John Goodman Weight Loss Journey: Diet Plan, Workout, Before & After (2023)

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If persistence and perseverance make your primary strengths, John Goodman weight loss journey is what you should consider for your health goals.

Some may get disappointed in how long Goodman took to shed those extra 100 pounds. But they miss the point that the actor was not trying to lose weight. Rather, he was trying to build a lifestyle that allowed him to savor his food and his routine without adversely impacting his body.

Now look back at the John Goodman you used to see on the TV screen in 2011 and compare him with his recent appearances. Has he managed to remain in form all these years? Absolutely!

The next question arises: what kind of diet is it that allows the person to enjoy the food instead of restricting the choices to an unbearable level?

Well, this rich and all-inclusive diet is the Mediterranean diet. And you should know that it contains high-fat content! Now, this is something worth swooning over – a diet with an indulgence in fat. Can it be real?! You would only know when you go into the details of the Mediterranean diet.

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Let’s start looking at the whole picture.

Who Is John Goodman?

John Goodman

If it wasn’t for a knee injury, we might have never known John Goodman as an actor. He could be a footballer instead. He even played at Southwest Missouri State University only because of his talents.

When this activity saw an end owing to a knee injury, he was forced to find a new hobby at the campus. It’s just a fortunate coincidence for John Goodman’s fans that the next interest he chose was drama.

Soon after his break up with football but not before his graduation, he moved to New York. Before getting a break in Broadway, John performed in dinner theatre and also made a few appearances in TV commercials.

Loose Ends (1979) was his first Broadway project. But he gathered fame with his second performance for the theatrical world in Big River (1985).

In 1988, he landed his biggest role. Dan Conner came to life in the comedy TV series Roseanne in 1988. It kept John busy for the next three decades before ending in 2018. But it didn’t prevent him from appearing in more than 20 movies. His latest launches include Easy Does It and Captive State. And you can see his leaner frame performing as a police officer in the latter movie.

But how did he achieve this leaner body? Well, the Mediterranean diet is one reason. The other reason is his workout routine. Let’s learn more about these secrets in this article.

John Goodman Weight Loss Journey 2021

If you think that John Goodman achieved his muscular and healthier body in a single year, you are wrong. In contrast, John Goodman weight loss journey lasted 9 years starting from 2011 and living through 2018. After 2018, he stopped losing weight as he had achieved his best body till then. Yet, his diet and lifestyle remained unchanged to maintain the weight and BMI he has achieved in these years.

John’s journey was rather philosophical. It started with a void that was intangible and hidden and it ended when John learned to deal with it.

The void emerged from John’s deep feeling of worthlessness and dissatisfaction. He reports that he felt that he didn’t feel satisfied with the input he was giving. He was afraid that he was not good enough or that he wasn’t as worthy as he was getting in return.

This underlying belief got so strong for the actor that he had to fill the gap. His only escape was indulgence in an unhealthy lifestyle.

Soon, his indulgence led him to a point where he could no longer ignore his health. Once his long-lasting role of Dan Conner ended in 1996, the actor found the motivation to look back at his life and change certain factors. Yet, it wasn’t until 2011 that he took some serious action towards his health.

After many attempts at sobriety and weight loss, Goodman finally pledged to commit to both health-enhancing goals. He knew he cannot rely on strict diets that will last for months at most. He didn’t need a diet. Rather, his needs included a change in his perspective towards food.

Another need was to address his lack of motivation towards life. Consequently, he incorporated multiple exercise sessions in a day to feel active and energetic throughout the day.

Looking at the success he achieved from these changes, we can assume that the actor benefitted from his attitude towards life and living.

John Goodman Diet Plan

Diet makes one essential and significant factor in helping Goodman with his weight loss goal. The actor pursued the Mediterranean diet.

But before we analyze the diet taken by the actor, we should appreciate another element that helped with weight loss – sobriety. John’s abstinence aspirations started at the same time as his longest-lasting role as Dan Conner ended. Then, he started looking back at his life to find all the blessings and accomplishments he has attained. This feeling of gratitude helped him grow out of his poor health and alcoholism.

If you are willing to use this diet in your weight loss journey, you should better note down two facts about it. First, this diet takes time before creating traceable results. Secondly, it is addictive and you may find yourself following it even after you have stopped watching your weight.

Unlike many other diets, a Mediterranean diet doesn’t require you to skip fat-rich meals. It only changes the source of fat and oil. So, instead of using other oils, you will have to include olive oil in your meals. That way, you will maintain your energy reservoir without stuffing your body with unhealthy fatty acids.

This diet is a lifestyle. You may start reluctantly but as you develop a taste for the natural ingredients and less refined grains, you will yearn for it. Eventually, it gets so incorporated into your eating habits, that you start celebrating the food and the culture behind it.

It may not feel like the best diet for your gut. But as your body starts getting accustomed to it, it will heal from within. Your intestine will learn to deal with grains that are not refined and with the added volume of healthy fats. It also eliminates most processed foods from your diet. So, if you want to follow in John’s footsteps, be ready to eliminate hot dogs and sausages from your diet.

The diet works gradually. And you will see other benefits than just a leaner body. Its anti-inflammatory capabilities are well-known. If you are willing enough to incorporate it into your lifestyle, you will enjoy a healthy gut eventually that will prevent other diseases with time.

John Goodman weight loss is just one of the thousands of successful examples where people lost weight without gradually making them hack their bodies and age with it. Some of them went beyond the diet to incorporate the whole Mediterranean lifestyle into their lives. But if you are not one of those people, you can still stick to the diet together with an actionable workout plan to remain fit and defy age.

John Goodman Workout Plan

Looking at John’s case, you can’t overlook the fact that the actor hasn’t lost a few pounds. His journey is massive with 100 pounds lost in nine years. He lost one-fourth of his whole body weight!!

There are only two reasons that can lead to his huge weight loss. One is surgery on the digestive system such as bariatric surgery and the other is unwavering commitment. The first one of these options gives fast results and you can see the difference in months if not weeks. But you end up with drastic impacts on your digestive system and lifestyle.

The second option is safer. But it requires commitment for years and a combination of diet and workout. As you can see, this option is suitable for highly motivated and disciplined people. John was one of those people who committed and persisted.

He coupled an active lifestyle with his workout plan to get maximum benefits. His trainer, Mackie Shilstone, devised the whole strategy that re-worked all areas of his life from diet to training and movement.

He asked John to commit to at least ten thousand steps of walking a day. This number could go up to twelve thousand steps per day. His training routine included a treadmill and elliptical bicycle. In all, John spent 40 minutes on each training session. He had to do two training sessions every day – one in the morning and the second in the evening and he had to do these six days a week.

If you think this plan was tough, you are certainly on the point. But what kept the actor on track was his stanch pledge to health. And you can assume the rich flavors of his diet may have contributed to this motivation.

John Goodman Before and After Weight Loss Photos

Before and After

John Goodman Before

Before and After Weight Loss

The 69-year-old actor is defying age ever since he has embarked on his health-oriented journey. With only three-fourths of his remaining body weight and an enhanced fat-to-muscle ratio, he looks healthier.

We shouldn’t forget that his attitude towards life has changed a lot with this journey. Now, he commits and follows through with his plans even years after making them. His not-caring attitude or a generalized indifference towards his environment has come under control. And he looks more at peace with himself and his life.

Now he is at peace with the void he feels in himself. He knows the antidotes – spirituality and goodness – and he also knows the distractions – booze or cocaine. And he chooses none. His way out of this whole situation with the void is to just acknowledge it and learn to live with it.

At least, he is not fighting against this void with junk and toxic foods.

What Has John Goodman Said About His Weight Loss?

There’s no doubt that John’s recovery was a consequence of his extreme dissatisfaction with his way of life and his health. He knew he could keep going with the weight he was accumulating. His drinking addiction was not only making the situation worse, but it was also the root cause of the whole issue.

And he knew it and was ashamed of his lack of control. But he felt helpless.
In his words, he wasn’t drinking alcoholically, he was eating alcoholically. He wasn’t just addicted to drinking. He was addicted to having something in his mouth every minute of his waking life.

The result was him shoving everything in his mouth.

What changed in him that he finally chose to step out of his comfort zone? A different perspective came when he had to receive an Emmy award for his guest appearance in 2007 on a TV series Studio 60 on Sunset Strip. His inability to show up for the rehearsal prompted him to get help. He claimed that seeking help from his wife was like turning himself into Gestapo.

But the results were admirable.

Getting rid of addiction was the hardest pledge. But there were even more stubborn concerns. He had to abide by a strict exercise schedule. But he took it with a stride. Accordingly, he reports, ‘It gives me energy to work because work is very draining.’

For now, all that matters in his health concerns is the void that still needs filling up. In John’s point of view, the first step towards filling it lies in not trying to distract from it using booze or addiction.


How Did Goodman Lose Weight?

John Goodman weight loss journey consisted of a mix of the right dieting strategy, abstinence from alcohol, and a well-crafted and applied workout routine.

What Is The Longest-Lasting And Most Famous Character Of John Goodman?

John is known for his portrayal of Dan Conner in the show Roseanne.

Who Is John Goodman’s wife?

John married Anna Beth in 1989. She is an entrepreneur who runs a clothing line for children. The couple has a daughter Molly Evangeline Goodman who was born in 1990.

Take Away

John Goodman weight loss was gradual and took 9 years to complete. Yet, it was sustainable and the changes are incorporated so deeply into his lifestyle that he doesn’t have to struggle to keep the lost pounds off.

The best part of this weight loss journey is the ease of following it. You don’t have to torture your body with a lack of food or bland flavors. You can enjoy it because of its richness in taste.

And that’s not all, just like John Goodman, you can also enjoy better health just by sticking to this lifestyle.

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