight Loss Journey 2022

Jorge Garcia Weight Loss Journey

Jorge Garcia weight loss journey 2022 started last year and is going on till now.

Before we explain what went right in Jorge Garcia’s weight loss journey, let us make it clear that there are speculations of surgery.

Although the actor chose natural methods to lose weight and reclaim his physique, he founded these efforts on surgery.

You may assume that this much weight loss could never be achieved naturally. After all, who doesn’t want to believe in short-cuts?!

But the truth is that natural and organic achievements last longer than artificial cures.

Surgery is a way to speed up the process. And if you want to take this route, make sure you understand the risks and returns involved.

What were other factors that made Jorge’s weight loss possible? What factors had the highest impact on this success? Was it just a plain old formula of dieting and exercise? Or did he use other techniques as well?

Wait a minute. There is another bad news in store for you. The guy only used a conventional, not-so-surprising diet and exercise regime to get out of that hell hole.

Do you want to know what else was included? That was sheer determination, persistence, and belief in his abilities.

That should be enough, right?

Let’s peek into different elements of Jorge Garcia weight loss 2022 regime.

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Jorge Garcia Diet Plan

Most of the problems with Jorge’s weight came from his eating habits. The actor was accustomed to eating fast food and drinking.

He once claimed to leave his diet behind that consisted of rum and burritos. From this statement, we can see how much he indulged in these foods and drinks.

But he pledged to take up the Nooch diet. Nooch diet is a strict dieting plan that emphasizes proteins and organic foods.

You can imagine the level of determination Jorge showed to avoid his foods and commit to a diet that wasn’t as tasty.

He replaced fast foods with raw vegetables and some organic sources of proteins. Chicken, olive oil, and salad became his best friends.

The Nooch diet focuses on lean meat, chicken, spinach, leafy vegetables, and other farm-fresh vegetables.

The diet was so strict that it eliminated all forms of junk food from Jorge’s life. Also, there were days, when he only had to consume fruits or vegetables and refrain from lean meat as well.

With this strict diet routine, it’s understandable why he had to withdraw from the public eye. It’s not easy to remain committed to this diet because of peer pressure and social influence.

As we can see, the diet included loads of dietary fiber. All in all, the diet prevented further weight gain while decreasing the calories he was taking as processed carbs.

To avoid drinking, he had to take help from fresh fruit juices. Plus, he made sure to drink between eight and ten glasses of water.

This increased water intake let him get rid of toxins in his body. At the same time, it helped him keep the hunger pangs under control.

In the end, increased fluid intake only helped him get rid of his unhealthy eating habits and motivated him to stay active.

He complemented this plan with his calorie counting. Ultimately, he was consuming fewer calories than what he was burning.

But how Garcia was burning calories? Let’s learn about his workout plan in the next section.

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Jorge Garcia Workout Plan

Working out alone isn’t enough for one to lose weight. You have to complete it with the right food and lifestyle.

We have explored how Jorge managed his diet with the right changes in his lifestyle. He disappeared from the public eye only to work on his diet and transformation.

At the same time, he included more water in his daily routine than he used to include in the past.

Now, let’s consider the workout plan before analyzing his activity level on a normal day.
When it came to his fitness goals this time, Jorge didn’t compromise on the effectiveness of his efforts.

He hired professional fitness coaches who developed workout plans specifically to meet his needs. These coaches were responsible for planning his diet for him based on the famous Nooch diet.

He started with rather easy exercises that could be done at home. Initially, his workouts consisted mostly of arm circles, push-ups, and sit-ups.

He also jogged and ran for hours to get his stamina up. After some time, his coach deemed him suitable to hit the gym. He was ready to take up heavier exercises with gym equipment.

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Jorge Garcia Before and After Weight Loss Photos

Jorge Garcia Before and After Weight Loss Photos

Jorge Garcia Before and After

Jorge was notorious for his yo-yo dieting routine. In fact, his lack of commitment to his diet had a deeper meaning – he was reluctant to take his health matters seriously.

This lack of commitment didn’t change. But Jorge was lucky to have a praiseworthy social circle.

Eventually, his friends and family persuaded him to work towards losing weight. His quest for weight loss was further inspired by his career.

It was apparent that he had to lose weight to maintain the charisma of his character in the show Lost.

Career and social influence finally succeeded and the actor started the journey in 2006. But again, the commitment wasn’t that strong. And because he didn’t witness much change in the first few months, he lost the confidence and reverted to his old patterns and eating choices.

The real transformation happened in late 2020 and early 2021. While the pandemic was brutal to most people’s health and fitness, it appeared as a savior for Jorge.

With ample time at his hands, the actor could focus on his health and workout regime. Also, he had time to reconsider his lifestyle choices.

The quest for weight loss started in 2019 when the actor married his longtime girlfriend Rebecca Birdsall.

Although we cannot say how much this new alliance affected his commitment to weight loss, we can surely say that the actor made the commitment to lose weight because of his career demands.

You can compare the actor’s public appearances in 2019 against his recent public appearance.

In March 2021, the actor was spotted shopping with his wife in Los Angeles. At that time, his transformation was hard to miss.

These days, the actor is shooting for his upcoming film Munsters. From the on-set photos of the actors, we can see that he is again failing to keep up with initial achievements at weight loss. Yet, his earlier transformation is an inspiration on its own.

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What Has Jorge Garcia Said About His Weight Loss?

We should note that the actor always felt content in his skin. He never felt any issue with his ever-increasing weight.

Albeit many warnings from his doctors, he never felt the need to change his routines to improve his health.

It went to the point when he was reaching 400lbs in weight. His friends, family, colleagues, and fans started convincing him to lose weight when his doctor pointed to the risks of his weight.

But health was not the reason that prompted him to lose weight. We can see the real motivation of this journey in this statement from Jorge Garcia:

‘I can afford to not live on rum and burritos and take better care of myself. Besides, there are enough people who are waiting for my character to lose weight as a result of being stranded on a desert island.’

As we can see from this statement, his motivation behind his first weight loss in 2006 was giving a realistic portrayal of his character in Lost.

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How Much Weight Did Jorge Garcia Lose?

This time, Jorge has reportedly lost up to 100 pounds in weight. But before you take it as the final answer, know that it’s not the first time for the Lost star to lose weight.

On the contrary, he is notorious for his yo-yo dieting and his pattern of regaining weight after losing it.

His first attempt at weight loss happened in 2006 when he lost 30 pounds.

Who Is Jorge Garcia’s Wife?

Jorge is married to his actress wife Rebecca Birdsall. The couple tied the knot in 2019 after six years of dating.

Does Hurley Ever Lose Weight?

Hurley is the name of the character Jorge played in the TV show Lost. In the initial seasons of this series, the character was stranded on an island.

The harsh environment and living conditions were the major parts of the storyline. Consequently, Hurley was supposed to lose weight.

Yet, whether Hurley lost weight or not is not clear. That’s because the actor representing the character never lost serious weight while filming the series.

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